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Until Dawn Chapter 6: 5 Hours Until Dawn

by Prima Games Staff

Until Dawn Chapter 6 begins where we last left Matt and Emily: at the edge of a cliff as deer strangely approach them. We stayed Calm in this situation rather than Rebuke, and highly suggest you do so too if you want to live. Matt slowly walks through the herd of deer. Again, stay calm and do not lash out. Instead, leave the deer in peace and you will get through without a scratch, triggering a Butterfly Effect.

Keep to the path together until you arrive at the fire tower. Once you get there a motion sensored light will go off. It’s bright, but it will make finding a nearby Guidance Totem easier. Now as Emily, pick it up and take note, as this totem will prove to be quite significant soon. Continue up the stairs and then the series of ladders to reach the top. Inside the fire tower you will notice a radio but ignore it for now.

First, go outside and walk along the side of the tower. You will find an emergency flare box with a flare gun inside. We chose to Give it to Matt instead of Keeping it for ourselves because of a previous Guidance Totem find which showed Emily giving the flare gun to Matt. Keep walking around the perimeter and you will find a fuse box. Turn it on. This will help with the radio. Go back inside and press the green light on the printer to get Beth’s Poster. Make your way to the locker and inside you’ll find Hannah’s Poster. Finally, turn on the radio. A voice comes over the radio saying, “ranger service for Blackwood County, over.” Emily asks for help but the signal is weak. We chose to Comply and Inform rather than Persist.

An intense cutscene ensues with some very important QTE’s. We don’t want to spoil these events but we’ll tell you we chose, as Matt, to be Supportive and not Suspicious. Then we chose to be Sarcastic because, let’s face it, who could actually be Concerned with Emily? After these decisions you are given the option multiple times to Jump to Safety or Save Emily. We opted to save Emily both times. This triggered a Butterfly Effect.

Remember that flare gun we told you to give to Matt? Now it will come in handy. Sit up and pay close attention with bated breath. Once the on screen target appears move your cursor over it and shoot, otherwise you will watch Matt suffer a gruesome death. You must successfully hit this QTE and shoot the target in order for Matt to survive.

When the screaming and chaos is all over, we are back at the lodge with some old friends: Ashley and Chris. For this segment you will play as Ashley. Simply follow Chris to the lower levels. You’ll pass through the Cinema Room and once you do the door will shut behind you. If you try opening the door in front of you it will be forced shut in your face. The door to the left, as a consequence, will open up as if by a ghost. In fact this is exactly what Ashley thinks she sees once she goes through the door. Chris is skeptical and as a response you can either Insist you saw a ghost of Concede that you are unsure of your own observations. We chose to Insist because it really did look like a ghost, and this is a horror game. Our intuitions seem to be paying off, because things started getting really weird.

Once you enter the creepy room down the dank staircase you will see, to your left, an equally creepy dollhouse. To open the dollhouse you will need a key. While looking for the key feel free to look around the place. You will see the effects of Sam’s decisions when she was chased through here. You should find the key hanging on a left wall at the end of one of the hallways. The “ghost” appears again and this time Chris sees it. Follow it. It leads you back the dollhouse. Now that you have the key go ahead a peak inside. You will find some interesting things, one of them being Hannah’s Diary.

Proceed. Once you are in control of Ashley again, go investigate the noise you heard. In the room down the hall where you found the dollhouse key go through the door on the right. In the room to your right you will find a Hidden Camera between two boxes. In the same room you will find a Lightbulb Catalogue and a very useful pair of scissors. They are so useful they trigger a Butterfly Effect. As Chris continues to make intelligent decisions by steadily walking further and further into a haunted lodge, Ashley stops him and they converse. As Ashley we decided to be Sympathetic instead of Dismissive. Once the conversation ends continue down the hallway and through the doorway to the left. You should come to a room with a some broken pillars. In the corner of the room you will find a package full of Faked Newspapers. Weird.

Proceed past the room and down the stairs. Before you can go down though Ashley stops and tells Chris she has had enough. We decided to be Courageous instead of Reluctant for the sake of potentially finding Sam. If you do the same you will eventually find Batteries and Timers clues further down the hall. You will also find some Photos of Friends on a wall. In the same room with the photos you will see a closed door to the left and a hallway to the right. Go through the closed door to trigger a cutscene. We chose to be Apologetic instead of Unrepentant.

After the cutscene go back from where you came and go down the hallway to the right (right of camera angle). You will arrive at an extremely heavy door, one which Chris struggles to open. Ashley sees something and you must choose to either Follow Chris or Investigate Movement. We weren’t willing to take any chances so we squeezed through the door and continued looking for Sam. Look around the room for anything you might find interesting before you enter the double doors further down. Once you enter those double doors you will immediately see another pair of double doors with circled windows on each. Look around some more and when you’re ready (you really need to be ready) go ahead and walk through those doors of doom.

Inside you will see someone sitting on in a chair, back turned. Probably expecting to see a face taken right out of The Ring, Chris and Ashley spin the chair around and discover it to be a dummy dressed in Sam’s clothes. Chris and Ashley are confused at why someone would dress a dummy in….holy crap, lookout behind you Chris!

A cutscene occurs with some important QTE decisions. Use those scissors you found. Seriously…use them. We instinctively used them and didn’t miss, so we don’t know exactly what would have happened if you missed or didn’t have the scissors in your possession.

Some intense things occur and we completely understand if you quickly make decisions in the spur of the moment. But, we advise you to stay calm and look at your previous Guidance Totems, especially the one where Chris sets a gun down on the table. We decided to follow the guidance of fate and let the timer run down.

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