New RYSE: Son of Rome DLC

Microsoft and Crytek have released free and paid DLC for RYSE!

Microsoft and Crytek today announced the release of free and paid DLC for RYSE: Son of Rome. All of the content revolves around the multiplayer aspect of the game, in which players partake in gladiatorial combat to see who is the best Barbarian slayer.

As you take down Barbarians, the environment around you changes at random. The free content includes two new event levels that add to the random environment changes. The first is a new enemy turret that appears and showers the Gladiators with arrows until it’s destroyed. The second consists of special Reward Statues fashioned to resemble Roman deities. These statues appear from beneath the sand and grant a one-time boost to your Gladiator’s Health or Focus.

The paid content consists of two new arenas and two new skins for your Gladiator. The first of the arenas is called Henge, which entails Gladiators taking down an ancient forest shrine being held by the Barbarians. The second is Ascension, in which Gladiators must fight their way out of Hades’ Underworld lair.

The two new Gladiator skins are for the gold breast plate of Commodus, son of Nero, and the fabled Centurion armor. All of the paid DLC is available for free with the RYSE season pass, or for $3.99 if you opted not to pick up the season pass.

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