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Watch Dogs DLC Walkthrough – How to Beat The Palace

by Bryan Dawson

Hack Chicago with Prima’s free Watch Dogs walkthrough.

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Objective: Reach SoSueMe’s mansion.
Objective: Hack to gain access to SoSueMe’s mansion.

This contract is located on the southern side of The Loop sector, very close to the Breakthrough mission start point. Start the mission, then find a vehicle and head to your next destination in the Parker Square sector of Chicago. When you arrive, hack the gate on the east side of the mansion, then drive your vehicle as close to the mansion as you can get it because you’ll need to make a quick escape when you’re done. Make your way up the main walkway and toward the waypoint marker.

As you approach the house, you’ll see two guard markers on your mini-map. Take cover behind the foliage, just after the first set of stairs. This should put you within 12 meters of the hacking point. Access the camera above you and to the right to identify two of the guards. There’s only one you need to worry about, which is the one that paces back and forth, just above the hacking point. When he’s not looking in your direction, move inside and access the hack point.

Objective: Find and activate the ctOS Boxes.

Your new objective is to find two ctOS Boxes. Move southeast from the hacking location to the corner and look around until you spot the guard that patrols the area. Hack into his camera, then turn it left until you can access the camera at the top of the stairs. Move the camera to the left to find the next camera along the roof (not the one to the left of it on the pole), then move that camera up and slightly to the left to find the first ctOS Box.

Unlock the box, then wait for the guard that patrols just above your current position to turn away and move back behind the foliage where you were initially hiding. Unfortunately, for the final ctOS Box, there aren’t any cameras positioned at an angle that will allow you to hack the box remotely. Wait for the guard that patrols above to move out of the way, then head up the stairs, around the corner to the right and up the next flight of stairs.

Continue around the next corner and circle the building’s balcony until you approach a guard around the corner ahead. You can wait until he moves away, then quickly move in, hack the box and leave, or you can take him out. If you choose to take him out, make sure you don’t alert the other guards in the complex.

Objective: Access and hack the ctOS server.
Objective: Hack SoSueMe’s Laptop.

Head back down the stairs (watching out for the patrolling guard) to the hacking point and hack into the system. For this puzzle, turn the point just above the starting point (at the very bottom) three times. Move to the far lower left corner and turn that point once, then follow the line up one point and turn that twice. Move down to the middle cluster of points and turn the lower left point once (the point just above and to the right of the second point you turned).

Move across to the right and turn the middle point twice, then move left one point, unlock it and turn it once (turn clicks in total). Turn the very bottom point once (to the left of the first point you turned), which triggers the timed point on the far right. Move over to the timed point, then follow the line up and to the left and turn the next point twice, then unlock the point at the very top and turn it three times (four clicks in total). Follow the line to the left and down to find the final point. Turn it once to unlock it, then a second time to activate the exit point to the left. Access the camera straight ahead, then hack the laptop on the table.

Objective: Take down SoSueMe.

As soon as the hack is complete and the cut-scene that follows comes to an end, run like the wind to the closest vehicle. You need to get out of the complex and chase down your new target as quickly as possible. If you delay too much, your target will get away, or you’ll get shot down trying to escape.

At this point, you need to find the 10 stolen hard drives scattered throughout the city. They’re all marked on your map with an icon that looks very similar to the ATM icon. When you highlight the icon, the title will be “Hard Drive,” with a description talking about the stolen hard drives.

Almost all of the hard drives are located in out of the way places, scattered all across the map. When you reach the location of a hard drive, chances are you will have to take a lift, stairs, climb, or even hike to get within visual range of the device so you can hack it. You won’t be able to rely on cameras for most of these hard drives, and they are rarely on the ground floor. Most are on rooftops or far off the beaten path. Hack all 10 hard drives to complete the mission.

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