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Valiant Hearts: The Great War Walkthrough Chapter 3: The Poppy Fields, Win the Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

Valiant Hearts: The Great War Free Walkthrough

As soon as you gain control, you’ll work with Karl and try to break out of a POW camp. You’ll have to move back and forth between several buildings, some at the front and others at the back. This is different from left and right.

Head to the back area of the map and into the building with the water symbol on it. Grab a lump of what looks to be coal off the floor, then go back outside and climb on the outhouses to the right. Toss the coal at the broken pipe to fix it. Next, head back inside, climb the ladder and arrange the pipes to match the image we posted above. Go back to the bottom floor and help the man take a shower, allowing you to snag his suspenders.

Head into the sausage house, go up the ladder and out the door. Wheel the bin over to your side, then set the suspenders in it. Wheel it back to the solider to get the first aid, then retrieve that for yourself.

Next up is the laundry house. Head there and lower the bucket by using the lever. Put the first aid in the bucket, then raise it up to the sick soldier above. Once he takes it, move to the right and push the cart under the furthest window, continuing to move it until all three bags of laundry have dropped. You only need the middle one, but doing this will unlock Helpful Laundryman, a trophy and achievement for pushing all the laundry bags.

Now that you have the handkerchief, head to the barracks, which is the building with a picture of a bed above the door. Once there, go all the way to the right and give the solider your latest find, prompting him to move away from the ladder. Climb up to the top level and snag the pipe  laying on the ground, then head back to the sausage house and deliver it. It would seem this gentleman has been waiting a long time for a smoke break.

Once you are alone, look up and notice a big piece of food lying on a shelf. Grab some of the debris from the floor, tossing it up and knocking the shelves down. Once you have the meat, head all the way back to where you started this chapter and put it in the dog bowl. This will allow you to enter the building nearby and snag the bolt cutters.

When you regain control, avoid the spotlights and start making your way to the right, hiding in the bush at the edge of the building. When the coast is clear, cut through the fence and make your getaway. It won’t be long before you are spotted, but there’s nothing you can do about that right now. It’s time to  switch over and do some work as Freddie.

Just as he did way back in chapter one with Emile, have Walt pull Freddie from the rubble so the two of them can get back to work. Make your way to the right, ignoring the lever until you get to Anna’s father. Walk back to the left with him, and when he places the power supply where you need it, pull the lever to turn the lights on.

Go into the next room and climb the ladder to get to the top floor. Stand on the platform that has the box of dynamite and give Walt the command to pull the lever on the first floor. As you’re moving to the left, toss the dynamite through the hole and the roof, passing it through the flame so that it blows up the wall. To see exactly where to throw, look at the picture above.

With them all down, grab the component from the ground and take it back to the tank that is in the room you originally started in. This should be enough to get it rolling, so hop in and start busting your way out of this place.

When you come to a platform with an arrow pointing to the right, get out and prepare to solve the next puzzle. Don’t bother climbing the ladder. Instead, head into the door to the left of the tank and help Anna’s father craft some items to build a gun. In fact, if you look at him, he should show you exactly what you need to make. All you have to do is turn the three wheels to duplicate what he wants, then pull the cord to the left to craft it. Check out the image above for the first item you need.

Sorry for all the images, but rather than tell you, we figured showing you what needs to be crafted was easier. If you’re stuck on how to craft the second part, look at the image just above this paragraph and you should be able to solve it without any further troubles.

With that nonsense out of the way, you have a gun. Now you just need to place it on the tank. Go back to the room where you started, then climb up the ladder and go into the office that has the cord hanging above you. When you pull the cord, it will send the gun moving across the beam. In order to attach it to the tank, you must instruct Walt to pull the lever at the proper time, making the arrow point down instead of up. When the gun is mounted on your tank, the job is complete and it’s time to move on.

The next part is actually a lot of fun. You just have to drive, shoot and bust out of this terrible place that Baron Von Dorf left you in. A good habit is to keep the gun pointed up, allowing you to lob shots high into the air where you can take out the bombers. Just be sure to keep a mindful eye on the ground where there will be some land mines.

Eventually after taking out a building, the ground will be destroyed below you. This won’t stop Freddie, however. Just blast your way out and keep heading to the left. When you are reunited with the French forces, this part is over and you’re on to the next.

You’re now in Vauquois and working with Emile and Walt. When you gain control, head in the only direction you can until you reach a ladder. Go down the ladder and continue on your way until you reach another. Climb down that ladder and go to your left and through a door. Dig through the loose dirt and pull the soldier to safety. When he drops an empty can, have Walt pick it up and bring it to you.

Now head to the right and dig through more loose dirt, making sure not to run into the ordnance buried down here. When the shells are exposed, toss the can at them to blow them up. Continue to head to your right and climb down another ladder, moving left and through a doorway. Continue left, digging through more dirt and smashing through some debris to free another French soldier.

Grab a stick of dynamite, then throw it up through the floor, passing through the flame and landing near the cart with the box on it. When the cart falls, push it under the broken ladder, using it to climb up to the level above you. To see exactly what we mean, look at the pretty picture above.

Command Walt to go through the doggy door, then go through the door on the far right. Grab another stick of dynamite and toss it through the flame to disperse the loose dirt nearby. This will allow Walt to pull the lever and change the direction of the flame, pointing it upward. Next, grab another explosive and then crank the wheel to bring the metal bucket a little closer to you. Toss a stick of dynamite through the flame, landing it in the bucket. Then, as quickly as you can, crank the wheel to deliver the live explosive to the dirt pile on the far left of the room.

With that done, go back out the door, head left and go through another door. Climb up the ladder and claim the detonator. Now backtrack through the mine to just before you saved the original soldier, using the device to detonate the dynamite placed throughout the earth. This will free yet another French soldier.

Go through the only door you can, then dig your way through some loose dirt until you find a canary and a dying miner. Dig your way right and back outside to find a German soldier hanging from a rope. Climb the nearby ladder and use the wheel to help him down, then instruct Walt to set him free. Continue to dig through the mine with your new friend, then after he helps you, return the favor by assisting him as he crosses the ravine. Continue moving with your friend until you’re all the way to a ladder that will lead you back to the French forces.

Now that you’re back to relative safety, it’s time to put Emile and Walt in harm’s way. Head right, climb down the ladder and then take the first ladder on your right. Dig through the loose dirt, then grab a bottle from the box. Stand on the platform, then look up and throw the bottle up to activate the lever, raising you to the middle level.

Dig your way to the right until you uncover a doggy door. Send Walt through the door and to the next level, having him follow you as you backtrack to the left. When you see the wrench, instruct your canine companion to pick it up and then guide him back to your location. Move all the way to the left, using the wrench to retrieve the cart full of explosives, then push it all the way to the right to complete your objective.

After a brief cut scene, things pick up with you taking control of Karl again. As soon as you can, run to your right and then into the doorway. Climb down the ladder and hide there until a French soldier has finished searching the room for you. Head back outside, then run to your right until you come up to a spotlight near a wooden bridge that points up, rather than left and right. Hide in the trees until the light isn’t in the way, then cross the bridge to the other side. Continue to the right, then cross another bridge to bring you back to your original path.

You’ll have a French soldier st anding on a rock to your right. Wait for him to turn his back, then immediately run past the opening so he doesn’t spot you. Continue on your journey until you reach  a river, standing on the platform and using the wheel to move you to the other side. Just make sure to stop and wait for the spotlights to move so you don’t get caught.


When you get to a door with a wheel next to it, keep going and climb the nearby tree to the right. Walk across the branches and climb even higher, using your melee button to knock some apples down to the ground. This will distract the search party, allowing you to descend the trees and double back to the wheel that was next to the closed door. Use the wheel to open the door, then head inside and climb the ladder to hide from the incoming patrol. Snag the bolt cutters from the floor, then crank the wheel to lower a bridge. Climb out the window, then down the ladder to return to your original path.

Use the bolt cutters to cut the fence, run to the right and duck down the ladder. When there is a break in the patrol, go back up the ladder and snag a bottle of wine from the box. Once again, go back down the ladder and make your way to the right, avoiding spotlights as you go. As soon as you get to a lantern hanging in a tree, knock it down with your bottle of wine and then sprint past as quickly as you can.

Run forward until you get to a scarecrow. Pick it up and continue to head to the right, carrying it with you as you go. When the spotlight is about to hit you, put the scarecrow down and use it for cover. Keep using this method to move forward until you reach a wagon, at which point you’ll jump up and pass through it.

Your next method of concealment is a flock of sheep. Just hide behind them, moving along as they do and making sure to avoid the spotlights. You might have to switch from one to another, but this part should be fairly easy to navigate through by now.

With no more sheep to hide behind, sprint through the darkness until you start seeing flares fired off into the night sky. Any time a flare is active, you must get behind cover. Generally you have just enough time to move from one bush to another before the next one is fired, so make sure your timing is spot on.

When you finally get through the soldiers and flares, move as quickly as you can to the right and into the building, pulling the lever to block the door. This will bring an end to the great escape.

It’s time for a little bit more tank fun with Freddie. This is almost exactly like your first experience, except that this time, you’re moving right instead of left. It’s still a good idea to keep the gun pointed up high in the sky, since the biggest threat you’ll face will be the endless bombers that attack you. There’s no magic formula. Just keep moving and shooting until you’re forced out of your tank.

When you finally get out of the armored beast, quickly go down the ladder to the right, ignoring the German soldier and snuffing out the lit fuse before the dynamite explodes. Stay underground and continue to move to the right. Snag a grenade from the box, then toss it up and knock down the crate sitting just above it. Push the crate all the way to the right, then grab another grenade and climb up onto the structure above the crate. Look up, then toss your explosive into the pillbox above to scare the German machine gunner away.

Climb back up the original ladder and get back into your tank. Bust through the pillbox and keep bringing doom to the enemy. When you encounter another tank, it’s time for one final battle with Baron Von Dorf.

This one is pretty easy. You just have to press the button indicated on-screen to give Baron Von Dorf the beating of his life and send him on into a shameful existence. When it’s all done, you’ll unlock Revenge Never Meant Happiness, a trophy and achievement for defeating Baron Von Dorf.

You’re back with Karl again, and he’s not looking so good. Head forward and take cover behind the bricks, then continue on your way, past an opening that will lead to some dogs harassing a little girl. In fact, go all the way to the right and duck in the backyard of a woman who is missing that very same little girl. Snag a wooden log from the ground, then double back and use it to distract the dogs and save the girl.

Once the French military comes looking for you, escape up the ladder and onto the roof. Climb down the next ladder, then change into the clothes behind the horse. Head back to the main path and walk to the right, ducking in an opening when another patrol goes by. After travelling just a little further you’ll meet up with Anna and hitch a ride.

When you’re back in control of Karl, head all the way to your left, into the building and up the stairs. Using the bookshelves as cover, move up and command Walt to steal some bread, then quickly change into the clothing hanging on the line. Climb the ladder to the top level, go right and out the window, then down another ladder to a waiting wheel. Use the wheel to bring another uniform to you, then change from the one you’re wearing and into that. Next up, knock the ladder down and use it to reach the ground level.

Directly in front of you will be some soldiers guarding a box of wine. Rather than grab it yourself, get Walt to do so, then return to the main path. Head right, past Anna and into the doorway just to the right. The guards should let Walt bring the bottle of wine into the building. Head upstairs to the second floor, then take the wine from Walt and knock on the door with the soldier on the other side. When he opens it, give him the wine, then command Walt to sneak through the doggy door and cause a ruckus.

When the commander comes out to clean his uniform, steal it and head outside and to the right. Grab the spare tire from the ground, taking it back to Anna who is waiting at the car. Once you attach the wheel, it’s time for a boss battle with the very angry French commander.

The first stage is simple. Wait for the two pursuing vehicles to stop firing, then toss dynamite behind you and into their tops. This will prompt the big guy to come after you. Don’t bother trying to do any damage to him. Just continue to avoid his attacks until he sends three more goons your way. Treat them the same way you did the first two, avoiding their fire until you can shut them up with some expertly thrown sticks of dynamite.

The trick here is to avoid all attacks until you spot an open hatch. When the hatches of either the goons or the big boss are open, throw dynamite to cause damage and eventually take them down. When you finally do enough damage, the fight is over and chapter 3 is complete.

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