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Wasteland 2 Guide: Add Serum to Reservoir, Attach Repeater Unit to Radio Dish

by Prima Games Staff

Continue your journey with Prima’s free Wasteland 2 Guide and Walkthrough.

After entering the main lobby of the AG Center, take the center corridor located north of the entrance. Be careful for any pods that might still be around, and take them out carefully from a distance to avoid damage and infection. Travel all the way down the hallway until you come to the entrance of the Central Basement. 

Central Basement

Once you’re in the basement, if you have a Ranger with the Computer Science skill, you’ll need to use it on the large computer on the side of the wall. If your skill is high enough, you should be able to open all of the airlocks at once. If you do not have someone with high enough Computer Science, you’ll need to do things one at a time, stopping at the computer after each section to open the next airlock.

Go ahead and open the eastern airlock. Don’t run down the tunnel quite yet, as there is still a bit of poison gas leftover in the system. First you’ll need to send someone with the Lockpicking skill to open the first door on the right (when your camera is angled looking directly down the hall). If you do not have anyone with Lockpicking, then send Angela Deth and use Brute Force on the door until it opens. This character will take damage, so make sure to send any Pain Relievers or Bandages you can with them in order to minimize death. Make sure you press SPACE to switch to Solo mode, otherwise your entire team will get pulled into the poison cloud.

With the door open, head inside. Click the last switch on the wall, closest to the closed door at the end. Ignore the other switches for now. Once the single fan running shuts off, send Angela or another character with Brute Force down the tunnel. They will take damage from the poison, but should be fine if you’ve leveled them, or give them Pain Relievers. Use Brute Force on the door that is open in order to bash it closed. With that taken care of, head back down the tunnel and into the room with fan switches once more. This time, select every one of them and continue through the now open door at the end. 

You aren’t ready to turn on all of the fans yet. Go ahead and continue down the hallway, around the corner and to the closed door further down. Open the door and use a weapon of some sort to break the vines on the last fan. Now turn on the remaining fans to clear the eastern tunnel.

Before continuing through the tunnel, make sure to explore the room directly across the hall from the fan switch room. There are enemies inside, so you’ll need to take them out before looting up. Be careful, as there are several traps on the boxes here, but you can disarm them if one of your characters has any points in the Demolitions skill.

After looting the room, continue down the eastern tunnel with your entire party, around the corner and to the end where you’ll find a ladder to the Eastern Fields. Click it to continue up.

Eastern Fields

Now that you’re in the eastern fields, it’s time to really get on the ball. This area is crawling with enemies and pods, so watch your step. Head out of the building you start in. Getting into an encounter with the enemies to the right isn’t a bad idea. Make sure to take up good positions before doing so, as you’ll want to minimize their chance of reaching you. With those enemies down, turn back north and take out the pods in your way. Travel down the path, past the beaten up car and up the wooden ramp ahead. There is a researcher here, and you can save him/her if you use your Outdoorsman or Surgeon skill to cut them free. If you Critically Fail or talk to the Researcher without helping, they will die.

Head back down the other side of the wooden platform. You’ll see a person trapped inside a fence on the other side. Engage the enemies below to free Dr. Larsen’s assistant, Ryan. Talk to him to learn that Doctor Larsen went to help turn off the irrigation valves earlier. Finish the conversation and head back out  through the gate.

If you head slightly northwest of Ryan, you’ll come across a few boxes in the corner. Kill the enemies guarding them and then use Perception on them to make sure there aren’t any traps. Open any that you can and then head back down to where you spoke with Ryan.

Now follow the path east, through the fences until you come across a small cow field where giant rabbits are running wild and killing all the cows. Wait until after the scene is over and attack the rabbits. Finish killing them and grab anything extra that you can carry from the dead bodies before continuing forward through the cow field.

Cross through the small pen of dead pigs until you see a small building with a dead guy on the porch with something unreadable written in blood. Use Perception on him to learn that he was shot to death. Check the box to the right of the body for traps and grab anything inside you might need before continuing inside the building.

Inside the building, you’ll find Doctor Larsen laying on the ground, surrounded by mutated wildlife. Defeat the enemies and Rose will ask how all these people died. If you used Perception on the body outside, you already know he was killed by gunshot wounds. Go ahead and use Perception on the others to discover they also were shot to death. 

Now that you know how these people died, go ahead and make sure your party is at full health before talking to Dr. Larsen. Ask Dr. Larsen about the gunshot wounds and he will explain that he killed them because he was trying to destroy AG Center. End the conversation to trigger a fight.

Dr. Larsen has quite a few action points, so it is very vital that your party is at full health when you start the battle to minimize the chance of anyone reaching the point of bleeding out. After you defeat him, Kathy will update and tell you to close the valve in this room and continue on to the western fields. Interact with the valve to shut it off and then head back to the Central Basement.

Side Quest: Find Serum to Complete Cure

Talk to Kathy in the lab to find out that she needs a serum from the mushroom cave in the Central Basement so she can complete the cure. Head back down to the Central Basement and open the Airlock (if you haven’t already opened them all with Computer Science) to the Fungal Mushroom Cave. Head inside after checking your party’s health and take out the enemies inside. Be careful! Attacking one enemy will pull every enemy inside the immediate area into the fight, so make sure you have plenty of ammo and health to take care of them.

After clearing the enemies, head along the eastern wall of the cave where you entered to find a small door into a storage room. Inside you’ll find two bodies, one of which has an energy rifle next to it. If you have anyone specialized in energy weapons, grab and equip it if it is more powerful than what you’ve found so far. Interact with the closed door to start a conversation with a very drunk and upset man, Skinner.

Tell him you’re the Rangers and he’ll let you in. Head inside and talk to him to find out a little more information concerning the breakout. At the end of the conversation he’ll ask to join you. We’re happy to have a helping hand, so we accepted. Lockpick or Brute Force the door at the back of the room to get into a storage area with some extra chests. Grab the Fungicide before leaving and head back up to Kathy to turn it in. Once you turn it in, Matt will give you the key to his office, the first door on the left when traveling down the eastern hallway. If you haven’t already looted it, go ahead and grab it before continuing back to the Central Basement to finish turning off the irrigation.

Central Basement – Headed to Western Fields

The western hall is flooded with poison gas just as the eastern tunnels were. This time you must direct your party into the door on the right side of the tunnel. Inside you’ll find a slew of dead bodies. Use someone with Computer Science to open the safe at the back of the room. 

Next you’re going to need to send a single party member back out into the poison gas. We suggest going ahead and using someone with Computer Science if you can, as they will be able to reactivate the robot beyond and clear the vines blocking your way. If you do not have anyone with Computer Science, you’ll need to use Brute Force or attack the cracked wall beyond the locked door. 

NOTE: If you haven’t found the western maintenance keycard, we suggest back tracking to the main entrance of the Central Basement and looting the safe and box located in the corners. You should find the card in one of them.

USED FORCE: If you use Brute Force or attacks to break down the cracked wall, you’ll need to clear the enemies inside the cave. Defeat them by pulling your whole party inside and then break down the other cracked wall, switch the fan on to drain the poison and then run to the ladder that leads to the west fields. 

USED COMPUTER SCIENCE: If you chose to use a party member with Computer Science, you’ll simply need to reactivate the robot and then send your party running through the poison gas to the end where they can flip the fan switch to disperse the poison, and climb the ladder that leads to the western fields.

Western Fields

Once you enter the western fields, Kathy will tell you a little bit about it. Listen to her, then chop the vines off the door and continue outside. You’ll be shown a short cut scene of a man shooting rabbits. Once you regain control of your party, head towards him and interact to start a conversation. Ask him where the irrigation controls are and he’ll tell you to look in a building on the east side of the fields. There’s only one problem, though, you’ll need to find some spare parts if you’re going to shut it down without completely destroying it. Since Kathy Lawson asked us not to destroy it, let’s go ahead and start looking around for those spare parts. After you say goodbye, he’ll decide he needs to come along with you to protect Rose.

Before going any further, check your Rangers. It’s important to keep an eye on their experience bars as well as their health. If you have any Rangers in need of leveling up, simply press the Call button on your radio to report in and grab a few extra skill points. Put them anywhere you see fit and then head down to the door just southeast of your position.

Use Brute Force or Lockpicking to open the door, then use Perception on the boxes inside to make sure they aren’t rigged with traps. Open what you can and take the items before heading back outside. Continue past the small sandbag bunker where the old man was shooting rabbits. Go ahead and unlock the next door to find the generator inside.

USE COMPUTER SCIENCE: If you chose to bring Rose along with you or have a character with high enough Computer Science skill, you can try to hack the control panel on the wall to turn off the generator. Doing this will save time exploring, but may also mean you miss out on any loot you could have found.

FIND SPARE PARTS: If you don’t have a high enough Computer Science skill, or you failed while trying to use the control panel, your only option left is to find the spare parts and fix the machine. To do this, you’ll need to head back out of the building. Move over towards the western side of the area to find two boxes. Check them for traps before opening, then move up farther into the area to enter a battle encounter with the giant rabbits. Defeat them and check the other boxes along the western fence. Now you’ll need to head back southeast to the first door you entered after picking up the old man. Inside you’ll find the Flow Regulator quest item you need to fix the generator. Once you’ve used the item on the generator it will back up and running. Now you’ll need to head back up to the main level to continue your mission.

Central Complex

Before we continue the main mission and start up the radio dish, we’re going to go ahead and complete two more of the side missions you pick up throughout the AG Center Area. 

Side Quest: Talk to Ryan in the Central Lobby

Now that we saved the center (for the most part), head down the east hallway to where the researchers fled when you saved them from the greenhouse. If you haven’t done that yet, you can do so using this part of our walkthrough. Once you interact with Ryan, you can ask him about Rachel and tell him about Dr. Larsen. If you have a high enough level of Smart Ass, you can also use a special conversation cue to tell him what to do now that Rachel is gone. He’ll ask you to leave him alone after you’ve exhausted your conversation options and that will finish that quest.

Side Quest: Add Serum to Reservoir in East Greenhouse

After talking to Ryan, head back to the lab and chat with Kathy. She’ll ask you to add the finished serum to the nutrient reservoir in the eastern greenhouse. If you agree, she’ll give you five doses of the serum, which you can use in two different ways. 

Option 1: You can use the serums on yourselves and not bother with putting it in the reservoir. 

Option 2: Use one of the serum on the reservoir and hold onto four of them in case there are other areas affected outside of AG Center.

We went with Option 2.

Head past the area where Ryan and the researchers are busy recuperating. Continue up through the airlock and along the wall until you come to the large bundles of vines blocking a doorway. Break the vines and then head into the room to find the reservoir. Open the chest and safe, then add the serum to the reservoir to complete this side quest and cure any of your infected party members

Main Quest Update: Add Repeater Unit to Radio Dish at AG Center

Head back down through the eastern hallway and past the center of the complex. Continue down the western hallway and into the west greenhouse to find the radio dish nestled in the southeastern corner of the area. Attach the Repeater Unit to the radio dish to break the vines holding it down and complete the AG Center. 

With your work here complete, it’s time to head back out into the Wasteland. Heal up your party members and head for the center of the Central Complex. Interact with the entrance to exit this area and then continue south through the exterior of the AG Center to enter the World Map.

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