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The Witcher 3 – How to Beat Eredin

by Prima Games Staff

This article provides tips to beating Eredin, the final boss in CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We will walk you through the entire battle, break down Eredin’s attacks and suggest the best items to bring him down.

Congratulations on reaching the end of The Witcher 3! Your reward is a one-on-one fight with Eredin, king of the Wild Hunt and lord of nightmares. While not the biggest adversary in stature, he definitely hits the hardest. One wrong move on your part will result in Geralt of Rivia’s demise, so it’s important to know what you’re up against and the best ways to counter.

For starters, Eredin knows his way around a sword. In addition to blocking Geralt’s attacks at will, he uses his magical blade to unleash lengthy combos.  From there, he teleports behind Geralt to gain the advantage. Most importantly, he receives ice armor each time he performs this move.

Towards the end of the boss fight, Eredin relies on magic to crush Geralt. In particular, a power wave, slash wave and finally, ice shards raining from the sky. Thankfully you’ll see shadows on the ground and easily avoid the shards right before they make impact.

To combat Eredin, use Igni Sign magic to destroy his ice armor. Yrden also slows him down.

When he attacks with the sword, roll out of the way and wait for a chance to strike. It’s important to realize this battle is a game of inches. You must pick and choose your spots to avoid getting slaughtered. 

Samum Bombs, meanwhile, stagger Eredin long enough for you to get in a few slashes.

Eredin Walkthrough


Your adversary begins by taunting Geralt. Don’t take this as an insult. Instead, access the in-game menu and equip potions for this battle, specifically Swallow, Tawny Oil, Blizzard and Full Moon. 

When you finally lock swords, prepare to have all of your attacks blocked, especially if Eredin holds his blade in a defensive position. Should he teleport, immediately roll (do not dodge) out of harm’s way.

We suggest parrying and rolling most of the time. Counters are often tricky to pull off, and when you see an opening, use fast instead of heavy attacks. In most cases you won’t have enough time for a heavy attack, and should only go for one after a counter or when Eredin is off balance.

If Eredin brings the sword above his head with two hands, quickly evade the ensuing attack. Never try to parry or counter this.

For now, dodge and/or parry Eredin’s melee attacks, then respond with a heavy attack. Remain patient and wait for the opportune moment. During this time, be on the lookout for kicks and backhands that will stun Geralt.

Once you deplete a quarter of Eredin’s Vitality, he creates a portal to transport the two characters to a cliffside location, kicking off the second part of the boss fight. This also results in Eredin receiving new attacks, starting with a shockwave. He’ll teleport far away from Geralt, raise his sword and then fire one shockwave, followed by three and five. Since there’s a brief delay between each group of shockwaves, run towards and then around Eredin to avoid the rest. You will also have a chance to attack.

Following the shockwaves, he may go for the aforementioned meteor attack. Look for the glowing spots on the ground and move out of the way. Additionally, you can move close to Eredin so the meteors damage him.

The next attack results in spheres appearing near Geralt’s feet and then exploding. Run around to break the spell.

Once you take off a third of Eredin’s Vitality, he talks smack and then becomes even more aggressive. Don’t panic, and continue using the same strategy as before, dodging and parrying, then striking occasionally.

Finally, Eredin creates one more portal and tries to head back to the Naglfar ship. Go after the boss and kill this bozo for good. Enjoy the cut scene that follows!

You beat The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but you still need to find all of the Gwent cards in the game and finish all of the Monster Contracts. Then again, maybe you want to start over to get the best weapons and armor.

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