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The Best Guns in Quantum Break

by Prima Games Staff

This feature lists the best weapons in Quantum Break and how to use them in combat. In the game, you manipulate time to stop Monarch’s conspiracy before everything comes to a halt. Special powers will only get you so far, however. You’ll need guns to survive this mess. Below are the four types of firearms you’ll pick up. 


This is your most basic weapon in the game, and while it’s not nearly as powerful as other firearms, it has one huge benefit – you’ll never run out of ammunition for it. This means you can reload it clip after clip and not have to worry about wasting bullets.

The pistol has a decent range. Obviously it’s not as great as some of the high caliber rifles when it comes to power, but with enemies approaching, it’s a good weapon to rely upon.

Assault Rifle

There are a variety of assault rifles the deceased leave behind. It’s good to have one of these when facing off against multiple enemies and you need to target them quickly, or when you’re trying to take on one of the tank-like soldiers  chasing after you. With an assault rifle, you stand a better chance of hitting their weak spots in the back than with the pistol.

The assault rifle is probably the easiest to find ammunition for, since most soldiers drop ammo for the gun you have. Always scan the area to make sure you top off ammunition.


As expected with most shotguns, this one has limited range but packs a punch. It delivers a high-caliber blast that can send enemies flying, and deals massive damage to armored soldiers, even if you shoot them from the front.

The shotgun is not recommended for long distance firefights; in that situation, use your pistol, an assault rifle or a carbine rifle. However, if enemies close in, switch to it and take them out before they get close. You can also use your Time Dash technique and get behind them.

Carbine Rifle

Finally there’s the carbine rifle, which you’ll find roughly midway through Quantum Break. This will replace the assault rifle (or it should, anyway), because of its superior effectiveness in power and rate of fire. In fact, don’t be surprised if you use this weapon solely over the second half of the game. You’ll easily find ammo for it, based on the goons you take down along the way.

While some guns may have a bigger bang for their buck (like the shotgun), the carbine rifle is one of the best well-rounded weapons. Once you have this weapon, do whatever it takes to hang onto it.

Combine your gun-shooting antics with your awesome time powers and there’s no battle you shouldn’t be able to survive. Good luck, and remember – time is on your side! 

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