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Watch Dogs Walkthrough – Act 3 The Future is in Blume – Infiltrating Blume

by Bryan Dawson

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Mission: The Future is in Blume

Objective: Reach Blume.

Objective: Infiltrate Blume unseen. 

When you arrive at the mission start point, you’re directed to Blume. When you reach the main entrance, move to the right until you get to the barred opening in the wall. From here you can look through to see the next building and the camera mounted on top of it. Access the camera, then move it up to access the laptop camera in the security room ahead. 

Move the camera in the security room slightly up and to the left to access the camera in the corner of the room. From this viewpoint you can unlock two panels, one straight ahead and one on the right wall that’s partially hidden (but still hackable). Unlocking the panels opens the gate and the door into the security room. 

Head through the gate and take cover by the door to the security room. There’s a guard in the middle by your target that looks in the direction of the security room. Watch him, and as soon as he turns slightly away from the security room, head inside and take down the guard within. Depending on your hacking ability, you can disrupt the guard directly to make the takedown easier, or use one of the objects in and around the room (forklift, cell phone, etc.).

With the guard down, you need to clear away the three guards surrounding your target. One patrols in a square route around the center of the area. One always stands close to the target, and one is off to the far side, but close enough to cause problems. 

Take out the guard on the far side first. It’s relatively easy to wait for the patrolling guard to move to the opposite side, then sneak up behind the target. With the first guard down, hack the panel nearby to unlock the other gate just in case you need a way out. The patrolling guard will probably spot the body of the guard you just took down. When he moves in to investigate, take him down as well. This only leaves one guard in the immediate area, who is relatively easy to sneak up on and take down. With the guards down, access the target panel. 

Objective: Profile the ctOS box.

Objective: Find an activate the ctOS Boxes.

Your next objective is to profile the ctOS box, which is inside a nearby room. There are two guards off to the side by the solar panels, but they can’t see the entrance to the room with the ctOS box, so there’s no need to worry about them. 

Move inside the room and look toward the ctOS box to profile it. You need to follow the white lines which lead to two ctOS Boxes. Head out of the room and to the northeast. Access the camera nearby if you haven’t already, to spot the locations of the four guards in the immediate area. You can take out the closest guard to you with ease as the other guard’s vision is blocked by a palette of supplies. 

Watch the mini-map to see when the guard around the corner (not the one closest to you) is walking away from the guard closest to you. When he moves away, use the Attract hack on the phone in the room you’re headed to in order to get the attention of the next guard. While his back is turned, take him down, then quickly move into the room and hack the box.

Swing around to the opposite side of the compound to the two guards by the solar panels. Wait near the top of the stairs and use the cameras to turn the solar panel closest to you. This provides cover so you can move in without the guards seeing you, but do not move in yet. Access the camera above the room next to the stationary guard (not the one that moves periodically). Inside the room is an Attract hack. Wait until the patrolling guard moves away, then use the Attract hack. 

If the patrolling guard isn’t facing you, take him down quickly, before the other guard returns. If he is facing you, quickly turn the solar panel to get his attention, then take him down. Either way, the other guard will see the body and investigate, at which point you can approach from multiple angels to take him down since there’s no need to worry about other guards spotting you. Head inside the room, pick up the electronic parts near the hack point, then activate the box. 

Objective: Break into Blume’s network unseen.

Head back to the main ctOS box and begin the hacking mini-game. All of the turns for the first hotspot take place in the middle, with the final point being at the very bottom. Start in the upper left corner and turn the point twice, then move down one point, unlock it, then turn it once (two clicks in total), then move back up one point and turn it one more time. 

Move across to the point on the far right (upper most point on the right), and turn it three times, then move down to unlock the point directly below it (one click). Head back to the upper left point and turn it one more time, then unlock the point in the middle (one click). Move to the right one point and turn it two times, then move all the way across to the far left (lower point) and turn it two more times. Now move up one point and turn it three more times to unlock the point at the very bottom. 

For the second hotspot, start with the point on the far left and turn it three times. Move to the bottom left corner, unlock it, then turn it once (two clicks in total), then move back up to the first point and turn it three more times. Move right one point, unlock it, then turn it three times (four total clicks), then move to the timed spot in the middle and turn it once. Move down one spot, unlock it, then turn it three times (four total clicks), then go back to the timed point for one more turn. Move up one point, unlock it, then turn it three times (four total clicks), then move left one point and turn it twice to unlock the final point on the far right and gain access to the camera. 

Objective: Install T-Bone’s spyware.

Objective: Locate Damien’s meeting.

Objective: Exit Blume.

Move the camera up and access the hacking point to install the spyware. When the guard walks around the corner, access his camera and wait until he moves through the next door. When he does, move the camera up and to the left and switch to the camera in the next room. 

After listening in on the conversation, you need to get out of Blume. Take cover to avoid the initial burst of patrolling guards. As long as they don’t find you immediately, they’ll move back their normal positions. Once they’re in place, it’s easy to move out the main gate without being spotted. From there, head around the outskirts of the facility to the southwest corner where the waypoint is located. Once you reach the waypoint the mission is complete.

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough

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