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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Chapter 1 – Prison – Takedown Supersoldiers

by Prima Games Staff

Find a Way Out

After gaining control of William “B.J.” Blazkowicz, look for a small hole at the bottom of the wall and grab Lotti’s Letter. We’re going to do a separate collectible guide for all of these, but since this one is right in the open, there’s no harm in snagging it now.

Next up, approach the iron gate and interact with it, then turn around and look for the pipe that runs up the wall. Approach the pipe and start to climb, which will give you a new weapon, Pipes. Move to the part of the wall that looks like it was melted and climb up. Just make sure you’re always holding down the button for either your left or right hand, otherwise you’ll fall from the wall, kind of like we did the first time.

Find Wesley (Agent One)

The next bit will be a gauntlet of Supersoldiers that are attached to cables, and there are quite a few of them that you’ll need to get past in the next few minutes. Before you climb out of your hole and get started, know that there are two ways to dispose of them effectively. The first is to find their power source and switch it off, then approach the downed Supersoldier and perform a takedown. The second way is to either find a Heavy Machinegun, or pull one from a Supersoldier that you downed using our first set of instructions.

Our advice is to use stealth for as long as possible, as you aren’t likely to take more than one or two Supersoldiers down with the ammunition found in a Heavy Machinegun. If there are more roaming about, you’ve lost your cover for at least a few moments.

Turn off the power supply to the first Supersoldier and perform a takedown. Ignore the Heavy Machinegun, but grab the armor that this plated beast drops. Move to the door and interact with the power there as well, then use your Pipes to pry it open and continue on.

There are two more Supersoldiers in the next area, but their paths are spread out enough that you can easily shut them both off and perform takedowns without much trouble. Do this, then scour the area for supplies before moving forward and through the next door.

Tip: You have to drop the Heavy Machinegun before prying open a door, so it’s always best to use stealth if you have the option.

Move through the door and grab the map off the wall slightly ahead and on the left. Take the hallway that’s also to the left, crouching and using takedowns to eliminate the two dogs that sleep nearby. From here you’ll need to shut down and eliminate three Supersoldiers, and they are a definite step up in difficulty from the first batch. For this reason, spend a few moments studying their patrol patterns before you move up, then systematically destroy them without alerting the others. We messed this up at least twice, and in the end patience paved our path forward.

With all three of the Supersoldiers eliminated, head through the door, turn left and jump on the pipes. Grab the nearby armor, then hop down onto the stairs and move to the ground level. Ignore the two soldiers to your right, instead turning left and going into the next room. The wall on the right will allow you to use your Pipes to climb up and into a small crawl space. Follow it until you see two Supersoldiers patrolling back and forth, as well as a tutorial about breaking open crates.

Hop down and bust open the crates, grabbing the Heavy Machinegun and taking out the first of your two armored foes. If you have enough ammunition left, do the same to the other, or you can grab the Heavy Machinegun from the first. Either way, destroy them both. It is possible to sneak by them, but you have ample supplies to do things the destructive way, and there aren’t any consequences to making a bit of noise here. When the job is done, gather some supplies and move through the next door.

Move forward, but do not go through the door in front of you. Instead, turn left just before it, following the catwalk until you come across the now sleeping dog. Use a takedown to remove it from your list of things that you must worry about, then cross the hall and enter the tunnel.

If you stick to the main corridor (which you don’t want to do because there is a Supersoldier stomping around out there) you have to go through an iron gate. Luckily, the tunnel you’re in will allow you to bypass this gate, and if you take the second to last exit on the left, you’ll be in front of the gate that you do need to go through. Just wait for the Supersoldier to move away, then kill the power and pry the door open with your Pipes.

Go through the door and pass over the catwalk to get to the other side. There will be a downed Supersoldier there, and we’d suggest you perform a takedown before it decides to get back up. With this done, scour the area for supplies, then restore power to the elevator using the switch at the back. You can now take a ride down to the next area.

Exit the elevator (avoiding the patrolling Supersoldier), turn right and hop into the crawl space nearby. You’ll eventually find your path blocked by debris, so when both Supersoldiers turn and walk away from you, exit the tunnel into the main corridor, turn right, then tuck back into the next crawl space that is also on the right. You can follow this even further, exiting when the big dumb robot thing turns its back, killing the power to the door and prying it open.

Move forward and into the room, grabbing some health and climbing up the wall. This will deliver you to another crawl space, and when you reach the end you’ll see some dogs wandering around below you. Wait for them to turn their backs, then hop down and take cover behind the pillar that is marked with an “A.” There is a another crawl space near this location (about one foot away), and following it will take you to a cell with a sleeping dog and dead prisoner. Kill the dog, then use your Pipes to enter the floor hatch in the same room.

Follow the only path possible until you reach some catwalks, turning left in the sewer system and dropping down onto some rocks. You’ll be in round room that has some loose bricks, and approaching them will prompt the game to teach you how to bash them down. Do this to reach the next area and continue your journey.

As soon as the wall comes down you should see another one in front of you, but this one you’ll need to climb up. Do this, then follow the path forward, climbing another wall and finding yourself next to a sleeping dog. Remain crouched, killing the dog and using the crawl space to reach the main hall. Turn to your left, killing another dog and entering a crawl space with the letter “G” on the wall at the end. Follow this, climbing the ladder and waiting for the Supersoldier to turn its back. When it does, shut its power off, then use a takedown to finish the job.

Obey the “G-4” sign on the wall, turning and passing into a stairwell that’s labeled with a “4.” Head up one flight, then climb into the crawl space and follow it in the only direction you can. Drop down when you have no choice, turning left when you exit the cell and chatting with the prisoner ahead.

Move forward and pry the gate open, following the instructions to Sprint Slide under the door. You’ll have to do this frequently going forward, so it’s best to make sure you understand the concept now. If you’re not sure of the controls, check your options menu to see your specific button layout.

You can roam freely among the prisoners without any problems. Just make sure to move counter clockwise around the room, ducking into cell “C4” that has a blood trail outside. Pry the floor hatch open and drop down a level, snagging the Health Upgrade from behind the toilet. If it’s not there for you, it means we missed picking it up earlier in the chapter.

Keep moving counter clockwise around the room, heading to a set of double doors that has an objective marker on them. Pry them open, then spam the melee button until the guard on the other side is dead. If you aren’t fast, he’ll just stab you to death, which is really not an optimal outcome. Poke around the room a bit, gathering supplies that you find laying around. When you’re ready to move on, look up to find a crawl space that you can pry open and enter.

The next part features the Megalodon of dogs, but luckily there are lots of boxes and alcoves to duck into while he’s roaming back and forth. Just make sure to time your movements, prying open the door on the left side of the corridor and performing a Sprint Slide to get under. It’s about this time that man’s worst enemy got really upset.

Head up the stairs to the second floor and out the door. The dog will jump up to get you, but should fall short. Whether you can sneak through this part, we don’t know. We ran scared, and we’re not afraid to admit it. From where you’re face-to-face with the dog, turn left and sprint, moving clockwise until you are on the opposite balcony. You should see another hatch above a door, so pry it open and climb in to leave your armored canine companion behind.

Tip: Commanders are high priority targets. If they are alerted to Blazkowicz’s presence, they will sound an alarm which causes reinforcements to show up. Try to stab them in all their vital organs without getting caught.

Restore Power to the Barge

Watch as Wesley is taken away by Rudi Jäger, then quickly drop from the crawl space and perform a takedown on the Commander. Do this before he reaches the end of the hall, otherwise you’re going to be in our boat, which is a boat full of Nazis with guns. It’s a bad boat.

Grab the suppressed Handgun from the commander, then take note of the remaining signal. This should be your top priority, as an alarm puts you in our boat, and we discussed that. Of course, there is a very good chance you will get spotted, and if that happens you’re going to have to go full Wolfenstein on about two dozen Nazi scumbags. If that’s the case, keep moving around, picking up health, armor and ammunition, all the while killing anything that moves.

You should try to use your takedowns and Handgun to eliminate any guards in your path, making your way to the Commander and killing him. Only go full Wolfenstein if you’re busted, but either way your objective sits on the catwalk at the far end of the area. Make your way there (loud or stealthy), and make sure to snag the Kampfpistole from the nearby bench. Hit the lever to complete your objective.

Tip: The Kampfpistole is basically a grenade launcher in the form of a pistol, a fact we were not aware of until near the end of the next chapter. You should probably utilize this if you’re in a tight spot.

Enter the Wolfenstein Keep

You probably won’t even notice you’ve moved on to this objective since you’re busy getting shot at, so feel free to deal with that issue before you worry about anything else. Just like before, keep moving around the area and slaughtering your enemies. When everyone is dead, spend a few moments gearing up and looking for goodies. As soon as you’re ready, hop on the boat and press the lever to get it rolling.

Grab up the ammunition in the boat, as well as the Heavy Machinegun that’s sitting next to it. You can use the Heavy Machine gun to take out soldiers and drones, taking note of the explosive tanks that sit near almost every group of your enemies. Focus on those tanks to eliminate large clusters of opposition. if you run out of ammunition for your Heavy Machinegun, try switching to your Kampfpistole to finish the job. You must keep firing here, as the boat does not provide enough cover for you to simply duck down and hope for the best.

When the boat finally comes to a halt, hop off and pull the lever to complete the chapter. It was a long one, but it gives you a really good idea of the combat you can expect moving forward.

Feel free to return to our Wolfenstein: The Old Blood walkthrough, or you can jump straight into Chapter Two: Docks.

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