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Watch Dogs Walkthrough: Act 1 Thanks for the Tip – Find ctOS Boxes, Trace Call to Damien

by Bryan Dawson

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough

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Mission: Thanks For the Tip 

Objective: Reach the mystery caller’s signal source.

Objective: Pinpoint the signal’s location.

Objective: Find and activate the ctOS Boxes. 

Begin the next mission and walk straight ahead through the alley and into the area ahead. If you want more crafting supplies, lower the lift to the right. Climb onto the lift, raise it again, then climb up to the platform to find electronic parts. 

Head up the stairs across the area to reach the waypoint. When you reach the location, open the profiler to pinpoint the location. Now you need to find the two ctOS Boxes. Access the camera to the far right and move it up and to the right to find an unlock option on the far balcony. 

Go back down the stairs and head into the alley ahead and to the right. Lower the lift on the left, then walk over to it, pick up the chemical component to the left of the lift, then look straight up to see a camera. Access the camera, then move it up to find another unlock point. Hack the unlock point to complete the objective. 

Objective: Access the building network to reach the signal source.

Head back up the stairs and hack the box at the end to initiate another hacking mini-game. Turn the lower left point three times, then the point above it twice. Turn the point in the lower right corner twice, then unlock the point above and turn it three times (four total clicks). Now turn the point in the lower left corner two more times to unlock the final point. Click it to move on to the next hotspot. 

On the second hotspot, turn the point on the far left three times, then turn the point at the top (in the middle) twice. Turn the point at the very bottom (in the middle) once, then unlock the point just above it one time (two total clicks). Go back to the point on the far left and turn it one more time, then turn the point at the top two more times and the point at the bottom three more times. Unlock the point on the far right to complete the hack. 

Objective: Investigate the apartment.

Objective: Hack the phone.

Objective: Kill all fixers or escape.

Objective: Follow the traced call to Damien

You now have control of a camera in an apartment. Hack the camera to the right, then hack the phone straight ahead. Unfortunately, you’ve drawn a bit of attention to yourself. You need to either escape the area, stay under cover long enough for the search to conclude or kill everyone who’s after you. 

Using the cameras, you can access the explosive plates on the ground and the explosive terminals on the walls. Raise the protector right next to your current location for better cover, then take down any enemies heading up the stairs or across the area toward your location. By using all of the explosive devices in the area (switching cameras to do so), and blowing up all of the enemies holding explosives, you can hold out long enough to cancel out the search. 

Alternatively, you can use the explosive areas to clear a path down the stairs, then make a run for it back down the alley. However, this is far more risky and could serve to get you killed if you’re not careful. 

Once you’ve cleared the area, obtain a vehicle and head to the next waypoint on the map. Get out and head up the stairs to initiate another cut-scene and complete the mission. 

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough.

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