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Find Quantum Ripples in Quantum Break

by Prima Games Staff

Quantum Break is a superb action game that lets you manipulate time while undoing a heinous plot put in place by Monarch Solutions. 

In addition to the fun action sequences, there’s some great live-action episodes between each act, so you can get caught up with the story. However, if you want to learn even more, you can do so by tracking down Quantum Ripples hidden within the game’s first four opening acts. Snagging these will provide you even more backstory, including events that wouldn’t have taken place otherwise.

With this in mind, we’ll tell you where to find the Quantum Ripples in Quantum Break.

Act 1, Junction 1

This takes place in the PR stage of the game, when you’re approaching your buddy Martin Hatch. Look on the right hand side as you’re doing this and you’ll see a golden ram right on top of some boxes. Once you pick it up, you’ll activate a ripple, and the following will take place:

  • Dairy product commodities will greatly increase
  • The state of Utah will begin pending legal charges against Monarch.
  • The ram will trend on social media, mainly due to Monarch employees taking selfies with it.
  • Two soldiers in the Monarch Safe Guard will actually get into a gunfight over the statue.
  • During the live action episode, employees can be seen taking selfies with the Ram.

Act 1, Part 2

This is where you’ll make your way through the Monarch campus, eventually reaching the lab where the time machine is being held. You’ll be able to check out a whiteboard that has an error on it, which Jack Joyce’s brother William is quick to fix. As a result:

  • A local resident will come away with a big win in the lottery, thanks to using a mathematical equation (which adds up to 01122).
  • A power outage will lead to more criminal activities throughout Maine.
  • The HQ time machine will become stabilized.
  • A lab assistant will catch his partner cheating on them, resulting in the following murder and them ending up imprisoned.
  • During the live action episode, lab workers will be talking about the equation that won the lottery, following Fiona picking up her lunch.

Act 2, Part 1

As you make your way over to your desk, you’ll see an invitation on the desk. Interacting with it will create another ripple, along with the following events: 

  • Monarch butterflies will drop dead.
  • The invitation will end up being sold for big bucks on eBay.
  • Haskins will wind up being late to the event, with his wife leaving him soon after and forcing him to take a leave of absence due to work related stress.
  • During the episode, Haskins can be seen arriving late.

Act 2, Part 2

You’ll get to the close of Ground Zero and see a large sign with a T-Rex grasping a football. Watch for a junk pile in the area and you should be able to see it. Once you pick it up, you’ll unlock another ripple which will do the following:

  • A new football team called the Riverport Rexes will be formed.
  • A prank will result in the sign appearing in a rowboat on Gull Island, and missing from the general Ground Zero stage in 2016.
  • During the show, the sign will be sitting on the grass and Fiona and Charlie leave the party.

Act 3, Part 1

As you go through the Research Facility, you’ll go into a room where Paul Serene will make a speech. A computer will be on the nearby table, which you can use to livestream the speech. By doing this:

  • The Dot Dot Dot cartoon show that was supposed to go on will be delayed due to the news team covering the gala.
  • Monarch will be shown having secret tie-ins with a government agency known as the Bureau of Altered World Events.
  • Monarch PR Director Oswald will have a stroke following his recovery from surgery.
  • During the episode, people will watch as Paul gives his speech.

Act 3, Part 2

After fighting the soldiers in the underground garage, you’ll be asked to flip a switch in the security booth, then clear out another wave of soldiers. However, once you clear them out, go to the area right across from the exit and look for a tablet. Activate it to set up an erotic audiobook called “Adventures In Flesh.” By turning it on, you’ll interrupt Monarch’s primary frequency and activate the ripple, which: 

  • Creates arousal with Dr. Morphin (which gets mentioned later in the game).
  • Dr. Ranger acts like nothing’s happening.
  • “Adventures In Flesh” spikes in sales following its airing.
  • A Striker candidate becomes distracted, only to fall off a cliff to his death as a result.
  • During the episode, Monarch members will become angry by the tone of “Adventures In Flesh”. 

Act 4, Part 2

As Jack and his friends prepare the Time Machine they come across, head to the pool area. Now go to the right and you’ll find a Monarch USB that was used earlier on. Your conversation with Amy will keep up until you get instructed to write something in the forums. He’ll mention something about being seen in a catering van, and the ripple will take the following effects:

  • The mimes throughout Riverport get arrested.
  • Monarch also arrests a clown amidst the proceedings.
  • The catering companies are arrested, with potential connection to Jack.
  • During the episode, Fiona sees caterers being arrested in a nearby van.

Act 4, Part 4

When you’re in Will’s Workshop, you’ll be able to step onto the roof and look down on a nearby construction site. Watch for a power terminal that will let you turn off all the lights. If you shut them off, and a man named Punch will storm off, creating the final ripple with the following effects:

  • Punch will decide to take up a political career after leaving the job.
  • His rival candidate will end up being killed due to an inexplicable accident two years following.
  • Paul launches a successful mayoral campaign in 2016.
  • During the episode, a sign showing Paul Palmer for mayor will appear as Liam Burke gets closer to Monarch.

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