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Sunset Overdrive Act 1 – Mission 5: A Way Out – Scabs, Dirty Harry, Walter

by Prima Games Staff

The first objective of the mission is not only simple, but also gives you a chance to practice moving around Sunset City as you make your way to meet Walter at the overpass. There are definitely a few OD and Poppers to be found along the way, but it’s nothing that can’t be ignored with some fancy grinding.

When you finally do make it to the overpass your objective will update to help Walter fight off Scabs, and these fools are slightly more dangerous than most of what you’ve faced up to this point. In fact, if you aren’t jumping or grinding, they will end your life in a big hurry.

With that in mind, whip out your Flaming Compensator or Dirty Harry and start grinding along the lines that surround the overpass. You’ll notice some red barrels laying about, and if you’ve played even one violent video game before this you’ll know that they explode. Start off by targeting the red barrels.

Tip: If you run low on ammunition for your favorite weapon you can always drop down and pick some up. Just be careful not to be stationary for too long.

As long as your grinding along the wires while you eliminate the Scabs you shouldn’t take any damage. It might be a minute or two before they’re all dead, but the difficulty level is quite low. When the last of them have finally fallen, grab whatever goodies they’ve dropped, then do as your new objective says and talk to Walter.

Following a rather hilarious cut scene you’ll have your final objective of the mission, return to the Brewery. Find the nearest rail and start grinding, holding down the RB or Right Bumper to give yourself a bit of a speed boost.

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