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COD DMZ Needs a Weapon Stash Reset in Season 4

Get rid of our Contraband.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Weapon Stash DMZ

Compared to the rest of the modes since the launch of Modern Warfare 2, the Call of Duty DMZ mode has made the best changes by a landslide. DMZ seems to be the one mode with a growing player base and a community that genuinely enjoys the content presented every season.

As a new mode, the DMZ was fairly barebones in November and has progressively received better features. Despite so many features making a fantastic impact, there is a glaring issue: no Weapon Stash resets. Season 2 was the only reset we saw for missions and the Contraband Stash, which is the core loop of extraction shooters. I don’t want to see the missions reset again, but our Weapons Stashes have been around for too long, and players need a reset in Season 4.

The Weapon Stash Reset is Integral to the Gameplay Loop in DMZ

Unless there is a seasonal reset, players will hoard their best weapons. I even have a weapon or two from Season 3 that I haven’t used because I don’t want to lose it. With no timer on when that gun will disappear, it just takes up space in my Contraband Stash that never gets more slots.

Because of the loadout system in DMZ, many players will typically start a session with those apex weapons as well. The loadout system is the best part of the DMZ, especially for Insured Slots, and I don’t want that to go anywhere. But I can still acknowledge that the system detracts from the importance of the Weapon Stash.

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There hasn’t been a reset for over three months, and that removes the need to come back to the DMZ to start fresh. It also removes the incentive to use weapons you found from other players before they expire. With each new feature that makes the DMZ better, there is also a chain reaction that removes the stakes from the extraction mode that many players expect.

Contraband Resets Just Make Sense for Future Titles in DMZ

If I look past the rest of the Modern Warfare 2 cycle, there is a good chance that the DMZ and Warzone 2 will continue with a fresh set of weapons from Modern Warfare 3. So what happens to all of my weapons when November rolls around, and I want something fresh?

This is just another reason to start wiping out Weapon Stashes in Season 4 of MW2 and keep the player base used to the idea with each new season. After Season 5 or Season 6 rolls around, we can have a farewell tour with some fantastic weapons before one major wipe into Modern Warfare 3.

With seasonal Contraband Stash wipes, finding rare weapons will feel even better. After six months into Modern Warfare 3, finding that old TAQ-56 in the DMZ will feel better than ever. Hopefully, we learn more about the future of DMZ and potential wipes within the week before Season 4 drops.

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