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Quantum Break Act 2: Part 2 – Ground Zero

by Bryan Dawson

This article covers Act 2: Part 2 – Ground Zero in Quantum Break. In this portion of the game you’ll have to use your time abilities to get through the drydocks, which is more like a puzzle than most of what you’ve been through thus far. This part of the game can get a bit tricky, but once you’re through it’s smooth sailing from here.

Get to Serene at the Drydocks

  • Find a way through the warehouse.
  • Clear the area of enemies.
  • Examine Will’s briefcase.
  • Find a way through the garage.
  • Clear the transformer yard of enemies.
  • Explore Will’s workshop.
  • Escape from the broken time.
  • Catch Serene.

Move the shelves to the right out of your way and continue into the next room. Circle around through the next room to the door on the far side. Take out the bevy of enemies in the next room, then shoot the crane on the far side to drop the cargo it carries.

Access the laptop to the left of the crane to find a narrative object. Stand on the wooden beams the crane was holding and use Time Rewind to get up to the second floor. Head right and use the crates to reach the upper area. Drop down the hole in the far left corner to find a Chronon Source in the room below.

Climb back out of the room and go up the ramp in the corner. Follow the narrow pathway and drop down onto the platform below. This gives you a clear path to the exit, directly ahead. Once you exit the warehouse drop down to the ground level and access the Chronon Source on top of the lighting array to the right. There’s also an anomaly near the car, examine this and the car to find a trailer note narrative object on the hood.

Access the interior of the car, then head into the nearby trailer. Move toward Will’s briefcase on the counter, then access the laptop on the opposite table and on the far right side of the room to find two more narrative objects. Head out the other door and down the stairs, then into the building to the left.

There are doors to the right that are blocked by explosive barrels on the other side. Take out your pistol and shoot the barrels through the windows at the top of the door. Make sure you’re a decent distance away so you don’t get caught up in the explosion.

Move into the next room and Time Rewind to clear a path to the stairs. Quickly head up to the second floor and up the next ladder. Head through the door and out onto the balcony to clear the enemies on the ground floor below. You can use the vertical board here for cover so you can attack from higher ground, or you can drop down and engage the enemies from the ground floor.

Once the first wave of enemies is cleared, drop down to engage the second wave, then move into the adjacent area to find even more enemies. Eventually a truck comes crashing through the gate and you no longer have to take out the enemies in the immediate area. Climb on top of the truck to move into the adjacent area and find enemies with time powers. Other than Time Dodges, you don’t have much to worry about here. Lay into each enemy with a barrage of bullets and they’ll go down with relative ease.

With the enemies down head into the tent and circle around to the left. Examine the Ground Zero caution sign on the wall before you round the corner to collect another narrative object. Use the garbage cans to climb over the fence, then remove the boards to the left of the stop sign.

Wait for a bit of talking, then head up the stairs as you continue to move through the workshop and down the next staircase. Follow your location marker (press Y) into the next room and examine the object in the dark to watch it disappear. Head up the nearby stairs and make your way outside. Continue down the hallway until you reach the next room, then examine the laptop to the right of the doorway to find another narrative object.

Head out the door and down the stairs to examine the anomaly below, then head into the adjacent building and up the stairs to the left. Kill the two enemies in the next room, then examine the laptop on the counter for another narrative object. Look at the tablet narrative object on the other table, and the book on the bed near the door for an intel object.

Move up the stairs and to the left, then into the tent ahead. Continue through the tent until you get back outside, then collect the narrative object email in the back of the van and continue into the next tent ahead.

Examine the tablet on the bench to the left and you continue to move through the tent and ready your weapons at the tables on the right. Move outside again for another short cut scene.

Meet Beth

Head through the cargo containers, then Time Rewind so you can make it through the first one. Once you’re through stop and look to the right to see the scaffolding falling down in a looping pattern. To play it safe, wait until the third fall in each cycle. At this point there’s a longer pause than normal, giving you plenty of time to make it through.

Continue around the corner and climb up the crate. Your next objective is to climb up onto the yellow container and make it through the second container on top of it. The second container gets crushed on a looping cycle. Once again, wait for the third loop, then make your way through, but stop as soon as you get to the other side.

Climb up onto the yellow tarp to the left, then head left and wait for the yellow container to move close before you jump onto it. After a brief cut scene, head right and jump onto the next yellow container, then continue through the opening to the left and drop down to the area below. Head left and climb up the yellow tarp, then jump over to the yellow container.

Move right as you continue to follow the yellow, climbing up to the containers above. When you reach the end of the yellow, jump down to the area below. If you don’t jump you will fall to your death. In this next area you need to take out the time enemies. Don’t worry too much about the falling ship, instead take down enemies as you move forward to the ammo cache near the middle of the area. Fight from this vantage point (watching your back) and you won’t have to worry about a lack of ammo.

Clear the enemies then head through the gate on the side of the area and up the ladder beyond.

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