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Watch Dogs Walkthrough – Act 4 No Turning Back – Take Down Quinn

by Bryan Dawson

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Mission: No Turning Back

Objective: Reach the Merlaut Hotel.

Objective: Eavesdrop on Quinn’s party and find him.

Objective: Follow Quinn and the Mayor.

Head toward the Merlaut Hotel, then hack the panel at the waypoint. Switch to the camera above, then wait for Quinn to move. When he does, switch to the next camera on the far right, then to the next camera. Hack the device on the table, then wait for the conversation to end. 

Objective: Access hotel’s network and disable security. 

Move the camera to the right and switch to the camera in the next room. Hack the panel inside to begin another hotspot mini-game. Turn the point at the bottom three times, then move up along the line and turn the next point three times. Move to the bottom right point, unlock it, then turn it once (two clicks in total). Move back to the point you were just at and turn it one more time, then move to the point at the top, unlock it, then turn it three times (four clicks in total). Finally, move down one point and turn it three times to unlock the final point to the left. Now hack the control panel in the next room. 

Objective: Infiltrate the hotel.

Objective: Reach Quinn’s office. 

You can go in with force or with finesse. If you choose to use stealth to make your way in, head around to the south side of the hotel to find an access point that can be hacked. Hack the panel to unlock the door, then head inside. Nudge the door to open it, then take cover and hack the camera in the hallway. There’s a guard down the hallway on the right. Wait until the guard is visible (and not around the corner), then hack the pop machine to draw him over. When he gets close, take him down.

If you haven’t already, move from camera to camera so you obtain the location of the guards. Move around the corner and hide in the next hallway. You need to move into the room on the right, then immediately into the next room on the right. With proper timing, you can wait until the guards in the next room are not looking in your direction, then move all the way into the room you need to be in.

Depending on the patrol pattern of the guard closest to the room you need to be in, you may need to take him out when he approaches the elevator in the room, or move into the adjacent security room to avoid him. Sometimes he remains in the main room with the other guards, sometimes he patrols around the elevator in the room you need to be in.

Hack the elevator, then move to the side. There’s a guard in the elevator who attacks on-sight. Wait by the elevator and attack him as soon as the doors open, then hack the elevator to head to Quinn’s office. During the cut-scene that follows, you need to perform a takedown when prompted. This happens right after Quinn turns his back on you. Immediately after the takedown, shoot the guard on the other side of the room. 

Objective: Fight your way across the rooftop. 

Have some explosives ready and make your way to the door that leads out to the rooftop. The heavy armored enforcer needs to be taken out with explosives, but he will follow you back into the room you were just in if you backtrack. This makes it much easier to take him down because you only have to worry about him. There’s a chance one other guard will enter, but he’s not an enforcer and therefore much easier to take down. 

With the enforcer down, open the door to the rooftop again and hack the camera to the left. Use the cameras on the roof to take down as many guards as possible with environmental hacks. It’s also important to disable their ability to call for reinforcements if you have that tech available. If a helicopter is called in, use explosives (frag grenades, IEDs, etc.) to take down the guards while you remain under cover, then make a break for the waypoint when the guards are down. If there is no helicopter, once you’ve exhausted your hacking options, take the guards down in a shootout, then head across the roof toward the waypoint.

Objective: Find Quinn.

Objective: Profile Lucky Quinn.

Objective: Download the video.

Objective: Escape the hotel.

Objective: Escape the Police. 

Head into Quinn’s office and around to the other side of his desk to find a hacking point. Hack in then open the shutters, then pull out your cell phone (if it’s not already out). After Quinn talks for a bit, hack into his pacemaker, then again during the next cut-scene to take him down. Hack the point in Quinn’s office to download the video, then run (not walk) out of his office and to the left, through the exit door. 

This is not your typical scenario of escaping from the police. Your best bet is to have a Blackout available and the ability to disable helicopters. When you get outside, wait for the helicopter to appear in the skies to your left. Disable it as soon as you can, then run to the left and climb into the lift. Hack the lift to lower you to the ground, then use a Blackout. Run to the left and make your way to the south side of the hotel where the boats are located. Get in a boat and it’s easy to escape from there. 

If you don’t have the ability to disable a helicopter, you need to sneak around to the left to find a vehicle, then make a run for it. It’s much harder to lose the cops on the streets, but it can be done. Look for underpasses to escape the helicopter, and switch cars if your vehicle takes too much damage (switch quickly). 

Objective: Race to save Clara.

Objective: Eliminate the hit men.

Objective: Reach Clara.

Get in a car if you’re not already and head to the next waypoint. As you approach you watch a cut-scene, then immediately must fight off a group of hit men. Take them down, then move over to Clara to complete the mission.

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough

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