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Until Dawn Chapter 8: 3 Hours Until Dawn

by Prima Games Staff

With just three hours until dawn, Chapter 8 picks up with Emily once again. After the opening cutscene Grab the flares and use them to light your way. Search around the area to your right. We’re unsure if you find anything interesting on the right, or if it’s even worth exploring, since we decided to go left and could not come back up. However, we can tell you that we got Emily to survive this section of the game, so if you follow our steps you should be successful as well.

Go left and drop down into the tunnels, where you will discover a Fortune Totem on the ground to the right. Be sure to review this Totem carefully, as it shows Mike choosing not to fire a gun, which is crucial for later in this chapter.

Continue down the linear path, until you are tasked with squeezing through a crack in the wall. Be prepared for a series of quick time events (QTE’s) to pop on the screen, as a frantic chase scene ensues. Successfully hit the QTE’s along the bridge, and when prompted, choose to Go Right instead of Go Left. However, you’ll end up going left anyway. When you get to the elevator, be ready to hold your controller perfectly still!

Once the elevator ride ends, get ready for another series of quick time events. At the conveyor belt, we chose to Stay On instead of Leap Off. Do your best to hit one more QTE at the end of the conveyor to ensure your survival. You’ll have a few seconds to catch your breath and just a couple QTE’s before safely escaping.

As Emily is running, the scene will shift to the lodge where you can finally regroup with the others. At the next conversation, we opted to be Confused both times rather than Concerned. When answering the door a few moments later, we decided to Suggest, not Demand.

There is a possibility of losing Chris after this next segment. In our playthrough, we end up losing Chris, due to a lack of proper inversion mechanics rather than poor judgement, which unfortunately happened to us earlier as well. Hopefully you can aim without issue.

As you follow the stranger out into the perilous wilderness, carefully note the details he mentions pertaining to the Wendigo. These details will aid you in the events to come. For example, you can slow down a Wendigo with a shotgun, but cannot kill them with it. Actually, you should avoid killing them if at all possible, but should opt to burn them with fire when necessary. Also, it is very important to note that they are sensitive to motion, and thus can’t see you if you don’t move.

Go with the stranger to the shed and back out again. You must carefully follow what he says. When he tells you not to move, you must keep your controller perfectly still. We messed this part up at the last second, and soon afterward the stranger gets killed. However, it’s unclear if this was the direct result of our mishap or not, though there’s a chance it was.

When you regain control of Chris, you will have to fend off a series of Wendigo attacks. When they pounce on you, aim and fire your shotgun at them. As was mentioned earlier, this won’t kill them but it does slow them down. You must successfully shoot each Wendigo to ensure Chris survives. Unfortunately, we slipped up on the last shot, leading to Chris’ demise. If you are used to non-inversion, then you will likely not have the same trouble. Also, from a trusted source we know that in order to save Chris, you will have needed to have done everything you could to save Ashley throughout the game, or else she will not open the door for you at the end of this scene, leaving you to out to die. If you have saved Ashley whenever possible and nailed all the quick time events, Chris should be fine. Well, relatively fine.

Tensions rise as the remaining group members gather in the basement. As Mike, decide whether or not to shoot Emily. If you want to save Emily, then the choice is pretty clear. Also, you probably remember that Totem from earlier where Mike lowered his gun. Resist the temptation, as you will soon find out that shooting her is unnecessary.

You will receive the Journal clue as you gain control of Ashley. Study the information on the Wendigo throughout the notebook. As you flip through the sections, it reveals that Emily was in fact not at risk via being bitten. When prompted, choose to Reassure instead of Conceal, as this seems to have a fairly positive outcome.

The chapter concludes with the infamous Dr. Hill. During the session, we opted to say I’m So Sorry instead of It Was Just a Game, wrapping up Chapter 8.

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