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Sunset Overdrive Act 1 – Mission 4: Amptastic – Herker, Flaming Compensator

by Prima Games Staff

When the mission begins your first objective will be to turn the valve and let loose the juice. This is a simple one, only requiring you to move about four meters to complete it. At least that’s what our objective marker said.

It’s the next part that’s rather difficult, instead requiring you to protect the overcharge for just under four minutes. To do this, look out over the base and take note of the wires that you can grind on. They actually circle directly over all of your barricades and give you a superior firing position on the OD and Poppers.

With our plan firmly in our heads, we opted to start things off with the Nothin’ But The Hits weapon, grinding around the base and focusing on the OD that were trying to break through our defenses. This strategy worked, but it wasn’t long before Floyd was telling us to switch to the Flaming Compensator, a weapon that proved extremely effective at taking out large groups of OD.

After dealing with the initial onslaught from the OD and Poppers, players will get their very first look at a beast called the Herker. Once again, we decided to listen to Floyd, hitting the Herker with our Flaming Compensator to set him on fire, then switching to the Dirty Harry for big damage. It turns out that was good advice, as we soon noticed our foes health bar dwindling.

Tip: Try jumping into the air above a group of enemies, then pressing the melee button to slam into the ground for a devastating attack.

Whether the Herker falls or not, keep a close eye on the Overcharge Meter. If there are any OD or Poppers on it, run up and give them a solid melee attack, then get back to the high ground and continue fighting off the enemy waves with whatever weapon you can. If the clock runs down to zero and you still have Vats left in your Overcharge Meter, you’ll have successfully completed the mission.

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