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Watch Dogs Walkthrough – Act 3 By Any Means Necessary – Take Down Rossi-Fremont and Iraq

by Bryan Dawson

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Mission: By Any Means Necessary 

Objective: Enter Rossi-Fremont 

Start the mission, then move around and enter the restricted area from the southeast side. Going in this way offers the least amount of resistance. You can use the east building and avoid contact with almost all of the guards. When you get close to the waypoint (the door), you’ll give T-Bone a call then pull out a Blackout device and set it off. As soon as the door pops open, head inside. 

Objective: Reach Iraq’s server room. 

There are two guards upstairs in the room you’re about to enter. While you can run straight to the elevator without getting their attention, several more guards come out of the elevator and attack. This is one of the few times in which sneaking around won’t get you very far. Go in guns blazing and take down the two guards upstairs as quickly as possible, then take cover on the left side of the room and prepare for the other guards.

Take down all of the guards, then head into the elevator and upstairs. Two more guards attack shortly after the elevator opens. Handle them, then access the camera on the wall to the right and unlock the panel directly ahead. Head up the fallen concrete to the floor above, then take cover and dispatch of the two guards that show up. 

Continue around the corner and over to the waypoint, then access the unlock panel ahead. Go through the door and prepare to engage several more guards in the next room, including a heavily armed enforcer. Go up the ladder in the next room and engage the next group of enemies.

Keep moving up the ladders, taking down enemies as they appear. When you reach the next unlock panel, head through the door to find money and crafting supplies, then continue from waypoint to waypoint, taking down hostiles. When you reach the third unlock panel and head through the accompanying doorway, you complete this objective. 

Objective: Download all server data.

Objective: Leave the Rossi-Fremont.

Objective: Follow Iraq.

Objective: Take down Iraq.

Objective: Eliminate Iraq’s personal guards.

Objective: Leave Rossi-Fremont. (again) 

Head into the next room, hit the unlock panel and continue through the next door. When you reach the final room, begin the hack. Once the download is complete, head for the next waypoint to watch a cut-scene, then you need to follow Iraq. 

When you reach the roof Iraq talks for a bit, then more enemies attack. Use the time that he’s talking to pick up the ammo and crafting supplies scattered around the rooftop. Take cover and watch for the enemies to show up on your mini-map so you can determine which direction they’re attacking from. After the first wave, Iraq talks a bit more, then you have to take him down as well. 

Before you see Iraq, a heavily armored guard appears. You need to use heavy weapons and explosives to take him out, and even then it won’t be easy. Luckily he’s very slow, so you can easily move from cover to cover without taking much damage. Take him down quickly as possible because after a short time Iraq attacks from the far end. He’s not heavily armored, so switch targets to Iraq and finish him off quickly, then shift back to the other guard. Once both are down, the mission is complete.

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough.

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