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Until Dawn Chapter 7: 4 Hours Until Dawn

by Prima Games Staff

Until Dawn Chapter 7 opens with Sam crawling through the basement ventilation shaft just fours hours before dawn. After getting out of the ventilation make your way to the nearby desk where you will find a Psychiatric Report inside. Read it carefully if you want a better understanding of the sort of mess you’re in. On a nearby shelf you should also find Josh’s Cell Phone. Slide to open and read the text message. You will also find a Remembrance Board at the far wall. We highly suggest you inspect this room thoroughly. Once you’ve done your detective work leave the room and walk until you see a door with an open slit. If you peer inside you’ll see the maniac. On a table to the left you’ll find a Voice Recording clue. Go up the stairs closest to the table.

You’ll enter an area with a couple of doors. They are all locked, but you can try opening them if you want. The only doors you can open are the large double doors with circular windows, so head on through when you’re ready. This place should look familiar to you, as it’s the same double doors Chris and Ashley went through, meaning you know what’s in the room. Yup…that Dummy in Sam’s clothes. You’ll also find a Video Camera. Oh, and Mike too.

We thought it was Curious he was here in the same room as us. The other option was to be Shocked. We weren’t though. Mike asks you to unlock the door around the corner. Once you do that a cutscene is triggered and this you’ll want to watch all the way until its abrupt end. We were actually shocked this time.

Apparently Emily is fine after falling to what we thought was her death. Relatively fine, that is. She’s hanging upside down over a void. A few successful QTE options later and she is safe and sound. Again, relatively speaking. Make your way through the mines picking up anything you may find relevant. We couldn’t find anything in our immediate area but that doesn’t mean you won’t. Deeper down we found a mine cart. Interact with it and it will slide down the tracks and break through a large wooden door. Near the crash you may as well try the elevator, but when we tried it the power was off. Search around the area for a way to turn on the power. While searching you may stumble upon a Clocking-In Machine. You will also find a ladder. Don’t go up just yet. Instead walk behind it down a small tracked path and you will find a deliciously disturbing Death Totem. Return to that ladder we mentioned and go on up if you are ready. We apologize in advance.

Turn on your cell phone light to see in the dark and make your way down the narrow corridor where you can interact with a barricade and break through into a spacious room containing a Miner’s Family Photo, a miner’s helmet, and a variety of other things. When you are done exploring start climbing your way out following some QTE prompts. Proceed along the path to find a torch waiting for you near the switch that turns on the power. The elevator should work now. At the base of the stairs you’ll find a Danger Totem, and further into the cavern’s depths you’ll find Beth’s Cross. You’ll also stumble upon another important clue that belongs to Beth.

Unlock the nearby door, find the elevator, step aboard, and ascend. At the top you will notice a stranger patrolling the mines. Stay as still as possible. In our playthrough Emily runs and the stranger begins to chase her. The chase comprises a series of QTE prompts, including an opportunity to throw your torch on a puddle of oil on the ground. We ran into a dead end and decided to Hide instead of Turn Back. Though the scene ends with the stranger finding her, the next chapter reveals that she is still alive. So hiding will benefit you if you want Emily to live.

The end of the chapter consists of an extended cutscene. We don’t want to spoil anything so we’ll just tell you what we did. We decided to Scold instead of Dismiss and then we chose to be Skeptical instead of Angry. Soon after we chose to be Aggressive instead of Defensive. Near the end we chose to Disarm instead of Hit. This concludes chapter 7.

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