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Watch Dogs Walkthrough – Act 2 A Blank Spot There-ish – Power up the Generators

by Bryan Dawson

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Mission: A Blank Spot There-ish

Objective: Reach the bunker island.

Objective: Power up the generators to restore the bunker.

Hack the bridge ahead to rotate it. Cross the bridge, then you need to activate three generators. Start with the generator on the far right (marked on your map). There’s an audio log in front of the building if you’re collecting them. However, to gain access to the building, find the lift on the northeast side. Lower the lift, climb into it and then raise it again. Once it’s fully raised, climb up to the left to find a ladder, then climb the ladder to reach the roof. 

Climb up the next ladder directly ahead, then move around to the right side of the fenced area and access the camera to the left. Access the second camera slightly to the right, then unlock the gate using the hacking point on the left. Head through the gate, then blow up the tanks directly ahead to gain access to the ramp on the right. 

Go down the ramp and into the fenced area directly ahead to find the generator activation point. Activate the generator, then head back down to the ground. You can use the lift, then climb up and over the carrier to the right.

Head southeast toward the next closest waypoint. If you’re looking for audio logs, there’s a carrier that can be lowered on the east side. To the right of the carrier is a small alley. Head down the alley to find another audio log. 

You need to head down the north side of the river until you’re almost due east of the waypoint. You should see a garage door to the right (west). Open the door, then climb down into the water and make your way into the building through the door. Climb into the boat and head out the garage door and to the left. Stop near the dock (as close to the waypoint as you can get), then climb onto the front side of the boat and use the elevation to climb up onto the dock area. From here, head into the fenced area to the left and activate the generator. 

Head to the northwest side of the lot where the final generator is located. There’s a gate here that you need to open. Access the camera just above the gate. Move it up and to the right, then hack the carrier to lower it and reveal another camera. Access the second camera and move it up and to the left to find a third camera. Move it up slightly and access the carrier again to lift it up, then unlock the door using the panel just behind the carrier. 

Once you’re through the gate, climb onto the green carrier on the right, just before the camera. You want to reach the top of the carrier that can be moved by hacking the crane. From the green carrier, climb up to the carrier that can be moved with the crane, then hack the crane to move it. Drop down and head through the green carrier (once you’re through, turn around and look under the green carrier to find another audio log), then head into the fenced area via the door on the left side. Inside the fenced area is the generator activation switch. 

Objective: Enter the bunker.

Objective: Search for the power controls.

Objective: Power up the bunker. 

Head to the next waypoint and open the door to the carrier. Once it’s moved, open the door again. Head down the stairs and hack the laptop at the waypoint. There are some Jam COMs in the back behind the laptop. Pick them up, then head up the stairs to the next waypoint. There are more Jam COMs on the desk. Pick them up, then activate the power in the bunker to complete the mission.

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough.

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