Dead By Daylight Devs Share Mysterious New Image Sending Fans Down The Rabbit Hole

Who could it be now?

While fans patiently await the newest license to drop in Dead by Daylight, the team at Behaviour is ready to get the speculation flowing about what the next addition to the lineup of Killers may be. A recent tweet has sent overall speculation through the roof.

Tweet by @DeadbyDaylight on X (formerly known as Twitter)

A new photo shows some of the most iconic blades from the Dead by Daylight franchise, with one missing: the Trickster’s throwing blade, the Clown’s leaf blade, and The Mastermind’s hunting knife. But who does that blade in the middle belong to? After speculating in the work chat and Discord with friends, I’ve developed a few ideas. While none of these may be who the actual killer is, there are only so many sickos with knives that could be making their way into Dead by Daylight.

The most likely choice in my eyes would be the best friend of every child, Chucky. What makes me think this? Well, the stool in the teaser picture gives me the impression that the newest Killer is a weird little guy, and we love weird little guys here at Prima. As our front-runner, it will be very interesting to see how the team at Behaviour could bring him into the game and make it fair and fun for everyone.

To build off the hype of the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie, Springtrap/Spring Bonnie would be an obvious choice. Fans have been clamoring for FNAF to make its way into the Fog for years, and Matthew Lillard is technically already in the game with Ghostface. So, why not bring another iconic performance by the Horror veteran to life in Dead by Daylight? The unholy noise I would make if Springtrap is the new killer is something that I would not wish anyone to hear, but my neighbors may certainly hear it tomorrow if this is the case.

Another obvious choice would be one of the newest players on the horror scene: Art the Clown from the Terrifyier series. While he may only have a few films under his belt, his kill count is already through the roof, and could be an excellent addition to the Dead by Daylight roster. With his unique power of Resurrection, the perks could be classic additions to the game and bring a variety of new players into the Fog.

While the variety of Killers being brought into the game could be literally endless, as there are a variety of horror icons that I may not even consider to be possible to add to the game, there is only one logistical choice. If you think of someone terrifying that is oftentimes seen brandishing a kitchen knife, my mind only goes to one place.

I mean, you could never say never. We have Nicolas Cage, and what better person to bring into the game to combat his extreme personality than another human we all know? I mean, Hell’s Kitchen does sound like a stellar Dead by Daylight map, and I could only imagine how horrifying it would be to try and escape with my life while being called an Idiot Sandwich by the man himself. I mean, it’s possible, but highly unlikely.

We only have a short bit of time before the next PTB goes live, so be sure that you’re ready for anything that could come your way. While Dead by Daylight information used to leak like an old faucet, the team at Behaviour is doing more than enough to ensure that fans can’t even get a drop of information unless it’s coming from them now. Honestly, this is the most excited I’ve been for a chapter in quite some time, so let’s hope that we get the Killer of our dreams.

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