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Quantum Break Act 2: Part 1 – Industrial

by Bryan Dawson

This article covers Act 2: Part 1 – Industrial in Quantum Break. In this portion of the game you’ve lost something very important to you and Serene is the person responsible. You must exit the warehouse then head to the drydocks to find Serene so he can answer for what he’s done. It may not be the most important thing, but it’s all that matters at the moment.

Get out of the Area

  • Exit the warehouse.
  • Get into the locked area.
  • Fight through the warehouse.
  • Exit the warehouse.

Activate Vision to locate the anomaly by the air conditioning units to the right. This is a Chronon Source that allows you to upgrade your time abilities. Climb up the large crates on the left side of the room to reach the walkway above, then head through the doorway in the middle. Drop down to the ground and head out through the opening in the far corner. Shoot the top of the crane in the middle of the room to clear a path ahead.

Look in the far right corner to find another Chronon Source, then climb up where you see yellow trap on the opposite side of the room. Move around the stacked planks and use your time powers to rewind your crane shot that cleared the path. This allows you to quickly move to the other side. Circle all the way around until you drop into the room in the far left corner.

Inside the room, look around to find the Monarch’s PR Strategy Poster, laptop with an email, and Ground Zero Map, all narrative objects. You can also resupply your ammo and even pick up an assault rifle before you leave the room.

Kill the enemies in the next room, using the red explosive barrels to help out. When the enemies are try to activate the elevator in the corner to find that it needs power. Look to the right of the entrance to the office (on the opposite side of the room) to find a generator. Activate the generator to give the elevator power and trigger another cut scene.

Get to Serene at the Drydocks

  • Exit the warehouse.
  • Reach the drydocks.
  • Rescue the civilian.
  • Talk to Amy.
  • Follow Amy.
  • Make your way through the train yard.
  • Enter the Monarch security station.
  • Reach the open window.
  • Unlock the security station door.
  • Examine the map.
  • Find your way to Ground Zero.
  • Clear the area of enemies.
  • Find your way to Ground Zero.
  • Disable security to access the sky bridge.
  • Cross the sky bridge.

Activate the elevator and head up to the second floor. Head right to find another Chronon Source as you approach the corner. Continue to the right and exit through the door. Move left toward the window to listen in on the conversation. When the boards drop, kill the enemies then hop inside the room and talk to Amy.

Collect the eye drop bottle intel object on the poster to the right before you follow Amy. When you need to find the gate control, head into the nearby building and access the gate control to the left. You will need to use your Time Dodge to make it through the gate before it closes.

Follow Amy to the door, then try to get inside to find that the door is locked. Turn around and climb up where the yellow tarp is located and climb up to the next level before heading to the left. Head right and move along the top of the train cars until you hit the platform on the far side. Continue to the right, then jump over to the narrow walkway running adjacent to the building.

The path starts to fall out from under you. If you can’t make it the first time, repeat your steps and use Time Rewind to rebuild your path and get to the window ahead. Climb inside and drop down to the room below. Access the laptop to find an email narrative object, then look to the right of the door to find a radio narrative object.

Open the door to let Amy in and follow her to the three computer monitors to find another narrative object. Examine the map to the right, then head through the open gate on the far side out of the room and out the nearby door.

In the next room, charge your Time Blast by holding, then releasing RB. Take out the first two sets of guards with Time Blasts, then finish the third group like you normally would. Continue through the door on the far side and head right. Open the next door on the right and engage the hostiles inside. Use a Time Blast to take out the first one because he’s heavily armored.

Once the enemies are down head to the far side of the room and toward the left to engage the second wave of hostiles. Move up the stairs on the far side of the room and head to the fenced area in the right corner. You’ll find that you need to disable the security before you can access the area. Head around to the opposite corner of this large room (remaining on the second floor) to find another fenced area.

Time Rewind to gain access to the area, then access the radio on the right and the laptop straight ahead to find another narrative objects, then access the file server to the right of the laptop to disable the security. Hostile forces are now on their way, so jump on top of the containers in this room and use them to jump over the fence and get out.

Clear the room of hostiles then head back over to the first fenced area. Cross through the area and continue through the door on the far side to complete this part of act two.

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