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Wasteland 2 Guide: Attach Repeater Unit to Radio Tower

by Prima Games Staff

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Warning: This walkthrough covers Highpool if you choose to save the AG Center first. If you chose to go to Highpool first, you can find that walkthrough here.

Now that we’ve taken care of things in AG Center, let’s go ahead and head towards Highpool in the world map. We suggest investigating any traders you might come across, just in case they have some nice gear you want to grab. 

Highpool Destroyed

After entering the Highpool area, follow the path with the railroad tracks until you come to the busted up car. There are a few lizard enemies around, so get your team into positions and take them down. 

With the enemies dead, head north up to the fence. Watch out for the traps on the ground here, and use Perception to find them and then Demolitions to disarm them. With the way cleared forward, use Brute Force or attack the fence to get inside the perimeter.

Inside you’ll find a group of Wreckers. Set up your team’s position as best you can without alerting them, and then take them out to clear the area. Make sure to heal your party before fighting the Wreckers if you took any damage from land mines on the way in.

Now that the area is cleared, head up the path, keeping an eye out for landmines as you go. Head through the break in the fence and to the gate in the northern corner. You’ll need to use Perception on it to see that it is trapped, then disarm the trap with Demolitions. Now open the gate using Lockpicking and check for traps inside before grabbing the box. Now head southwest, past the rickety car and towards the dead bodies to engage another group of Wreckers and clear them out. There’s another group of Wreckers just southward from here, but ignore them for now and head inside the half-opened doors these enemies were guarding.

Grab the chest inside and continue through the house to listen to Sean, the leader of Highpool, talking with Jackhammer, the leader of the Wreckers. Take out Jackhammer and her crew, then talk with Sean until he tells you about the Wreckers going back to their camp. Choose the “Camp” conversation cue to grab a side quest, then finish chatting with him and head back out the house.

Now head up the northern path between the two burning cars to gain access to the actual city. Continue past the abandoned guardhouse, take down the Gila lizards in the way and head up the hill to come to the radio tower area. Take down the three enemies around a chest. Once they are down, grab the loot in the chests, making sure to check for traps first, then examine the now broken radio tower to call in to Ranger HQ for further orders.

Your new orders are to find a town called Damonta, which is located somewhere east of the old prison that the Rangers once used as their HQ. Make sure you have all the loot in this area that you want, and then head back out to the world map.

Side Quest: Bring Ace’s Star Home

Now that we’ve completed the AG Center and Highpool, we have access to the Ranger Citadel. Before we go any further, let’s go ahead and take care of a couple of side quests that we’ve had since the start of the game, as well as the mission we just picked up to take on the Wrecking Crew.

Firstly, head back to the Citadel, talk with the soldier in front of it to gain access and then head inside. Chat with the Hunter Captain inside to learn that his team is “Special ops,” and it sounds like we probably don’t want to mess with them. After finishing that conversation, head to the right of the large elevator doors in the middle of the center room. 

Talk with the man named Flintlock and ask him if there is anything you can do to help him out. He’ll ask you to keep an eye out for interesting stuff while traveling the Wastelands. Mention Ace’s Star and that it should be kept in the museum to finish up this quest.

Side Quest: Investigate Strange Metal Leg

After turning in Ace’s Star to Flintlock, you’ll need to head over and chat with Captain Mercaptain to obtain your reward. It just so happens this is also the person you need to speak with about the metal synth leg you found while investigating Ace’s death at the radio tower.

Head into the northwestern side of the Citadel interior. You’ll find Captain Mercaptain inside the little room to the right. She’ll thank you for the leg and open up her Requisition shop to you, as well as mention the rewards you already have waiting. If you’ve followed this walkthrough, you should have two items waiting for you. Take your pick of the items and enjoy picking up some decent gear for a cheap price.

As you walk away from Mercaptain, another Ranger named Robert Bowling will call to you. If you talk to him, he’ll offer to sell you quality weapons at a great price. Do not purchase any weapons from him. Although the damage may look nice, these weapons have a 95 percent chance to jam. Chat with him enough and you can acquire another side quest to travel to Rail Nomads Camp and take a letter to his sister, Katy. Accept the quest to add to your Logbook and head back out the Citadel.

Side Area: Mysterious Shrine

If you used your Kiss Ass skill to convince the raiders around the Radio Tower in your first mission, you should have gained access to a marker on your map that is written down as “Mysterious Shrine.” Since this one is pretty close to the Ranger Citadel, let’s go ahead and take a peek and see what we can find.

Head out of the Citadel and into the World Map and head north towards the X that is marked on your map. Enter the area and interact with the shrine to receive inspiration. We also found a dig site along the path with a weapon and other various items inside, so dig that up with your shovel before exiting the area to continue your journey.

Side Quest: Find the Wrecking Crew Stronghold and Wipe Them Out.

Now that you’ve had a chance to properly equip yourself, it’s time to get a little revenge for the destruction of Highpool. Head just southeast of the AG Center towards the marker that Sean gave you earlier. 

Once you enter the Wrecking Crew stronghold, head forward and prepare to take the Wreckers on. We Suggest placing a sniper on the hill where our party is in the screenshot above, and then sending the rest of your group in to finish off the enemies in the lower central area to complete this side quest.

After taking down the enemies, grab their loot, making sure to hit the safe in the back of the area, as well as grabbing the extra skill point from the statue nearby. With everything in the area cleared, it’s time to head back out into the world map to continue on your way. 

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