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Valiant Hearts: The Great War Walkthrough Chapter 4: Wooden Crosses – Lock Combination Revealed

by Prima Games Staff

Run forward until Walt is reunited with his master from way back in chapter one. Once the reunion has been completed, follow the German soldier, delivering a note and changing out of your French uniform behind the desk.

Go downstairs and out the back door to find a pile of apples. Pick one up and go back inside. Ring the bell on the desk, and when the soldier turns, toss the apple to knock down the keys. Quickly instruct Walt to retrieve the keys as the soldier is distracted. Take the keys from the dog, head back up to the second level and unlock the door. Grab the helmet from the shelf, as well as the piece of cloth from the far right of the room.

Next up, head to the middle floor where you’ll find a locked door that requires a combination. You can find this yourself on a collectible that is in the area. It’s behind a table, so in case you’re having issues locating it, the combination is on the image above and down below.

  • 8 – 1 – 5

Once the door is open, go inside and collect your rifle and backpack, then head back downstairs and outside into the yard. Make your way to the left, avoiding the artillery strikes as you do. Climb into the back of the ambulance and continue on your way.

Move to your left until you reach a ladder. When you do, go down, turn right and take another one. This will put you on the bottom level. Send Walt over to the cart with the rope sticking out of it, instructing him to move it while you simultaneously punch the hanging hook to get it swinging. When the hook starts to swing, have Walt send it up to snag the gas mask above. Give this mask to your dog, then climb back up to the next level.

Now that Walt is protected, have him grab a gas mask for you by crawling under the debris on the left. Climb back up to the ground level, then head right and continue moving through the gas until you can zip through an opening at the bottom of the ladder. That will do it for this section.

Move a short ways forward and pull the lever to destroy the machine gun position off in the distance. Keep moving up, avoiding the machine gun fire as you go. When you reach a wheel attached to a piece of artillery, pass by it and go through the opening. Use the spotting device to pinpoint the angle that you need to aim the gun to take out the German positions.

Make your way back to the wheel that controls the gun, then adjust the aim and take out your targets using the lever just to the right. With both German positions down, it’s time to move up again.

The next part is just a whole lot of dodging and melee. Avoid the bombs and machine gun fire, using Freddie’s brute strength to power through any debris that stands in your way. Once you reach a big gun, go past it and climb down the ladder. Head all the way to your left and start punching the barrels to knock the wrench down. Use the wrench as a makeshift lever on the device to the right, pulling it before you return to the ground level.

Take control of the large piece of artillery, then fire off a random shot. The spotter in the plane will tell you what adjustments to make, so just keep making them until you finally hit your target.

Sprint forward until you are almost on top of the tank, running behind it to avoid the incoming bombs. When the tank goes down, climb over top of it and avoid the machine gun fire as you bust through a barricade. Keep dodging anything that’s fired at you until you get behind a cart. Push the cart all the way forward, then go through a door and quickly take down the German soldier to the left. With him down, use the artillery to take out the machine gun in the pillbox nearby.

Go back to your original path and head into the pillbox. Climb up the ladder and go out the door to the right. Your last order of business involves helping the Canadian soldiers raise the flag and take the hill back from the Germans.

When you get control of Karl, run into the barn, climbing the ladder to the second floor. Go to your left and crank the wheel to lower a basket, ordering Walt to jump inside. Bring Walt to the second story with you, then order him out of the basket, also taking a second to smash out that window.

Climb down to the ground level, then up another ladder. Have Walt pull the lever to deliver you to yet another area higher up in the barn. When you reach the top level, smash out the window on the right, then go down the stairs and release the coiled up ladder. Have Walt lower the carriage again, allowing you to push it over to him. Order your canine companion to jump on top, then push him across to the other side of the barn. Climb back up the ladder and tell Walt to snag the tin can from outside, then go up another level and throw it through the window to lower a bridge.

Head downstairs and across the lawn and into another barn. Run all the way through the barn and grab a brick from the ground outside. Head back in, then climb the ladder to smash out the window and clean up the air just a little bit. Next, go all the way back outside the left part of the barn and toss the brick through the window to release a little more of the gas hindering your vision.

With things cleaned up a bit, go back inside the barn and into the back room. Grab the basket from the floor and carry it back to the front room. Set it on the ground under the hook, then climb back up the ladder and pull the lever to attach the basket. Order Walt to jump into the basket, then pull the lever to raise him back up. Next, crank the wheel so Walt goes as far to the left as he can, then go back down the ladder and meet him in the back room.

Have Walt pull the lever, which will raise the floor and allow you to pass below it. Have him pull it again to lower it so you can join him on the second floor. Finally, pull the lever once to raise it again, then run across it and out the window and up the ladder.

From here, continue along the only path you can until you can’t go any further. As you try to backtrack up the ladder, the barn will collapse. Just keep moving the only way you can until you reach Karl’s family. As soon as you find them, drag your family to safety.

You should now be back in control of Emile and ready to endure another epic battle. Before you begin, go to your left and recruit three soldiers to come with you, then head right and meet up with your French commander.

Start heading to your right in what will be a very emotional yet straightforward portion of the game. Just keep moving, taking cover from the machine guns and moving up when there’s a break in the action. When one of your comrades falls, drag his body to safety, then pick up the bolt cutters and cut through the barbed wire barricade.

Continue heading to your right, digging through loose dirt and avoiding the machine gun fire that will frequently slow your progress. After smashing through a barricade, dig your way into some more loose dirt, being very careful to avoid the unexploded shells as you go. When you return to the ground level, drag the wounded soldier to safety and take cover from the intense enemy fire.

Continuing your journey, you’ll now have to take cover from the enemy machine guns using the dead bodies of your comrades. Keep using the same formula that got you here, moving up when there’s a break and ducking when you need to stay out of the way.

After you’ve avoided the machine guns, it’s time to avoid incoming bombs. This works the same way as the rest in the game, so just be sure not to get caught in the shadows. When you reach a point where you need to blow up some dynamite, wait for a break in the action and then do your duty as you’re instructed, then keep pressing forward.

When you come to some more loose ground, dig your way down and make sure to avoid the shells buried all around you. This part is a bit more challenging than it looks, but there’s no tricks except to use trial and error.

Once you emerge from the ground, use the rolling cart as cover, then jump in another one and pull the lever to get it moving. When you come to, get up and approach the commander. He’ll order his troops to move forward, but this of course will mean certain death. Before he can harm your fellow troops, hit the commander in the back with your trusty shovel to complete this section.

You’re now back in control of Anna for the home stretch of the game. Drag Karl from the rubble, then administer some first aid to try and save his life.

When you reach the hospital, continue administering first aid until you’re asked to fetch some additional medicine. Head back to your left, then up some stairs and out a door on your right. Continue to move to your right, taking another door just before a nurse standing alone in a room. You really can’t mess this up. If you go the wrong way someone will point you in the right direction.

When you have the first aid, head back to Karl’s bedside and continue to work on saving his life. This will prompt the first aid mini-game that Anna sees quite frequently, except this one is much harder. Just do your best to follow the on-screen prompts until you’ve completed the game. Congratulations, it’s all cut scenes from here.

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