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Where to Find the Generator Room in Building 21 DMZ

Generate some more loot on the ground floor.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Building 21 DMZ

Whether you want some rare chests or you are one step closer to the second Insured Weapon Slot in DMZ, the Generator Room is an important area to find in Building 21. Like anything else in this sector though, the map is hidden and you have to navigate the dangerous corridors to find your prize. I have run the route multiple times and now I can help you do the same.

COD DMZ – Where is the Generator Room in Building 21?

The Generator Room can be found on the first level of Building 21 between A1 and B1 on the eastern side of the map. There are two entrances into this cramped room that can be found at either A1 or B1, but there is no front door to the area. Instead, you need to look for the side entrances that are part of the cramped corridors.

One easy way to find the Generator Room is to look for the Data Center in Building 21 and I use this trick myself when I’m lost or don’t have a wall map nearby. The Data Center opens up after a couple of minutes and it’s right across from the generators. You can’t miss the center because it glows red and is full of servers that create countless rows of cover in a dark room. Like the other closed rooms in this area, be prepared for heavily armored enemies.

When you reach the Generator Room in DMZ, you can either find a couple of rare chests in the center of the room or there will be a safe you can drill. For those that are at the end of the Black Mous Tier 1 quests, all you have to do is step in the middle of the room and your DMZ mission is complete. After you extract from the area, the second Insured Weapon slot is yours.

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