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Watch Dogs DLC Walkthrough – How to Beat Signature Shot

by Bryan Dawson

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough.

Go in-depth with the official Watch Dogs guide!

Objective: Profile to locate the smuggler.

This contract is located on the southeast side of Chicago in the Brandon Docks sector. Accept the mission, then activate your cell phone profiler. Take a vehicle and park just south of the nearby waypoint. Use the camera on the south side of the building to access the camera to the west, then use this camera to find the person you need to profile standing just outside the building. You’ll need a vehicle because you have to tail the person once he’s been located. You can use the cameras to profile him, or your own eyes (that’s a change).

Objective: Tail the smuggler to his hideout.
Objective: Enter the target area and locate the weapon buyer.

Follow the smuggler across town to his hideout. If you’re spotted, the mission is a failure. As long as you don’t pass directly in front of the smuggler’s car, you won’t have to worry about being spotted. When you reach the hideout (the red building on the mini-map), hang back a bit to make sure you’re not spotted when he exits the car. Access the security camera on the southwest side of the building, then move it all the way to the right to find the next camera. Hack it and look down to find your target.

Objective: Hack the buyer’s cell phone.
Objective: Acquire weapon from the safe.

Hack the target, then head around to the east side of the building. Use the camera mounted near the roof of the building, near the center point of the eastern wall. Move it around to the right to find another camera to the left of the forklift. Access this camera and move it to the right to find the unlock point. Unlock the cabinet, then scan the yard so you know where all of the enemies are located.

There are two patrolling guards that walk in wide patterns. This makes it relatively easy to sneak in and obtain the weapon from the newly unlocked cabinet. You don’t need to take out either guard if you’re patient, but feel free to use lethal force if you’re up for an unnecessary gunfight.

Objective: Kill all enemies or leave the area.

Once you have the weapon, you can either kill all of the enemies in the area, or take the easy road and head right back out the way you came in without anyone noticing. Leave the white circle, or kill all of the enemies to complete the mission.

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