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Until Dawn Chapter 10: 1 Hour Until Dawn

by Prima Games Staff

With only one hour remaining until dawn, the final chapter kicks off with players controlling Josh, who is wandering about the mines. There is little to do here other than watch the freak show unravel. There’s a brief moment where you must punch a pig head. Yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds.

The scene will shift back to Sam and Mike as they explore the mines. Before going into the water, look around the path to the left. Discover a shallow grave containing Beth’s Watch. Backtrack toward the water, but don’t go in yet. There’s a Fortune Totem on the ground to the right of the water entrance. Pick up the Totem, then prepare to get wet.

As you control Sam, drop into the water with Mike. Wade through the water toward the left side. Missing this part risks getting Josh killed later, so if you want to keep him alive make sure to follow us here. Climb out of the water using the ledge on the left. You’ll discover a Scrawled Journal clue, which triggers a Butterfly Effect pertaining to Josh. As you flip through the journal, things start to make a lot more sense.

Drop back into the water and climb out on the other side this time. Open up a door with ‘Danger’ printed on it. Sorry in advance. What you find is nothing really life threatening, but definitely a bit unpleasant.

After the next cutscene ensues, you regain control of Josh. Walk forward along the path, following Mike. Explore a path on the left to discover a Fortune Totem. Continue following Mike back through the water room he and Sam came from, and then drop into the water with Mike. Here goes nothing!

When the cutscene ends, we regain control as sam for a bit, and must follow a series of QTE prompts to scale a wall out of the mines. As the path forks, investigate the path to the right until you reach a fallen tree, picking up the Danger Totem on the other side of the trail.

Now, head down the path to the left. Continue until you reach a small ice cold pond. Take a dip into the freezing water, and wade your way to the other side. Climb out and walk forward along the path. You’ll slip down a rock wall, leading to a brief chase scene with several QTE’s soon after. Sam should survive through this scene if you are successful, which we were.

Sam meets Mike once again at the door to the lodge. Break in, and begin heading back down to the basement. Keep descending until you eventually get interrupted by a cutscene. Note the interaction between Emily and Ashley, and then proceed to Lock the door rather than Follow Mike.

Hold still once you get upstairs. When prompted, choose to Save Mike and not Run to Switch. The general rule of thumb from here on out will be to Hide whenever you can, to ensure saving as many members of the group as possible.

Hopefully through our guide you were able to learn from our actions and mistakes in order to successfully save as many characters as possible during your playthrough.

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