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Until Dawn Chapter 3: 8 Hours Until Dawn

by Prima Games Staff

In Chapter 3 we join Josh, Ashley, and Chris for a spiritual session on Josh’s newly uncovered Ouija board. After the initial cutscene, you must choose whether Ashley should be Serious or Flippant. We decided to approach the situation seriously. A few moments later, we had Ashley Clarify rather than Probe.

As the tension escalates, we had Ashley ask if they were speaking with Hannah or Beth. Soon after, we chose to Apologize rather than Probe, hoping to ease the conversation. The choice to Probe or Clarify appeared once again, and this time we chose to probe for more information. After some brief dialogue, this scene concludes. Keep in mind that choosing different options from us may alter the series of events in your version of the story.

The scene now shifts back to Mike, who is outside in the bitter cold. Ahead on the path to the left, you’ll find an old, broken down truck. Stop to investigate the truck, then continue down the path. After another quick cutscene, we chose to be Witty instead of Grumpy, because Mike is just such a chill guy in these kind of situations.

Soon after, use that handy flashlight of yours to find a Guidance Totem at the base of a tree nearby. Be sure to get a good look at the prophesy, as Guidance Totems are meant to assist with your decisions later on. Also remember that you can review your discovered Totems in the menu by pressing R1.

Head to the right of the Totem to cross a bridge. As you walk down the path, prepare for a brief QTE. Continue along the snowy path until you discover a dilapidated shack. Jess makes a quip about the cabin, but don’t worry, this is not the cabin you’re looking for. Take a minute to snoop about the shack, and you’ll find an Old Mask clue near the righthand wall as you enter the front door. This triggers an opportunity to either Scare Jess or Show her the mask, whereby we chose the latter. It seemed like we had enough prank scares for one evening.

Keep walking forward along the snow covered path until you stumble upon a wounded deer. You must choose to either Kill Deer or Comfort Deer. Sticking with the general trend not to harm wildlife throughout our playthrough, so we chose to comfort the deer, although in hindsight putting the deer out of its misery may have been suitable given the circumstances.

Just as fair warning, the events following the deer encounter led to a somewhat unwanted outcome for us. We end up losing a character, and it is unclear if it was due to our actions up to this point. We’ll explain how we handled the situation, but if you feel that you should do things differently to get a desired outcome, just be aware that your experience may greatly differ in the following chapters.

Soon after the deer encounter, there will be a series of QTE’s as you quickly make your way down the path. You must choose to either Risk Shortcut or Follow Path. We chose to stay on the path, and soon after we chose to Help Jessica and not Grab Key. So far, so good. However, it’s hard to say whether these choices led to our negative outcome or not.

As Mike, search the cabin for a way to light a fire. We lit the lantern near the fireplace, and attempted to use the fuse box over by the refrigerator. On a table behind the couch where Jess is sitting, look for a small box of matches that can be used for a fire later. There is also a rifle in a case next to the cabin door. Upon taking the rifle out of the case, we opted to Show Jessica the rifle rather than Scare her with it. Gun safety is important! After Mike flaunts the gun around a bit, head to the fireplace to start the fire.

With the fire going, Mike attempts to make his move on Jess. Rather than Reassure her, we chose to Seduce her, which may have been our folly. In hindsight, it was probably better to reassure her, but feel free to handle the situation how you wish. As requested, Mike proceeds to close the shutters, and continues the conversation with Jess. This time, we chose to Reassure her instead of being Dismissive.

Head down the hall and you’ll find another clue. This time it’s a Tennis Photo from not too long ago. Make your way into the bedroom and locate a chest under the window that contains a folded blanket. Opening the chest triggers a cutscene, so if you plan on looking around the room, be sure to do so before opening the chest. After this cutscene, head back down the hallway to get Jess’ cell phone off the floor. One more cutscene plays out, and then shifts back to the lodge.

The scene now picks up where we left off with Ashley and Chris. As Ashley, head down the stairs with Chris and make your way to the library. Keep an eye out on the ground to discover another clue, in the form of a Light from Below, glowing from one of the floor vents. Continue through the library entrance, and explore the room until a cutscene is triggered. Pushing the button seemed to be the only interactive element in the room at this point, so go ahead and press it.

From here, the character control transitions from Ashley to Chris, as he enters the new room. There’s a clue to the left in the form of a Portrait Photo. Be sure to turn the letter over to discover the Threatening Letter as well. We decided to be Honest with Ashley about what you found, rather than be Protective of her. The choice is yours.

Head back out of the library to the room where you found the light through the floor vent. A door on the right that was previously locked is now open, so take a deep breath and head on through. Walk to the end of the hallway until you reach another closed door. Turn to the left and examine a letter on the table. Be sure to turn the letter over, thus adding the Native American Letter to your inventory of clues. Now go through the closed door, as this leads back to the main foyer. After a brief cutscene occurs, control Chris and follow the screen prompts to try and break down the door. The mystery intensifies as this last scene unfolds.

Of course, prepare for yet another bizarre therapy session with Dr. Hill. Do your best to answer his questions honestly, as Chapter 3 concludes.

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