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Until Dawn Chapter 2: 9 Hours Until Dawn

by Prima Games Staff

Chapter 2 starts with a brief bio of Hannah and Beth’s complex, loving, and thoughtful brother Josh. After a brief conversation between Josh, Chris, and the rest of the group, you are given control of Chris. Make your way up the stairs of the lodge to speak with Josh. Here you’ll be given two choices: to Gossip about Matt and Emily or address our concerns via a Worry option. We chose to Worry. After realizing the door of the lodge was locked Chris walks down the stairs where Ashley meets with him. During this conversation we chose Confident. Once in control of Chris, take a stroll downward where you can find a Guidance Totem lying in the snow.

As Chris, we made our way further down the path, Josh following closely behind. Sam is standing by a gate peering out into the darkness. We conversed with her, without any choices available, and then afterwards conversed with Matt. We could have been Nosy but chose otherwise, opting to be Friendly with him instead.

After finishing talking with both Sam and Matt, make your way back up the path where Ashley sits silently at the foot of the stairs. Continue on to the right. Shortly after Josh makes a few comments about Ashley. He expects us to Agree with him, but we chose to tell him to “cut it out” in Protest instead. Josh continues to speak, expecting you to agree with him again. We decided to Agree instead of Disagree this time.

Continue the snowy trek around the lodge, where you may notice a green box sitting against the wall of the lodge. There is also an axe in the case on the left that you may want to examine first before interacting with the box. With Josh’s help, move the box right under one of the windows, open it, and crawl through. Chris manages to make it through the window, albeit with a bit of a rough landing. Once Chris gets back on his feet Josh informs him he has some things to sort out, and eventually leaves Chris to wander the house in the darkness. Browse the garage to your heart’s content, but keep an eye out for a Loss Totem next to a bike.

There are two doors to the far left of the room. We first went through the left door and suggest you do the same, as you will find a Newspaper Fragment sitting on a shelf next to some snowboarding boots. This fragment will prove to be useful later on, so prioritize picking it up at this stage of your journey.

Now head back into the garage and go through the door on the right. Make your way down the corridor and into the next room, noting the Family Portrait on the wall. Through the foyer, you can interact with Sam, who’s stuck in the cold outside.

Head to the first floor of the lodge, and to the right of the double doors where you can find a Prom Night Photo. As you continue exploring, you may find the Cinema Room as well as a Beach Photo of Hannah, Beth and Josh.

Head back to the first floor and up another set of steps on the left. Walk to the left and make your way to the far left end near the balcony to discover a Film Trophy clue. Set it down and then notice a door immediately to Chris’ left (right from the camera’s perspective), that has a bull skull hanging above it. Head left through it into the room down the hall. This eventually leads to another door. Open it to discover a bathroom, and notice the glint of light on one of the lower cupboards. We opened it; you should too.

After a cutscene occurs, Chris finds a way to open the front door to let everyone in. Matt then becomes confrontational with Mike. Prepare to briefly take control of Matt, and choose to either Challenge Mike or Warn him. We decided to Challenge him. Things start to get heated so we immediately Apologize instead of admitting any Distrust. This didn’t abate the tension in the room though. Once Emily strolls in, insults start to fly, as Emily and Jess start arguing. We decided to Defuse the situation twice. We had the option to Provoke but found it unwise given the situation. However, feel free to choose any option. Just prepare to face any potential consequences of your actions later on. After we attempted to defuse the situation ourselves, Josh stepped in and tactfully pacified the situation.

After a brief conversation between Mike, Jess, and Josh you are given control over Mike. Make your way down the stairs and away from lodge. Keep to the snowy path until you run into a gate. We didn’t go through the gate though. Instead, head to the right towards a shed containing the generator. Remember, that flashlight isn’t just for looks. Use your flashlight to search the ground and find a Danger Totem to the left of the door. After, go into the shed and turn on the generator by following the prompts. Go back to the gate and try opening it. Press the green button and Kazam! the gate opens. Continue to walk along the path and make your way up a relatively steep incline until Jess gets distracted by leftover police tape tied to a tree. Jess becomes creeped out and we opted to Ask rather than be Respectful.

Progress down the path until you reach a mine. Jess falls down into the mine and, as Mike, we decided to be Cautious instead of Heroic, then when Jess proved not to be able to move the mining cart we decided to give some Helpful advice instead of Insisting her to try again. Jess still wasn’t having any of it so we decided to be Heroic and jumped down to help her push the minecart out of the way.

We suggest you explore the mine as best you can to ensure you find anything relevant to the story. Up the stairs to the right, you check for an alleged ‘Native American’ Mystical Symbol, and a Cigar Stub near some candles. Keep to the path and you’ll find a Mine Danger Map on a table to the right. Because of how dangerous this place was we decided to find the shortest way out, which was simply straight ahead of the map. Speaking of which, looking at the Mine Danger Map suggested that further exploration may have led to other explorable areas, but also may have proven fatal. Do what you will, but proceed with caution. As for us, and the sake of our underwear, we wanted to stay clear from spooky territory.

Exit the mine to continue on our “sexcapade” with Jess. Turn to the right and walked up the stairs with the ‘cabin’ sign. Converse along the way until you arrive at a telescope. Look through it. We dare you. Don’t forget to check out the sign to the left. And don’t forget to use that flashlight like we said before. You should spot a gate nearby if you’re doing things correctly. Soon after we walked through the gate we ran into some wildlife, and chose to react in a Witty way instead of being Annoyed. A cutscene ensues.

Say goodbye to Mike and Jess for the time being as you are given control of Sam back at the fancy Washington Lodge. P.S. The power is still out and at this point we’re still confused on why no one is thoroughly creeped out yet. Oh, to be young and bold.

Once you are in control of Sam take a look around the bathroom (don’t worry…nothing is in the lower cupboard). Walk towards the camera and through the double door. Make your way down stairs where you’ll meet Josh and some of the gang. Chris and Ashley leave together and Josh takes you to the bottom floor. He thinks Chris and Ashley need some alone time. Two options are available: Flattering and Mocking. We went with Flattering. Josh then took Sam down to the basement where he thanked her for being at the lodge. We decided to Reassure him rather than be Uneasy about the whole situation. Watch your step as you proceed down to the boiler room, because a cutscene ensues. Just follow the prompts when they appear to get the boiler working.

Once the hot water is going you can choose to Protest or Prank after Josh Joshes you. We chose to get him back with a Prank and then Gloated instead of Insisting. Josh wasn’t impressed with us, but he suddenly became quite serious once a rhythmic gong noise continuously echoes throughout the basement. We weren’t too keen on going it alone. After all, we’re not very Heroic. We decided to be Concerned instead and go check it out with Josh. Now sit back and relax…if you can. A cutscene with a couple QTE prompts occurs.

After you get back upstairs say goodnight to Sam. Then enjoy a cutscene with Dr. Hill asking you yet another series of questions. It’s unclear how these sessions effect the game as of yet, but perhaps honesty will prove to be the best policy in the end. As always, you can answer as you wish. This concludes Chapter 2.

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