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The Witcher 3 Main Quests – Skjall’s Grave, On Thin Ice, Tedd Deireadh: The Final Age

by Bryan Dawson

These are the final main quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We will tell you how to complete Skjall’s Grave, On Thin Ice and Tedd Deireadh, The Final Age. In addition, you will have tips to beating Caranthir and Eredin, then learn Avallac’h’s true intentions.

Main Quest: Skjall’s Grave 

If you opted to go with a +1 positive response near the end of the Child of the Elder Blood main quest, you travel solo or accompany Ciri to Hindarsfjall to find Skjall.  You’ll head to the cemetery but won’t be able to find his grave. Instead, you stumble upon his body in a pit with deceased critters. Ciri then gives him a proper burial, then angry villagers give her a hard time for it. You have two options. 

  • Explain to the villagers their laws do not apply to Geralt or Ciri. 
  • Tell them to relax. 

Regardless of how you respond, Ciri becomes enraged and socks one of these people in the face, then warns them about messing with Skjall’s grave. You leave alone or with Ciri, and this main quest ends. 

Battle Preparations 

With all main quests complete up to this point, return to the boat and talk to Avallac’h.  Now’s the time to ask whatever questions remain, including… 

  • Inquire about the Sunstone, and the possibility of Eredin catching wind of the trick and striking Geralt and Ciri near the shore. Avallac’h seems confident, and mentions the option of moving the signal to avoid detection. In addition, other items may prove useful. 
  • Speak to Avallac’h about his laboratory. He stops talking to Geralt after you mention the lady you discovered.
  • Let him know everything is ready and the boat will now travel to Undvik.  Doing this begins the On Thin Ice main quest. This also means you won’t have a chance to create potions or meditate, so if you want to do these things, tell Avallac’h you will meet him at the destination.

Main Quest: On Thin Ice 

With Eredin and the rest of the Wild Hunt ahead of you, travel to Undvik Isle, specifically Marlin Coast, where you encounter Avallac’h and the Lodge of Sorceresses preparing for the fight. The list of characters should include Triss (she may have left for Kovir), Philippa, Margarita, Fringilla and Yennefer. 

Avallac’h goes over the plan to use the Sunstone while having the witches prevent the Naglfar from escaping to Aen Elle. During this time, Geralt must kill Eredin and Caranthir.   

When the discussion concludes, make one of the following decisions: 

  • Team up with Avallac’h and battle the Wild Hunt right now. 
  • Take some time to prepare for the battle. When ready, meet Avallac’h on the boat. 

Boss Battle with Caranthir

When this fight begins, sprint towards Caranthir, then roll out of harm’s what when he fires those icy projectiles; always be aware of their direction. When you see an opening, strike him two or three times. This causes him to teleport someplace else, and he may go for those aforementioned projectiles or unleash a spike attack. Once again, dodge and then hit back until he teleports. 

When you deplete half of Caranthir’s health, he will call upon Ice Elementals. Kill these creatures with Igni Sign magic, or lure them into the path of Caranthir’s attacks. Whatever you feel comfortable with. 

Ideally you want to destroy the Elementals as quickly as possible to thin their numbers, while at the same time maintaining pressure on Caranthir. Do this and the battle should tilt in Geralt’s favor. 

Right before Caranthir dies, he attempts to kill Geralt by teleporting underwater. Break free and then swim like crazy to avoid drowning.

Walk onto dry land and then move to the Naglfar, killing hounds as you go. You may also see Jarl Udalryk, and his words vary if you helped out during the Possession or Not secondary quest. 

Move off the ice and make your way onto the ship.  At this point Hjalmar will exit the ship’s cabin if you saved him earlier. If not, a Skellige soldier takes his place. 

Boss Battle with Eredin 

This may sound bizarre considering the pressure, but patience is key to winning this fight. Parry whenever the situation calls for it and attack Eredin when he is unable to counter.  

Once you take off roughly 25 percent of Eredin’s health, he throws Geralt into a portal leading to clifftops above Undvik.  From this point, he attempts to hit you with different long-range attacks, including an orb that’ll destroy your health, along with powerful light that erupts from the ground. He may even summon ice meteors to rain from the sky, and you’ll know these are coming from the hints on the ground. Dodge, move in close to attack and then dodge roll when Eredin appears behind Geralt. This is essentially the best way to defeat him.

With Eredin nearly defeated, he conjures another portal, this one leading to the ship. Go after him and show no mercy. He’ll tell you Avallac’h is not what he seems, and the quest concludes. 

Main Quest: Tedd Deireadh, The Final Age 

There isn’t much to this quest. Geralt returns to camp, gets on his horse and follows Yennefer. Do not bother with any monsters you encounter. Stick to the objective. 

When the time comes, get off the horse and stay as close to Yennefer as possible to avoid the White Frost. Kill whatever hounds get in the way and approach the magic barrier. Yennefer can open it, but only Geralt can enter. 

Go through the portal and towards the tower. Walk up the winding staircase and you’ll see a summoning circle, with Avallac’h nearby. Challenge him to a fight and he tosses his weapon. You now have two choices to make: 

  • Let him know you won’t allow him to survive.
  • What, were you born yesterday? That trick won’t work.

Regardless, Ciri appears and defends Avallac’h’s actions. Choose whatever dialogue options you wish. Depending on the five important choices to determine Ciri’s fate, this main quest concludes and you will now watch one of the game’s three Epilogues. 

You beat The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but there’s more to do. Collect all of the Gwent cards, find the Bear School Gear and complete all of the Monster Contracts, including The White Lady and Lord of the Wood. You’ll find this and much more in Prima’s Witcher 3 hub.

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