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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Novigrad Main Quests – Pyres of Novigrad, Broken Flowers, Get Junior

by Bryan Dawson

This is Prima’s walkthrough for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We continue Act 1 with the Novigrad main quest line. You begin with Pyres of Novigrad, then move on to Novigrad Dreaming, Broken Flowers and the lengthy Get Junior quest. 

Main Quest: Pyres of Novigrad 

Send Geralt to the Glory Lane section in Novigrad, with the goal of reaching Hierarch Square, where two people were sentenced to die through a most brutal manner, burning at the stake.  Head to Triss’ last known location and chat with some looters to see if they know her whereabouts. Now go inside the townhouse and use Geralt’s Witcher Senses to track down every last piece of loot. 

Eventually someone will commit a crime and you will need to tail the one responsible and question this person for information.  Additionally, you may speak to beggars nearby for even more intel. Select the first dialogue option but do not bring up Putrid Grove. Ideally you want one of these people to mention it, and the more people you chat with, the likelier it’ll happen. 

When a person brings up Putrid Grove, travel south and pass over a bridge.  Stick close to the thief and wait for this person to do something bad, then continue trailing him east. The criminal hands over his loot to another character and you should keep an eye on the one closest to the canal.  If that doesn’t sound fun, follow the other character to the south and Geralt walks into an ambush.  You’re free to kill whoever’s there and you will then receive a passphrase. 

Now travel to the next marker on the map and tell the people there that you are a freak. If you know the passphrase you will be able to enter without much pushback.  Otherwise you will need to fork over 50 Crowns or use Axii level two to avoid paying.  If you prefer to do things the hard way, go outside of this city and head to Glory Gate, where Geralt will discover the entrance to the sewer. Kill Drowners and use his Witcher Senses to find a body containing a key.  Enter the storage room, ascend the ladder, kill the thieves and walk into Putrid Grove. 

Now take Geralt to the east and you will run into Triss and the King of the Beggars.  Stick by Triss, take out the Drowner and use your Witcher Senses to investigate the location. You will find a torch by the center pillar and then push a loose brick to discover a secret entrance.  Continue after Triss and then swim west until you reach the center of the area. Now dive to find a shipwreck.  Gather the object Triss needs and then engage her in conversation. 

When Geralt has the following chat, ask to receive payment ahead of time, then use his Witcher Senses to find the best area to drop the crystal traps.  Talk to Triss and battle the Witch Hunters that show up. A cut scene will play and this main quest ends. 

Main Quest: Novigrad Dreaming 

Begin this quest by traveling east from Brandon Granary and then head left when you reach an old cart.  Walk up the steps and engage Rudolf de Jonkheer in conversation.  Now walk inside and up the stairs, then ascend the ladder so you reach the attic.  With Aard Sign magic, remove some of the planks and you will find a hidden room.  Go in there and gather the loot (there should be a doll), then read the note. Now descend the ladder, walk in the room to the side and put the doll on the crib.

When you are downstairs, walk into the room near the entrance.  Access the basement and descend using the ladder. Go to the oven and chat with Sarah, and you have the option of keeping her in good spirits or making her mad.  Your choice will determine whether you run into a happy Sarah during the Through Time and Space main quest or an angry Sarah during the Bald Mountain main quest. 

We suggest you do whatever it takes to keep her jovial.  Confront Rudolf before leaving and let him know the home is haunted to make her happy, but do not reveal anything further or she’ll grow upset. 

Travel west and then north, passing through a market.  Now head west toward the Golden Sturgeon. Go into this place and then walk up some steps. Chat with Corrine and respond however you wish, since none of that impacts the end of Novigrad Dreaming.

Main Quest: Broken Flowers 

Visit Dandelion’s brothel and beat up some people. Now talk to Zoltan.  When finished, activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses and look for some key items, including a lute, barrels of wine, an appointment book, portrait, diploma, a silver laurel award and a few letters. Engage Zoltan in conversation once more, then leave to speak with different people. 

  • Chat with Vespula 

Exit using the Gate of Hierarch and walk towards the homes near the river. When enemies appear choose one of the following: fork over 1,200 Crowns to keep Vespula’s shop open for business, or slaughter all four bad guys and she’ll relocate near Oxenfurt. 

  • Chat with Elihal 

Go east along the river and you’ll see a tailor.  Go into his shop and then the back room.  Chat with the character in here to begin a cut scene.  Now talk to Elihal so you receive masks for the A Matter of Life and Death side quest.

  • Chat with Marabella 

Walk onto the cobblestone road and you will see a tiny home doubling as a school. Go into this place and decide to wait around or leave. Then talk to Marabella before continuing. 

  • Chat with Rosa var Attre 

When you reach the var Attre home, talk to the Guard Captain.  Providing you talked to Zoltan earlier in the quest, you will inform the Guard Captain that Geralt is Rosa’s fencing teacher. Otherwise, it’s off to the sewers or gardens to find a way in. 

Let’s say you did not talk to Zoltan nearly as much. Go north (keeping the wall on your right) and you will see some rocks by an angel statue. This will let you gain access to the var Attre residence. Additionally, you will discover an entrance to the sewer by the steps, but you will need to battle a Water Hag and some Drowners. 

When you gain access to the home, watch the cinematic, go up the steps and stick close to the guard. Pull out a wooden sword and walk into the practice room.  This kicks off friendly bouts against Rosa. Beat her during the second fight and offer private lessons. This begins the Fencing Lessons side quest.  Watch the cut scene and the fencing lessons come up. Agree again and the side quest begins. 

Continuing with this main quest, go to the La Valette residence and watch the cut scene that plays before you get there.  Agree to accompany the Baroness or head to the next location via horse or using fast travel. 

When you get there, walk across the lawn and chat it up with the General and Baroness.  If you want to partake in the horse race, ask the General about horses as long as you’d like. If horse racing doesn’t seem like a fun idea, the Baroness wants you to track down Molly. We think winning the horse race is the way to go, since you’ll come away with a new saddle. From there, talk to Molly. 

Return to Rosemary and Thyme, allowing Geralt to talk to Zoltan once more. Now go to Kingfisher Inn and meditate until nighttime. Go back into the Inn to watch a cut scene and end this main quest. 

Main Quest: Get Junior 

Travel to the middle of Novigrad and then head to the bathhouses, entering near the small park.  Give the door a knock, go inside and place Geralt’s stuff into a dresser. Now walk through the bathhouse, go to the far side and open the door. Watch the cut scene. 

Enemies break into the room and you’ll need to give them a beating. Since you’re light on gear, we suggest using Sign magic to bring them all down. When the fight ends talk to Cleaver, and if you want to help him, The Gangs of Novigrad side quest begins. 

Pick up Geralt’s equipment and go to Dijkstra’s office.  Ask about Dandelion and the Count Reuven’s Treasure main quest will begin.  Now go into the Temple Isle, located north.  If you can’t figure out how to make it across the bridge, swim. 

Walk over to the Eternal Fire Temple entrance and look for some papers lying on the ground.  Walk up the steps and use your Witcher Senses to locate clothes and pieces of equipment.  Gather items from the attic and then chat with the dwarves.  From here, you can still do The Gangs of Novigrad side quest. Let that be your final warning, since continuing from this point makes it impossible to complete. 

If you choose to continue this main quest, head east to the Gildorf District.  Talk to the guards but utilize Axii Delusion level three.  If that is not available, bribe these guys with 200 Crowns or beat them up. You might as well pay up, since choosing to battle means having to fight the whole way through. 

Go inside and make a choice.  Choose the peaceful route, don’t discuss the owner (Whoreson) or respond rudely to people in the casino. You can then proceed upstairs where the card players hang out.  Defeat three characters at Gwent and continue onward. A cut scene will play, and then you’ll need to rely on your sword to get out of this mess.

If you chose rude responses you will need to defeat 12 of Junior’s goons. When that is over, return to the top floor and access the interrogation room.  Chat with the tied up individual and free this man so Geralt can begin side quest Honor Among Thieves.  Now go to Dijkstra and have a talk.  From here, you need to figure out if you want to finish side quest Honor Among Thieves before it’s too late. 

From here, travel northeast to the Bits District. While chatting with the guards, you can pay 100 Crowns to bribe them, fall back on Axii Delusion if you upgraded it to level three or stumble upon a body with an invitation. Don’t fight the guards since this leads to unnecessary conflict. 

When you gain entry, talk to Igor and then jump into the fighting arena to win some extra cash and obtain valuable information. 

If you decided to fight, go down the steps and through the gates. Head south and go east to locate Igor.  Leave Whoreson’s name out of this conversation, then prepare to battle three opponents. Before doing this, top off Geralt’s health, then chat with Igor once more.

Beat but don’t kill Geralt’s first opponent. Now you will need to fight multiple enemies. First kill the Wyvern that appears and then two Endrega.  Now slaughter the bear. 

When the brief cut scene ends, battle all of the enemies and spare no one. 

If you brought up Whoreson, attacked or acted rude to people, Geralt will face 16 adversaries that must be defeated for you to proceed with this quest.

When that is over, pick up any loot nearby. You will also find Igor’s corpse by the throne near the balcony. Go through his pockets and take the key, and search around chair to see a chest. Read the note and you will now have directions to a lock box.

Turn around, then go west. Travel north through an archway, then east down a hallway.  Go east yet again and use Geralt’s Witcher Senses to locate scratches on the floor.  Walk up to the torch on the right and interact with it to reveal a secret area with loot. 

Check out the letter, then go to the bathhouse to talk to Dijkstra. Now exit the city and travel southeast in the direction of Oxenfurt.  From here, go to the Temerian Partison Hideout.  Chat with the guard to gain access to the hideout.  Siding with Iorveth in The Witcher 2, or claiming you did while on the Audience main quest will result in a fist fight. Then you can go inside.

When the cut scene is over, travel south across a bridge. When you see Roche, follow him and watch the cinematic.  Inform King Radovid you’re in search of Whoreson, and then Geralt can return to Vernon Roche to begin the side quest, An Eye for an Eye.  If you wish to complete the Gangs of Novigrad side quest, now’s the time. 

Go to the west side of this hideout and chat with the guards.  If you fought your way through the casino, expect more fighting, killing the guards and then rummaging through their clothes for a key.  If you chose peaceful replies you will go into this place without getting dirty. 

Did you fight? Slaughter enemies inside and then go to the central area of the mansion. There’s an entrance around back, or one by the fountain.  You will need to take down more guards on the first floor to proceed. 

Did you get in without a brawl? Take the ladder down and go into the sewer.  Walk up to the cave and search for a brick wall you can blast apart with Aard Sign magic.  Take out the guards, then access the mansion ground floor. 

Travel to the northwest area of this place and you’ll see steps.  Activate your Witcher Senses and check out the woman upstairs. Now walk into the bathroom to get your hands on Whoreson Junior. There’s a cut scene, and the game momentarily pauses this quest to start the Ciri’s Story: Visiting Junior main quest.

Main Quest: Ciri’s Story – Visiting Junior 

You are now in control of Ciri.  Engage Dandelion in conversation, then take the ladder to the roof.  Travel southeast and fall to the balcony with the open window to watch a cut scene.  Fight Whoreson until he has 50 percent health remaining, then battle the guards. 

Go through the door and walk down the steps leading to the casino. Battle some guards and fall to the lower area to fight more enemies. When they’re dead, exit the building to finish this quest and resume Get Junior. 

Main Quest: Get Junior 

Does Whoreson deserve to live or die? That’s up to you, and your choice plays a big role in the Payback main quest that occurs later on. Do what you wish, but we think it’s a better idea if he survives. 

Beat the game with Prima’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt walkthrough. Master Gwent, learn how to fix Geralt’s sword and romance the ladies. When ready, proceed to more Novigrad quests, including The Play’s the Thing and Poet Under Pressure.

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