Watch Dog 3 rumors have been rampant over the past year, but even more so now that we are drawing close to E3 2019. While the London setting rumor has been around for awhile now, a new leak has emerged supporting this popular fan theory in addition to key details about the new protagonist and what the story will have to offer. 

According to a recent post over on Resetera, the new game will reportedly be set in London with a new character by the name of Sarah. "She works for a counter-terrorist organisation in a branch that specialises in stopping cyber attacks, she is tasked with infiltrating a hacker group, bringing their operations down and finding out who is in charge."

The leak also mentioned that there are no guns or knives, though players will have tasers and other "non-lethal" weapons at their disposal.

It then continues by saying that parkour has returned and has been completely overhauled to be more fluid and natural. Considering the controls being a bit janky in Watch Dogs 2 was a cause for complaint when the sequel first game out, the mechanical tweak will be a cause to celebrate for many fans of the franchise. 

Players will also reportedly be able to skateboard and spray graffiti, giving it a much more Infamous vibe, as well as a harrowing side mission centering around a family tragedy that struck Sarah prior to the events in the game. 

Allegedly the game will be teased two weeks before E3, with a full reveal during Ubisoft's showcase. It is important to keep in mind that though this leak seems compelling, it has not been officially released by Ubisoft. Until the studio themselves make the announcement, talk all leaks and rumors with a grain of salt. 

Are you excited to see so many changes to the continuation of this franchise, or would you rather the tale end with Watch Dogs 2? Sound off with your thoughts by hitting us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames!