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Watch Dogs Walkthrough – Act 3 For the Portfolio – Last Stand at T-Bone’s Junkyard

by Bryan Dawson

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Mission: For the Portfolio

Objective: Hurry to T-Bone’s junkyard.

Objective: Eliminate the militia.

Objective: Regroup with T-Bone. 

There’s a motorbike waiting at the waypoint that begins the mission (the same waypoint that ended the last mission). Use the bike to reach the next waypoint, which is T-Bone’s junkyard. When you reach the location, take cover and use the cameras to eliminate most of the militia with the various traps and dangers in the junkyard. Move in to eliminate any survivors, then head to the next waypoint to meet up with T-Bone. 

Objective: Follow and defend T-Bone.

Objective: Defend T-Bone.

Objective: Eliminate the militia to help T-Bone escape.

Objective: Follow T-Bone to the boat.

Objective: Escape Pawnee with T-Bone. 

Follow T-Bone and take cover as soon as more militia appear. Take them down quickly before T-Bone gets reckless, then continue to follow him to the center of the junkyard. Prepare as many explosives as possible because you need to defend T-Bone again. It’s also recommended that you raise the protectors surrounding the middle area to help defend the location. The traps in the area still come in handy against this group, and be prepared to use Jam Coms to block their ability to call for reinforcements. 

Take out all of the militia, then follow T-Bone again. Repeat this process until all of the militia are down, then follow T-Bone to the boat. When you reach the boat, get in and take it out to open waters to complete the mission.

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough.

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