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Where to Get the Cat School Gear in Witcher 3

Here is a guide on how to get the Cat School Gear in Witcher 3.

Not only is the Cat School Gear (Feline Armor) a great look in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but it also boosts your stealth to a whole new level. The entire set of gear is made up of multiple weapons and clothing and is obtainable early on too.

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Here is how to get the Cat School Gear in The Witcher 3.

Acquiring the Cat School Gear in Witcher 3

The Cat School Gear is an armor and weapons set you can obtain relatively early in the game, and it is quite useful too.

Every item in the Cat School Gear set in Witcher 3:

  • Feline Steel Sword
  • Feline Silver Sword
  • Feline Armor
  • Feline Boots
  • Feline Gauntlets
  • Feline Trousers

Crafting the entirety of these items takes a bit of time, and you first have to locate their diagrams. Here is a list of where every item in the Cat School Gear set is located.

Feline Steel Sword

Feline Steel Sword location map.
Screenshot via Prima Games.

The diagram for the Feline Steel Sword can be found at Drahim Castle. Once you enter the castle, the diagram can be found within a chest in the basement.

Feline Silver Sword

Feline Silver Sword map location.
Screenshot via Prima Games.

Head to Est Tayiar in Velen. Once in the ruins, drop down to the bottom floor. Use your Aard sign to destroy the wall on the right, where a diagram will be revealed.

Feline Crossbow

Feline Crossbow location map.

The Feline Crossbow diagram is a bit more tedious of a task to locate. Head to a lighthouse near Novigrade. Across the sea is a shipwreck you have to explore, where the diagram is located inside.

Feline Armor

Feline Armor Location.
Screenshot via Prima Games.

Probably the most crucial part of this set is the Feline Armor. Locating the armor diagram is not easy, and probably the most challenging diagram to find out of the entire Cat School Gear set. Head to the Elector’s Square Waypoint. This area can be located within the Temple Isle, north of Novigrad. From there, you will find an entrance to a basement. Head down to the bottom, follow the path to the end, and you will find the Feline Armor diagram.

Crafting the Feline Armor set

Once you have the official Cat School Gear, otherwise known as the Feline Armor set, you will be able to construct every object you need. The level requirement for this set is only level 17, allowing you to make it pretty early on in the game.

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