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Sunset Overdrive Act 3 – Mission 2: The King’s Feast – Defend the Fargarthians

by Prima Games Staff

When the mission begins you’ll want to head outside and join the Fargarthians in the courtyard for a little motivational speech, then begin your journey with the Fargarthians towards the “Forest of Fargarthia.” We’re pretty sure that’s just a park, but… do as you’re told.

As you might expect, no trip through Sunset City is without a few encounters with the OD, so as you’re making your way along take care to protect the Fargarthians from any mutants you might run across. When they’re down, continue to follow your new friends and take a detour with the Fargarthians.

It won’t be long until your path is blocked by two angry Herkers, and as you might expect, this will prompt a new objective, help the Fargarthians slay the Cave Trolls. Call them whatever you want, but whip out your Dirty Harry and start kicking some Herker Cave Troll butt.

When that unfortunate situation is over your objective will revert back and ask you to journey with the Fargarthians towards the “Forest of Fargarthia.” In other words, keep moving in the direction of your objective marker.

This will last until you spot more OD up ahead. When you get close you’ll have to help the Fargarthians clear out the Goblins and Brigands, then (you guessed it) journey with the Fargarthians towards the “Forest of Fargarthia.”

Tip: Notice that your Fargarthian friends all have health bars. It’s essential that you protect them. When the battle in the Forest of Fargarthia (the park) begins, make sure to eliminate any OD that get close to them first.

Arriving at the park will give you a new objective, this one requiring you to listen to Chandler explain ‘Ye Olde Bark Hunt. When that’s done you’ll need to learn how to activate the catapults, then get ready for the missions main fight, which is not unlike a night defense. Oh joy.

Once the battle begins your objective will update and ask you to defend the Fargarthians at the first set of trees. Your best bet here is to hit the power lines and grind back and forth while taking out any OD with your TNTeddy. This will continue for a full two minutes, or until you fail. When the time expires your objective will update to clear the forest of Fargarthia of Goblins.

You’re in for another wave of OD attackers, and as you might expect your objective is now to defend the Fargarthians at the second set of trees. It’s more intense, but the battle will follow the same general flow as the previous one. Just grind along the power lines, taking out the Gunkers and Herkers while keeping your new friends healthy and happy. When the clock finally counts down to zero, clear the Forest of Fargarthia of Goblins and regroup with the Fargarthians to complete the mission.

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