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Wasteland 2 Guide: Decide Tori Robinson’s Fate

by Prima Games Staff

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Upgrade Rad Suits / Bring Mr. Manners Tori Robinsons Head

Before you can move much further into Los Angeles, you must upgrade your rad suits by gathering kitty litter and taking it back to Lt. Woodson.

Most of the Kitty litter can be found throughout the various side areas that dot the Wastelands of Los Angeles. However, if you’ve chosen to side with Mr. Manners against Tori Robinson, you’ll need to head towards the Los Angeles Aqueducts to take her down and fulfill the quest he gave you so that you can get into his stockpile.

After exiting Angel Oracle, head directly south and enter the instance. One you leave this area after fighting Tori, you won’t be able to come back. Be sure to check everything in the area before leaving, as there is a ruined toaster here that contains a part that the cook needs back in Angel Oracle. Getting this part and turning it in to the cook will allow you to get some kitty litter from Mr. Manner’s stockpile. 

Once in the instance, head forward, making sure to activate your Perception skill if you have it, as there are several land mines buried between the entrance of the area and Tori’s camp. Move through the minefield and talk with her. You have a choice here. You can kill or let her leave. For the purpose of this walkthrough we killed her, since Mr. Manners seemed like the lesser of two evils. 

After you defeat the Robinsons, make sure to grab the broken toaster in this back area. As we mentioned before, you’ll need to turn this part into the cook in Angel Oracle to gain access to two bags of kitty litter from Mr. Manners. With Tori taken care of, head back to town and turn the quest in by giving her head to Mr. Manners. Now that we’ve taken care of this little fiasco, it’s time to gather the last of the kitty litter we need to upgrade our suits.

Head out of the main office and down the ladder by the radio console in the back of the press booth. If you’ve been hitting the side missions as the calls come in, then you should only be shy one more bag of litter. The bag of litter should be sitting on a shelf inside the first room. You’ll need to take out a couple of large cockroaches, but other than that it’s pretty easy to get to.

Once you have all the litter, you need to head back to main base and talk to Lt. Woodson so he can upgrade your rad suit. If you’re having problems finding the necessary amount of cat litter, check the small towns and settlements in the Los Angeles area again just to make sure you didn’t miss any. Now that you’ve turned the litter in, you’ll have to wait a little bit before you can move on. We suggest checking out any areas you haven’t already explored, and taking a visit back to Salt Lake Park to grab any ammo you might need, as well as check out any side quests you haven’t already completed.

Side Quest: Let Angel Oracle Know Rodia is Ready to Trade

Once you’ve saved the town of Rodia, the mayor will ask you to let Angel Oracle know that they are ready to trade again. To complete this mission, you’ll need to travel to the Oracle and talk with Mr. Manners. Choose the appropriate conversation cue and then you’ll be asked to return to Rodia and let them know that everything is set. Simply head back to the small town and speak with the mayor again to complete the quest and gain some extra scrap.

Side Quest: Saved the Kidnapped Teenagers

This is a side quest you’ll receive via radio transmission. Once you receive it, head towards the indicated X on your World Map. This mission is semi-time sensitive, as you can’t just wait around or the teenagers will be killed. Head forward from the entrance and instantly aim and attack one of the priests. Take them down and the leader of the teenagers will give you some background about the God’s militia, as well as mark Hollywood on your map if you haven’t already had it marked for you.

Side Quest: Defeat Large Synth Attacking Ingleton.

Once you get this side mission, head towards the Ingleton marker on your World Map. Enter the area and talk with the gentleman standing with the woman near the entrance. He’ll tell you that the synth is in the back of the area. Quickly head forward, but make sure your team is healed up. This isn’t a normal robot attack, and you’ll quickly see what we mean when the 3000 HP Scorpitron comes barreling out of a falling building. Carefully take him down. His bullets pack quite a punch, and he shoots minions every few turns or so. Once he’s down, feel free to explore the area. By the time you finish up with this, Lt. Woodson should give you a call and let you know the rad suits are ready to go. Head back towards base camp and pick up your new rad suits.

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