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Star Wars Battlefront Guide and Walkthrough – Star Cards, Heroes, Figures

Dominate Walker Assault, play as Boba Fett and unlock Star Cards.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

Lead Rebel and Imperial forces to victory with this free Star Wars: Battlefront guide, featuring tips on how to play as Darth Vader, pilot the Millennium Falcon and win Walker Assault Mode. We will tell you how to play as every Hero and Villain in the new Star Wars game, control vehicles and unlock Star Cards.

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Star Wars: Battlefront released on November 17, 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It was published by Electronic Arts and developed by DICE, the studio behind Battlefield and Mirror’s Edge.  Players who pre-ordered the game receive early access to the Battle of Jakku on December 1, allowing them to experience the fight between the New Republic and the Empire following events from Return of the Jedi and leading up to Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens.

The Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass includes 20 additional items, four new characters, four modes and 16 maps. There is also a limited edition Darth Vader PS4 with matching DualShock 4 controller.


Star Wars Battlefront Tips and Tricks

Complete your training, control different Heroes and use power-ups to make your enemies flee in terror.

Star Wars Battlefront Heroes and Villains

Crush enemies with Darth Vader’s Force Choke, blast them using Boba Fett’s Wrist Rocket and knock them back with Han Solo’s Shoulder Charge.

Star Wars Battlefront: How Do Star Cards Work?

We break down the differences between Star Cards, Charged Star Cards and Traits.

Star Wars Battlefront: How to Unlock Diorama Figurines

Collect all of the figures in Battlefront, including the AT-ST and Luke Skywalker.

Star Wars Battlefront: How to Destroy an AT-AT

Use a Snowspeeder to wrap a Tow-Cable around the mighty AT-AT’s legs in Walker Assault!

Star Wars Battlefront Vehicle Guide

Everything you need to know about the X-Wing, AT-AT and more!

Star Wars Battlefront: Unlock Trophies and Achievements

Play every multiplayer mode, control three GONK droids and more to unlock everything for PS4 and Xbox One!

Star Wars Battlefront Power-Ups

Collect these items on the battlefield and change the outcome of a match.


Star Wars Battlefront – Find Every Collectible in Survival Mode

Where to find all of the hidden items on Hoth, Endor, Sullust and Tatooine.

Star Wars Battlefront – Survival Mode Tips

Use Star Cards wisely and claim Drop Pods to repel 15 waves of Imperials.


Star Wars Battlefront – How to Win Supremacy Mode

Get the jump on your enemy and capture their control points with precision strategy!

Star Wars Battlefront – How to Win Walker Assault Mode

Defend Hoth with everything you’ve got, or help the AT-ATs bring down the Rebel Alliance!

Star Wars Battlefront – How to Win Fighter Squadron Mode

Take to the skies as you command the Millennium Falcon or Slave-1 in Fighter Squadron mode!

Star Wars Battlefront – How to Win Blast Mode

Standard team death match tactics apply to this multiplayer mode, but there are a few other tricks to know!

Star Wars Battlefront – How to Win Drop Zone

Secure the drop pods that can spawn anywhere on the map to win this multiplayer battle!

Star Wars Battlefront – How to Win Droid Run

We’ve got the tips you need to capture and hold all three droids in Droid Run.

Star Wars Battlefront – How to Win Cargo

Check out the best ways to win in Star Wars Battlefront’s variation of CTF.

Star Wars Battlefront – How to Win Hero Hunt

Take control of a hero and wreck havoc on opposing players in this unique multiplayer mode.

Star Wars Battlefront – How to Win Heroes vs. Villains

Three heroes take on three villains in one of the most entertaining multiplayer modes in Battlefront.

Tips for Playing Star Wars: Battlefront

  • Monitor a weapon’s Heat Gauge to prevent overheating. If a weapon overheats you will need to wait until it cools down or complete a mini game where you must line up a dot within a yellow area. Fail and the weapon becomes useless for longer than usual.
  • Choose a weapon loadout based on the multiplayer mode. Droid Run, Supremacy and Walker Assault feature wide-open spaces ideal for long-range blaster fire. On the other hand, expect close quarters combat in modes like Cargo, Blast and Drop Zone. For these, bring a shotgun.
  • Choose someone as your partner before a multiplayer match. Doing this lets you re-spawn near this person if he or she is alive, and grants access to their hand of Star Cards, allowing you to use cards you’ve yet to unlock.
  • Avoid running out into the open. Instead, move between cover points, then peak out and attack. The closer you are to cover, the easier it will be to regenerate your shield.
  • When piloting an air-based vehicle or speeder, manage power distribution in mind. Feeding power to your engine makes the vehicle travel faster in exchange for weak firepower. Chase after your enemies, and when they’re in range slow down for max weapon damage.
  • Unlock and then create a hand of Star Cards. One hand includes two Star Cards and one Charged Star Card. Normal Star Cards work on a cool-down timer; for example, the Thermal Detonator features a six-second cool down. To activate the Charged Star Card, you must find a Charge Token somewhere on the map. It is possible to upgrade Star Cards.
  • Find and take advantage of Power-Ups. Collect these icons and then activate them to receive access to items like an Orbital Strike, Blaster Cannon and Proximity Bomb, among others. These differ from Pick-Ups like Extra Life and Charge, which activate automatically.

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