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Watch Dogs Walkthrough – Act 2 Stare into the Abyss – Eliminate Crispin

by Bryan Dawson

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough

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Mission: Stare into the Abyss

Objective: Hack the ctOS box to find Crispin.

Head over to the mission waypoint, which points you across the street. While the building is guarded, you can easily access the hacking point without endangering yourself. The mini-game begins with a timed point. You don’t need to click on the timed point, but it becomes active as soon as the mini-game begins. You only have 15 seconds, so you need to move quickly. 

Turn the far left point three times, then turn the far right point once. Unlock the point just above the timed point, then turn it one time (two clicks in total), then go back to the far left point and turn it three more times. Now go back to the far right point and turn it one more time to unlock the point at the very top. Click the final point to access the camera. 

Objective: Eliminate Crispin. 

Access all of the cameras in the building to get a bead on the position of the guards. Crispin is too heavily guarded to get in clean without any kills. In addition, if you give him a chance to run he will take it. Move around to the south side and open the two doors closest to Crispin. You’ll need to be careful when you nudge the doors to open them. If you go too far in you’ll alert the guards. 

With the doors open, craft a frag grenade and a few IEDs, take cover, and throw the frag grenade inside. Get the IED thrown and ready to explode, but wait until Crispin walks out of his covered area. As soon as he’s close enough to the IED, blow it. If your timing is off and Crispin gets away, you’ll need to find a vehicle and chase him down.

Alternately, get in one of the cars nearby and park it right in front of the opened doors. You can then use the car as cover while you bombard the room with firepower. Be careful when doing this because Crispin may catch on to your plan and make a run for it before you fire a single shot.

Objective: Hack Crispin’s phone to obtain data.

Objective: Kill all of Crispin’s backup or escape. 

Whether you kill Crispin inside or he makes a run for it and you take him down during the chase, you need to hack the phone he drops. With the phone hacked, you then need to escape the rest of his comrades to complete the objective.

Objective: Go to the private lounge, Infinite 92.

Objective: Follow the host.

Objective: Leave Infinite 92. 

Make your way to the next waypoint. You’re directed down the stairs to the next waypoint. Once you’re inside, follow the host to the next waypoint. After a quick cut-scene, head toward the door for another short cut-scene. Make your way toward the final waypoint to complete the mission.

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough.

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