Roblox Pop It Trading Codes (June 2023)

Trade objects to get something better than before.

While the Pop It Trading frenzy may have died down a bit in real life, it’s still alive and well in the world of Roblox. Getting your hands on countless little trinkets is the name of the game in this unique experience, and you’ll need to have plenty of cash or plenty of codes available to finally get your favorite object of your own. While there are a fair number of things to collect and purchase, some of the best are going to come from the massive list of available codes that are in this one. Do you want to trade me a Baby Yoda for an Amanda the Adventurer doll? Add something to sweeten the deal.

All Currently Available Codes For Pop It Trading

Below, you’ll find all of the currently available Pop It Trading codes, alongside some questions asked by players and community members.

All Pop It Trading Codes (Working)

  • ****** – x1 Rainbow Friend Pop It
  • 100k – x1 YouTube Pop It
  • 1337 – x1 Gaming Pop It
  • 2022 – x1 Sparkler
  • 90sec – x1 Floppa Pop It
  • aredsword – x1 Red Sword Pop It
  • armor? – x1 Watermelon
  • b4nb4n – x1 BanBan Pop It
  • b5nb5n – x1 BanBan Pop It
  • baila – x1 Tiktok Phone Pop It
  • buff – x1 Barbell
  • callmemaybe – x1 3am Pop It
  • candy – x1 Candy Pop It
  • categg – x1 Hello Kitty Pop It
  • chance – x1 Six Sided Dice
  • code – x1 Poppy Pop It
  • crystal – x1 Random Crystal Pop It
  • cupid – x1 Valentine’s Day Pop It
  • daegg – x1 Alphabet Egg Pop It
  • doilookpretty – x1 Beauty Pop It
  • eeek – x1 Random Creepy Pop It
  • ewww – x1 Valentine’s Day Pop It
  • farmer – x1 Magic Seed Pop It
  • fifi – x1 FIFA Pop It
  • fotito – x1 Instagram Camera Pop It
  • gub – x1 Bug Pop It
  • gummy – x1 Gummy Bear Pop It
  • halloweenie – x1 Halloween Pop It
  • heartburn – x1 Valentine’s Day Pop It
  • holasoyd0ra – x1 Dora The Explorer Pop It
  • ice – x1 Gem
  • juaniday2021 – Holiday 2021 Pop It
  • Juego – x1 Xbox controller
  • kawa11 – x1 Kawaii Pop It
  • kitty – x1 Cat Pop It
  • knockknock – x1 DOORS Pop It
  • kreekcraft – x1 Random Pop It
  • lachancla – x1 Lapping sandals Pop It
  • lasagna – x1 Random Pop It
  • letsgetweird – x1 Weird Pop It
  • lightemup – x1 Free Pop It
  • Loot – x1 Loot Box
  • m0dn4r – x1 Random Pop It
  • m3rry – x1 Christmas Pop It
  • madregate – x1 Stranger Things Pop It
  • meoooow – x1 Random Pet Party Pop It
  • metacarpus – x1 Hand Pop It
  • miaminights – x1 Miami Pop It
  • naughtyornice – x1 Tommeh Pop It
  • no – x1 the Slendy Note
  • noclip – x1 Backrooms Pop It
  • pájaro – x1 Twitter Pop It
  • pepto – x1 Pink sauce Pop It
  • pineapple – x1 Pineapple Pop It
  • pingu – x1 Random Pop It
  • popit! –x1  Free Pop It
  • popit1year – x1 Birthday Pop It
  • portal – x1 Portal Pop It
  • quidditch – Fire Extinguisher
  • r41nb0w – x1 Rainbow Pop It
  • spooky21 – Random Spooky Pop It
  • squid – x1 Square Guy Pop It
  • stoked – x1 Surf Pop It 
  • stoked – x1 Surfing Pop It
  • stuffi – x1 FNAF Stuffed Animal
  • sugar – x1 Lollipop
  • sus – Among Us Pop It
  • tako – x1 Slippy Octopus
  • throne – x1 Toilet Pop It
  • thursday – x1 Wednesday Addams Pop It
  • Tony – x1 Tiger
  • trippy – x1 Illusion Pop It
  • upupup –x1  Ladder Pop It
  • whaaaaaa – x1 Random Baby Pop It
  • whonewit? – x1 Amanda the Adventurer Pop It 
  • wth – x1 Monster Pop It
  • yodome – x1 Random Baby Yoda
  • youspinme – x1 Flying Hat
  • 鞭炮 – x1 Firecrackers

All Pop It Trading Codes (Expired)

  • inazuma – x1 Lightning Katana

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How Do I Redeem A Code In Pop It Trading?

Screenshot: Prima Games

If you’re looking to redeem these codes in Pop It Trading, follow these instructions:

  • Head toward the Leaderboards
  • Find the square on the ground that says YouTube Codes
  • Step onto the Square
  • Enter your codes in the new window
  • Walk off of the square and back on to redeem another code
  • Repeat until you have enough items

Why Aren’t My Codes Working In Pop It Trading?

As you can see from the list above, there are a massive number of codes available for this experience, but I can assure you from testing each one personally that they all work. However, when the developer of an experience decides to remove a code, there is a chance that it will no longer work. You’ll also need to make sure that you’re following spelling and capitalization exactly as it is shown above. If you’re having issues, be sure to copy and paste our codes to get all the items you could ever need.

For some of these codes, you’ll need to copy and paste them directly from our page, as they either have accents or are in a completely different language. Our list will help you find the best of the best with ease.

Where Can I Get More Codes For Pop It Trading?

If you’re hoping to get more codes for this experience, make sure that you bookmark our page. We’re always searching for the best Pop Its around, and the codes that will give them right to you. But, if you’re hoping to find some new codes for yourself, you can check these spots out:

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How Do I Buy New Pop Its In Pop Its Trading?

Screenshot: Prima Games

Trading can be difficult, especially if you’re paired up with a greedy player. You’ll need to ensure that you’ve always got the best Pop Its around, so you’ll just want to bring up the shop menu by clicking on the Grocery Cart icon on the right side of the screen. From here, you’ll be able to browse a large variety of different objects for sale, so you’ll be able to find something that will perfectly finish off the trade.

What Is Pop Its Trading On Roblox?

If you’ve been on Tik Tok anytime in the last few years, you’ve had to have seen people doing meme videos where they trade different Pop Its back and forth, oftentimes demanding the most ridiculous additions to the pile. Well, this experience lets you live that thrill, and you’ll need to hone your negotiation skills so you can walk away with the best pile of goodies before the trade is done. Get ready to score the ultimate win in this intriguing experience.

If you’re looking for something else that is rather unique, be sure to check out Jackpot Tycoon. Much like Pop Its Trading, you’ll need to hope that you get lucky enough to bring home a big win, and plenty of prizes to show for it. And if you’re hoping to find some more experiences and codes that will help you discover the next big thing, be sure to check out our Roblox sections below for all that and more.

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