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Quantum Break Act 1: Part 1 – Riverport University Experiment

by Bryan Dawson

This article covers Act 1: Part 1 – Riverport University Experiment in Quantum Break. The first portion of Quantum Break is more about learning the story rather than actually playing a lot. You must help Paul activate the time machine, but there isn’t any gun play or time abilities to be had just yet. All of that is coming a little further into the game.

Meet Paul Serene

  • Enter the university courtyard
  • Head towards the Physics building
  • Follow Paul
  • Proceed towards the lab or take a seat

Go up the stairs directly ahead to receive a phone call from Jack. Look on the table to the left to find the Protest Flier narrative object. Head into the courtyard, past the couple on the bench and around to the far side of the statue. Inside the tent here is a TV that serves as the second narrative object. Examine it, then head down the path to the right of the tent past the guy leaning on the railing. At the end of the path is the Physics building.

Follow Paul then head into the elevator when he stops walking. When the elevator reaches the top you can take a seat in front of the projector screen ahead or go directly to the lab to the right. You get another narrative object and an achievement or trophy if you watch the presentation so watch that before you head into the lab.

Once inside the lab head down the ramp as you continue to follow Paul. When you move into the office, examine the picture on the shelf next to the dog to collect another narrative object before you follow Paul to the far side of the office.

Assist Paul with the Experiment

  • Follow Paul
  • Activate the core
  • Follow Paul
  • Activate the corridor
  • Follow Paul
  • Activate the time machine
  • Set date on console

As you head out of the office and down the next ramp, examine the item on the desk to the right to find another narrative object, then investigate the board to the left (it’s another narrative object) as you keep following Paul around the lab. Move into the next office and push the lever in the far right corner to activate the core.

Continue to follow Paul out of the office and stand at the panel to activate the corridor. Press X when the button appears on screen then follow Paul out of the office again. When you reach the next panel press X again to activate the time machine. After a bout with two Pauls, press the button to activate the time machine a second time.

Help Will and Paul

  • Check on your brother William
  • Get Paul out of the machine

After another short cut scene head up the ramp to the left and interact with Will in the adjacent office. Go back to the time machine as you attempt to help Paul.

Escape with Will

  • Escape from the lab

Quickly head into the office to the right and down the open hatch in the middle. If you don’t move fast enough the soldiers will shoot and kill you. Once you’re on the lower floor move around the path as you squeeze past the blue machine to conclude the part.

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