Video game cheats have been around for decades, giving players the chance to skip levels, alter a character's appearance and score infinite lives in their favorite games. We have fond memories of getting all of the weapons in Doom for the PC, and jumping ahead in the original Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis. Some cheats even transcend games, like the famous Konami Code. You probably memorized that one a long time ago.

On that note, we poured countess hours into creating this epic list of the top 100 cheat codes of all time. Let us know if we missed your favorites.

Cheats 100-91

Cheats 90-81

Cheats 80-71

Cheats 70-61

Cheats 60-51

Cheats 50-41

Cheats 40-31

Cheats 30-21

Cheats 20-11

Cheats 10-1