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RYSE: Son of Rome Walkthrough – The Beginning

by Bryan Dawson

The Beginning
It is time to defend the palace, but first you must learn how. After the introduction cinematic, your first battle is scripted to allow you to learn the controls. Follow the on-screen instructions until the enemy is dead and you can freely move about. Clear the next few enemies until you reach the wooden platform with the dead Roman soldier. Climb up the platform and head to the left to find a body that glows green. Interact with the body to obtain a SCROLL collectible.
Continue across the bridge, taking down any Barbarians that confront you. After the bridge explodes, continue a bit further until you are required to give orders to your troops. To order the troops to fire a volley, hold LB or command them using the Kinect microphone.
After another brief cinematic, it’s time to bark out more orders. Follow the on-screen commands to order the Romans to form a line. It’s now time to man the big guns. Take control of the scorpio and mow down any barbarians attacking from the left. Hold LB again when the command appears on-screen, and aim for the glowing yellow and red objects when your men request assistance. Otherwise, take down any Barbarians that cross the path of the scorpio.
Once the scorpio sequence is complete, head up the stairs, but before you enter the palace, look to the left to find one of the VISTA shields. Grab the shield and continue into the palace. Your task is now to escort Nero! Before you follow Nero and continue through the door ahead, if you look to the left of the first door as you walk through, you’ll find a CHRONICLE.
Open the door at the end of the room, then head up the stairs on the right. Run around the corner to find a CHRONICLE to the immediate left. Continue down the hallway to find another VISTA shield at the end of the hallway on the left. Head back to the entrance of the room and go up the stairs on the opposite side. Round the corner to the right and continue to the end of the hallway to find another CHRONICLE on the right.
Head down the main set of stairs and defeat the Barbarians below to allow Nero safe passage. Continue up the next set of stairs to take on the Barbarian Warlord. He may look fearsome, but he’s easily defeated. Use B to dodge his attacks, then attack twice with X, followed by a push with Y to stun him again. Continue this cycle of two attacks, then a push until you can execute the Warlord.

Congratulations, you just completed the intro to Ryse: Son of Rome.

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