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Sniper Elite 3 Walkthrough Mission 2: Gaberoun – Ambush and Kill the General

by Prima Games Staff

Sniper Elite 3 Free Guide and Walkthrough

The second mission in Sniper Elite 3 has players investigating General Vahlen and taking pot shots at his officers along the way.

As soon as you have control of main protagonist Karl Fairburne, sneak forward and perform a stealth takedown on the guard in front of you. Stay in this position, whipping out your binoculars and tagging the guard in the tower to the east. From here, look down towards your objective marker and tag the officer in the tent, then another guard patrolling between him and the tower.

Tip: Notice the sound coming from the device right beside you? When it’s going haywire, an icon will display on your screen that indicates any shots you take will be muffled by the sound.

Take out your M1 Garand and zoom in on the guard in the tower. Given his position, he can spot any carnage you cause and rat you out. He needs to go first. Wait for an opportunity for your shots to be muffled, then put a bullet in his head. Next, go for the roaming guard behind the tent. It’s best to drop him right here so you don’t alert the officer. When your shot is masked, go ahead and drop him with another precision shot. With him down, train your rifle on the officer. Although you could sneak down and perform a stealth takedown, there are still more soldiers in the area, so play it safe. Wait for your rifle shot to be muffled, then put a bullet in the officer’s back.

It’s time to head down and search the officer’s corpse, a habit you should get into any time you’re near a fallen foe. Before you work your way to his body, spend a moment locating two more patrolling soldiers, one in the ruins near the officer’s tent, and another who will walk right by the fire outside it. Sneak down, taking out the soldier near the fire, then the second one in the nearby ruins (also near a fire). Lastly, find a soldier sitting in a broken building on the northeast side of the road. Use your Welrod to dispatch him before going back to the tent and searching the officer for intelligence. This will complete the objective, find information about the base.

Your new primary objective is to eliminate and search key officers for intel. There are three of them in total, and while you can kill them in any order, the map isn’t as wide open as you might expect.

Follow the main road and use your binoculars to look to the northwest. You should spot a two-man patrol that will head up into the hills, also to the northwest. Continue to look around the area, including directly to the north where another bad guy is wandering around some ruins. If you look up from his position, you’ll find one more evildoer hanging out in a sniper’s nest. Tag him, then head up the path on the left side of the road to deal with the patrol.

At some point, the patrol will split up, giving you a chance to use a stealth takedown on the straggler. As soon as he’s out of commission, go deal with his buddy a bit further up the path. If you’re afraid of him turning around, just use your Welrod and shoot him in the head.

From here, you can either head up the path and take out the guy in the sniper’s nest, or sneak down and take out the guard in the ruins. You can skip the guard in the ruins, but in case things go badly, it’s best to take him out. Once he’s dealt with, head into the sniper’s nest for a stealth takedown, then bust out your binoculars and do a thorough scan of the entire area, tagging as many enemy soldiers as you can spot, including the officer inside the tent to the east.

 From this position, note that there are two paths surrounding the area. The one you took to reach your sniper’s nest, and another one to the south. You can kill the officer from here, but our guide is going to take you back to the other path in order to circumvent the bulk of the enemy forces in the area.

Tip: There isn’t anything nearby to mask your rifle shot, so make sure you only shoot once, killing the officer and then relocating by backtracking down the path you used to get here.

Keep in mind that sitting in the sniper’s nest isn’t enough, you must press either A on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One, or X on the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 to enter it. If you kill the officer from this location you’ll complete an optional objective, eliminate the officer from the sniper nest. Either way, once he drops, head back down the path, cross the road and head up the path to the south.

There will be two guards patrolling the path to the south, but they are rarely close to one another so you should be able to score two easy stealth takedowns. The second guard actually patrols around the tent the officer was in, so follow behind him and then search the officer’s body once the guard has been eliminated. This will be your first of three officers required to complete the objective, eliminate and search key officers for intel.

Exit the tent with the officer’s body and go around back to the lake. You can go into it, but you are going to move clockwise along its edge to sneak past the dead officer’s goons. If you continue to head directly north, you’ll eventually find a crawl space that will safety deliver you to the next area. Go prone and use this to approach your next target.

When you emerge from the crawl space, look left and see a stationary guard, then look in front of you to see one more that patrols on the other side of the building. Sneak left, using your Welrod to kill the guard to the left, then double back where you exited the crawl space and pick off the guard on the other side of the building. That should allow you to sneak around the area without anyone bothering you.

From where you exited the crawl space, go forward and take the path to the right, heading along it as you move toward your second officer to the northeast. Stick to the bushes, noticing that there is a guard facing the direction you approach from. Get close, then pick him off with your Welrod. As long as you kill him with a headshot, the nearby officer and his minions shouldn’t notice. Next, grab a grenade and toss it directly in front of the officer. This should net you a triple kill, leaving only one more bad guy in this area. Of course, he’ll come looking for you, but since he’s alone, you should be able to dispatch him without much trouble. With the area clear, search the officer’s body to complete part two of three in your quest to eliminate and search key officers for intel.

Tip: Sometimes when you kill multiple targets in close proximity to one another, it will be difficult to search their bodies. Just pick one up and toss it aside to make things easier on yourself.

While you could continue past the dead officer to the northeast, it’s not necessary to complete any of your primary or optional objectives, so we’re skipping it. Instead, head back the way you came, eventually hitting the road and crossing to the west side. Look up the road, taking note of the three guards on the left, two near a fire on a platform. Use your Welrod to take all three out, then head west from the fire and up onto the path. Turn left on the path (heading back toward the area with the first officer) and use a stealth takedown to kill a lone guard.

Hang out in this location, sabotaging the nearby equipment. This is a perfect place for you to complete an optional objective called searchlight disabled. Wait for the on-screen notification that your rifle shots will be masked, then take out the guard next to the spotlight to the north. Wait for another opportunity, then take out the spotlight itself. Continue aiming down scope, looking at the broken buildings below and to the left of the tower. There will be several guards in this location. Continue to time your shots and pick them off one by one. This will make it much easier as you approach the third officer.

When you can’t find anyone else to shoot (the third officer cannot be hit from here), follow the path to the northwest, using a stealth takedown to neutralize a guard at the end of the path. You’ll notice there is music playing, however we neglected to try and sabotage the box. Feel free to try it, but we’re not sure if it can be done. Either way, the previous spot we pointed out will work just fine.

Drop down into the ruins from here, using stealth takedowns to clean out any soldiers you missed with your sniper rifle. When the area is clear, head up to the rocks next to the tower that had the spotlight. From this location, the final officer should be between 30-40 meters to your northeast, pacing around a tent. There is a guard on the far side of the tent and two inside, but you shouldn’t have any trouble scoring a stealth takedown on the officer before worrying about them. Check his body to complete the search key officers for intel objective. That’s three for three.

Unfortunately, you’re not done. While perched on top of the rock, you likely received an optional objective to destroy the motorpool. Plus, as soon as you searched the body of the third officer, you were instructed to eliminate and search the final officer. First, however, take out the guard outside the tent, then head inside and neutralize the two bad guys messing around with Morse code. We suggest shooting the first in the head with your Welrod, then quickly performing a stealth takedown on the second guy.

Exit the tent and head to the east, going up a small hill to a generator. Sabotage it, then take an over watch position, tagging all the nearby guards with your binoculars. Again, wait for the generator to go haywire and the on-screen icon to tell you it’s safe to shoot, then start picking off guards isolated from their friends. Again, no shooting unless your rifle shots are masked. There aren’t many good places for you to relocate if you’re position is revealed.

Tip: Don’t just shoot the guards. Go for the vulnerable points on the trucks. It will take two shots to blow each truck up, but most of them have guards nearby.

With all of the guards killed and the five trucks destroyed, you’ll complete the destroy the motorpool optional objective. Next, head along the left side of the road as you travel east. There will be two more guards hanging out on the road near a couple of vehicles. When one comes close to you as he patrols, shoot him with your Welrod. If the other guard spots his body, wait for him to investigate and dispatch him as well. If he doesn’t notice the body, sneak forward and shoot him in the face anyway.

Sticking to the left side of the road, you’ll eventually come across some ruins with a fire burning inside. You’ll know you’re in the right place if there’s a lone guard, and you have to climb up two steps to reach the top of the platform. Of course, shoot the guard in the head with your Welrod. It’s actually much easier, since a stealth takedown is complicated by his insistence to stand next to a wall.

It’s now time to cross the road and work your way up the right side a little bit. Be very careful, there is a guard standing behind a truck, next to a dried up well. Jump into the well, then back out to score a stealth takedown on him. From his location, make sure to whip out your binoculars and tag any targets that you see up the road, including a machine gunner on the left side. Then, cross back into the grass on the right, noting and tagging a second gunner on that side as well.

Sneak up the right side, going prone behind the back tire of a truck. From here, you should be able to scoot out, hitting the machine gunner with a headshot from your Welrod. Move forward and into the gunner’s nest, then look across the road to take out his counterpart on the left side.

While you could continue to sneak up the right side, we’re going to advise that you cross the road again, this time heading into some broken buildings on the left (east) side. You’ll find two guards up here, but they are looking out over the road and should be two easy stealth takedowns for you. You’ll also notice a piece of equipment that you can sabotage, allowing you to fire from this location without being detected.

From your current position in the broken building on the east side of the road, start tagging targets and picking them off one by one. We suggest starting with the guy who hangs out in the tower, just to be sure he doesn’t spot any dead bodies from his elevated position. When most or all of the enemy forces are down, take out the officer.

Tip: Before you search the officer, take any dynamite or land mines that you have an lay it/them in the middle of the road. Your final objective will be to ambush a general, and he approaches very quickly. Preparing for his arrival ahead of time will make things easier on you.

Head down and search all the bodies, including the officer’s. This will complete your primary objective to eliminate and search the final officer, as well as give you a new one to ambush and kill the General before he leaves. Since your land mines and dynamite have already been placed on the road, backtrack to your sniper’s perch in the broken building, then wait for the half-track to approach. As soon as it’s close, shoot the dynamite to trigger an explosion and complete the ambush and kill the General before he leaves objective.

That’s pretty much it. Since you killed everyone (we mean absolutely everyone) in this area, you are free to sprint to the new marker on your screen, completing the exfiltrate undetected objective and ending the mission. This will also prompt Wonderwall to unlock, a trophy and achievement for finishing Mission 2: Gaberoun.

Sniper Elite 3 Free Guide and Walkthrough

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