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Watch Dogs Walkthrough: Act 1 Dressed in Peels – Find Raul Lionzo and Escape Prison

by Bryan Dawson

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Mission: Dressed in Peels 

Objective: Escape your cell. 

After the cut-scene that begins the mission, look through the window in the door of your cell and hack the guard’s camera just ahead. Follow the waypoint marker and move from guard camera to guard camera until you reach the control room camera (where the marker is). From here, hack into the system to escape your cell. 

Objective: Locate the survivor.

There are a ton of guards patrolling the prison and it’s in your best interests not to be seen. You can try to use takedowns, but it’s best to simply remain under cover as you make your way from destination to destination. Keep in mind the guards take a moment to recognize you once you’ve been spotted. If you see the red triangle pop up, indicating that a guard sees you, if you can duck behind cover and get out of site quickly (you have a second or two), the guard will not be alerted to your presence.

Head left out of your cell to make your way to the stairs ahead on the right. Move down the stairs and into the office straight ahead and slightly to the left. Once you’re inside, pick up the item on the desk to complete the objective. 

Objective: Access the network to view the exercise yard. 

Watch carefully for the guards and head out of the office and straight ahead to the right of the stairs. Make your way around the outer wall and unlock the room ahead as you round the corner to the left. When you reach the destination room, take cover behind the pillar ahead and hack into the guard cameras until you get the guard walking down the hall. This guard enters a room to right where you can hack into the main system. 

The hack starts a mini-game. Turn the point in the lower left corner one time, then turn the point in the lower right corner three times. Move to the upper left corner and turn the point once, then turn the point in the upper right corner three times. The timed point in the middle on the left needs to be turned twice to unlock the middle point to the right, then quickly turn that point once after unlocking it (two clicks total), then back to the timed point for one more turn. This allows you to unlock the point on the far right, but keep in mind, the timer doesn’t stop until this point is unlocked. 

Objective: Find the stadium survivor: Raul Lionzo.

Objective: Get to the survivor in the basement.

You now have control of the camera overlooking the yard. Move to the left and hack the camera there to spot Lionzo sitting next to the wall (out of sight of the first camera). At this point, you need to take control of the guard’s camera inside the room ahead, wait for him to walk to the far side of the room, then take control of the guard’s camera to the left (in the server room). Hack the device on the left side of the room to unlock the main door. 

With the door unlocked, there are two ways you can approach this situation. You can take out the guard in the room when he turns his back, then head out of the room and down the hallway. Wait for the guard in the other room to turn, then head into the elevator. 

You can also simply stay under cover and make your way toward the elevator ahead. Stop at junction and wait until both guards are not looking before you run (not walk) into the elevator. With proper timing, and even if a guard spots you, they won’t have time to register what’s going on before you’re out of sight and in the elevator.

Once you’re in the elevator, hack it to head down to the basement. Exit the elevator and move into the room ahead. Pick up the gun and hack the panel inside the room to access the camera in the next room. Access the camera on the far left wall, then move it to the right to find another hack point. 

Leave the room and head into the next room on the right. Pick up the Focus Boost item on the desk and continue through the next door and into the hallway. On the right is a double door that leads into the room with all of the guards. They will spot you as soon as you open the door. 

Objective: Take out the corrupt guards. 

Take cover behind the laundry bin just ahead. Wait until each guard starts to close in on your position, then quickly take him out with the gun you picked up in the other room. When all of the guards in the immediate area are down, the armored guard appears. Wait for him to start approaching, then run into the room to the right and all the way to the end. 

Turn around to face the door you just entered through and make note of the explosive panel on the right. Wait for the armored guard to enter the room and reach the panel, then hack it to cause an explosion and take out the guard. Two more guards enter the room. You can hack into the camera and use bursts to take them out, or wait for each one to approach and take them down with your gun.

Objective: Confront the survivor.

Objective: Exit the prison.

Objective: Escape the Police. 

Head into the room in the far corner, pick up the electrical parts near the entrance, then hack the door ahead to open it and initiate a cut-scene. When the cut-scene concludes, head down the stairs, through the door and to the left to access the care package left for you. 

Move down to the end of the hall and into the room on the right. Pick up the Jam COMS on the table, and the audio log to the left of the Jam COMS. Look through the window in the room to unlock the door. Head out into the top of the parking garage and quickly (very quickly) make a mad dash for the car to the right. 

The police are in hot pursuit, but you need to get out of the parking garage as quickly as possible. Make your way down the ramps until you reach the street. From here it’s a normal police chase with a helicopter. When you lose the police, the mission is complete. 

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough.

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