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Sunset Overdrive Act 1 – Mission 8: Boo-Boo Roverdrive – Kitty Cannon, Cutie Kitty

by Prima Games Staff

When the mission begins you’ll be tasked with finding Margaret’s lost dog, Boo-Boo, but before you get ahead of yourself you’ll want to go to the dog park in Little Tokyo. This should be no trouble at this point in the game, so just grind and bounce your way past the OD that are almost certainly scattered throughout the streets of Sunset City.

Tip: The cables that are strewn above the dog park will provide an efficient method to slay your foes while also keeping your relatively safe.

Once you arrive your objective will update to clear OD out of the dog park. Equip the TNTeddy and use it to blast your way through the hoards of OD that are scurrying below you. This nonsense will continue for a moment before a Spawner will join the fight and complicate things. Stick to the cables, but switch to the Dirty Harry to put this freak down with minimal effort.

When the dog park is finally clear you’ll receive a new objective, this one requiring you to meet Margret’s virtual dog, Boo-Boo. Follow your on-screen instructions to complete this, then get busy trying to find a Cutie Kitty at the toy store to excite Boo-Boo. Sounds like fun.

Make your way to the objective marked on your screen to trigger a short cut scene, then get busy taking out the Scabs that are in possession of your Cutie Kitty. Remember, don’t ever stop grinding and bouncing when near these adversaries, they’re deadly shots. Still, the fight should be over fairly quickly if you whip out your TNTeddy.

Tip: We overlooked this at first, but you must get Boo-Boo to do tricks on three different play structures. Aim your Kitty Cannon at a structure and fire to pull this off.

Once you have the Cutie Kitty in your possession your objective will update and ask you to take the Cutie Kitty back to Boo-Boo at the dog park. Do this, then follow the on-screen prompts to get Boo-Boo to do tricks on 3 play structures. It’s not that hard, just aim your brand new Kitty Cannon at three different play structures and fire. This will cause Boo-Boo to do a trick.

Your next objective will be to lure Boo-Boo across the North Bridge, and doing this is actually quite simple. For the most part Boo-Boo will follow you, and if you come across any OD, Poppers, Blowers or Spawners, just aim the Kitty Cannon in their general direction and fire. This will cause Boo-Boo to attack, which is actually far more effective than your own methods of violence.

As you make your way along your objective will again update, this time asking you to lure Boo-Boo to the intersection, and when you arrive to kill Eddie’s buddies and survive the ambush. There is nothing special here, just avoid the attacks from the Scabs and use the Kitty Cannon to order Boo-Boo to return fire.

With all the Scabs down you’ll be back on the road with your robotic dog, needing to lure Boo-Boo to Sasquatch and Friends. There are an awful lot of mutants along the way, but if you stick to the power cables and use the Kitty Cannon you should have no trouble at all. Just keep grinding back and forth, ordering Boo-Boo to kill everything (besides you) that moves. When you arrive at your destination, keep getting Boo-Boo to do your dirty work and clear the OD outside of Sasquatch and Friends. When you go inside Sasquatch and Friends the mission will come to an end.

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