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Uncharted 4 – Chapter 12: At Sea

by Prima Games Staff

In this article we cover Chapter 12: At Sea in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. One of the most important segments in this chapter is the pirate puzzle, but before we get to that you need to start the chapter off by first driving the boat between the island as you look for a tower on the east side. Anchor the boat by the shore and head toward the tower using the staircase to the left (if you docked along the inner shore).

Head up the ladder inside the tower as you continue up to the top, then climb outside the window and hang onto the ledge as you move to the left. Use the grappling hook on the beam to get over to the wooden platform, then head into the room at the top to find a chevron symbol on the far wall. Rappel down the tower, then continue to the left as you move to the beach and another symbol.

The symbol is pointing in a specific direction which you should make note of. Man the boat and head in that direction to find more symbols along the way. As the path curves to the left of the islands you’ll come to a symbol that points toward the entrance to a nearby cave. When you reach the cave you’ll find the stairs aren’t functional. There’s a large stone pillar in the middle of the water that can be used. Simply climb from ledge to ledge around the pillar until you reach the upper portion of the cave wall, then use the grappling hook to reach the wall near the stairs.

Move down to the upper section of stairs and continue toward the main gate in the middle. To the left you can climb up to the ledge above where you can clear away the debris and jump over to the left to eventually head up to the top. Move across the beam on the left and under the footbridge, then down the ladder to the left. Help Sam up the ladder, then after the bridge breaks climb up the newly formed ladder and use the long bridge to climb to the platform above.

Pick up the treasure in the archway and climb to the wooden platform above, then continue over to Sam and grapple onto the tree by the broken bridge. Hook your rope to the tree and jump over to the opposite bridge, then swing to the ledge on the pillar below so you can climb to the find where another grapple point awaits. Continue over to the adjacent ledge and climb up the pillar, then move over to the far ledge and climb up to the top to see the tower on the right.

Once again, climb to the top and head across the beam. Slide down and be ready to use your grappling hook on the pole (held by the statue). Swing over to the platform behind the statue and use the grappling hook to head down to the bottom. Continue through the archway to the right and take a closer look at the items in the next room before heading back to the middle to continue through the archway to the left.

Take up a position on the symbol found on the ground and help Sam lift the gate door, then activate the wheel in the middle as the pirate puzzle begins. If you turn the wheel the symbols rotate around the room. You need to match the symbols on the spheres with the shadows from the beams of light across three different segments of the puzzle. When you complete a segment a pirate statue appears.

Complete the puzzle and head up the stairs to pull the lever above. Climb up the ledges to the left and head down the rope to the platform below. Go back to the boat and use it to reach the shore where the Avery statue is found. Get to the top of the statue and use the telescope to conclude the chapter. From here you can move on to Marooned or head back to our Uncharted 4 walkthrough and guide.

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