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Watch Dogs Walkthrough: Act 1 Backstage Pass – How to get the Access Code

by Bryan Dawson

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough

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Mission: Backstage Pass 

Objective: Locate a guard with the access code.

Objective: Hack the guard with the access code.

Objective: Use access code to reach the servers.

Objective: Leave the area. 

Walk outside of the gun shop and pull up your map to mark the location of the new mission. When you reach the building, head around to the east side to find a ramp that leads to the upper level. Before you climb the fence to get inside the area, hack the camera to the right, then use the crane ahead to take down the guards. 

Switch to the camera directly behind the crane to look deeper inside and see the movement of the guards. Straight ahead is an explosive device by one of the guards. Hack it to take out the nearby guard, then switch between security cameras and hidden cameras on the guards until you find the one with the access code (the only guard you can hack). Do not hack the explosives that one of the guards is carrying. You’ll need that distraction later. 

Once you have the code, climb onto the pile of palettes, then over the fence. Make your way to the fallen container that you dropped on the previous guards, then take cover behind the palettes just inside the building. Hack the cameras until you find the guard inside on the lower level near the loading dock. This is the guard carrying the explosives that can be hacked. 

At this point, only one guard should be standing between you and the objective location. Hacking the explosives of the guard will draw the attention of the other guards, but it will make it more difficult to escape when you’re done. Move as close to the guard as you can, then access his camera and look at the object behind him to offer a distraction (hack into the Attract option). As soon as the guard turns his back to you, run up behind him and use a takedown (without your gun equipped). This allows you immediate access to the hack point just beyond. 

The system hack is a mini-game of sorts. In the first hotspot, rotate the upper-most hack point once, then unlock the point at the top and hit it a second time to move on to the next hotspot. For the second hotspot, turn the point in the middle three times, then move one point to the left and turn it twice. Move one point up and right one point, then turn it three times. Unlock the last point to move on to the next hotspot. 

For the final hotspot, start with the point in the upper right corner and turn it once. Move to the bottom left point and turn it two times. This is a timed point, so you have to move quickly from here, or else you’ll need to reactivate this point. Turn the point just above this three times, then unlock the point at the top to complete the hack. 

This gives you access to another camera. Point it straight ahead to find the final hack of this mission. At this point, all you need to do is leave the area the same way you came in. There’s only one guard that can spot you. He’s standing at the end of the hallway where you currently are. Wait until he moves away, then head back the way you came, climb the fence and walk across the street (outside of the white circle on the mini-map) to complete the mission. 

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough.

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