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Sunset Overdrive Act 3 – Mission 8: A Hero’s Duty – Fizzco Tank Bot

by Prima Games Staff

Perhaps the reason that the last mission was so simple had something to do with the fact this one begins without a break in between. Then again, maybe we’re just over thinking it.

When this mission kicks off your first objective will be to go to the museum… quick, and when you arrive, to talk to 4Kim. Do both, then get ready for three different waves of Fizzco scum, each identifiable by a different objective. You’re going to have to defend the museum from the Fizzco Rifle Bots, then defeat the wave of Fizzco Blade Bots, and lastly, destroy the Fizzco Bomb Bots. The good news is that all of these enemies fall from the same types of weapons and attacks.

Tip: For maximum success against any Fizzco enemies, use your Freeze Bomb, then take them out with some aggressive melee action. Just remember to stay on the move the entire time.

After three intense waves of Fizzco nonsense, leave 4Kim and go to the Oxfords’ base. For this we took a ride along the tracks… you know, the same ones that you used to chase 4Kim when she was kidnapped by the Scabs. It turns out that these are the quickest way to get to your destination without having to mess with too many Fizzco scumbags.

Once you arrive at that base your first order of business will be to kill the Fizzco Rifle Bots attacking the front door. To accomplish this, hit them all with the Freeze Bomb, then follow up with the TNTeddy or some of your handy melee skills. Be aware, though, It’s not until after you eliminate that group of thugs that the real fun begins.

You’re in for another few waves of Fizzco fun, starting with your first objective, destroy the Fizzco Blade Bots. It’s the same as above, just hit them with the Freeze Bomb and then finish them off in whatever crazy way you feel like. When that’s done, destroy the Fizzco Rifle Bots, then destroy the Fizzco Bomb Bots on the rooftops. When all three waves are down you’ll be ready to begin the mission ending boss fight against the Fizzco Tank Bot.

Appropriately, your objective will be to destroy the big killer robot. For this we went back to our bread and butter, the Freeze Bomb special with a side of TNTeddy and some melee sauce. The key (other than a great offensive attack) is to never stop moving long enough for this beast to harm you, and when it finally falls you’ll simply need to speak to Sam to complete the mission.

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