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Outlast 2 Find a Way Through the Barn, Find the Town – Walkthrough Part 3

by Josh Hawkins

Once you have made your way through the cornfield, and survived your first few encounters with the cultists, it’s time to continue pushing forward and locate your wife once more. This time you need to make your way through a barn, but it’s crawling with cultists. In this article we’ll show you how to enter the barn, and how to avoid the cultists inside and make it out alive.

After you escape the cornfield you arrive in a small farmhouse area. The way forward is through an old barn on the other side of the area, so start sneaking towards it. There are several enemies in the area, behind the gates (they can still see you), and even one on a porch just before the barn. You can grab a battery beside the gate at the end of the path between the barn and the farmhouse, and a document can be found pushed halfway under the door of the old farmhouse.

Find a Way Through the Barn

Crouch and sneak your way in front of the barn and the building attached to it. A villager is sitting in a chair on the porch, but he shouldn’t see you if you stick to the shadows. Make your way to the door of the barn, and interact with it to push it open.

Once the barn opens, two villagers will enter from the back. Immediately crouch and head into the left-hand corner of the barn. There’s a barrel here that you can hide in. Hide and wait for the villager with the flashlight to leave the barn and search outside.

Now, crouch-walk over to the right-side of the building, and make sure that the other villager isn’t waiting around nearby. Once you are sure the way is clear, head down the center and grab the cart that you can interact with. Move it under the broken ladder, and then climb onto it and jump up onto the ladder.

Once on the second floor, climb up onto the rafters to the right of the way you entered. Move towards the front of the barn, and slip through a small section. There’s a document beside the candle on the crate near the front. Now, grab the chain and pull it to open a door and clear the way forward. Head out across the plank, and you’ll be knocked out the barn and onto the ground. Now it’s time to move.

Find the Town

Head through the fence and follow the path to the right, and down into a canyon. Grab the document in front of the statue at the bottom, and them move forward into the darkness, making use of your night vision camera when needed. Another bright flash of light will happen, and you’ll come to a bridge that’s been destroyed.

Head back from the bridge and down the path to the left. This will take you down towards a deeper canyon. Check for a battery on the dead body at the end of the canyon, and then look for some rocks with bloody, red handprints on them to signal that you can climb up it. Climb up the rock, then shimmy along the narrow edge to reach the next rock area. Climb up it, and then jump across to the platform with the broken ladder.

Jump up the ladder, and move into the cave beyond the candle. Slide down the hill, and keep moving forward until you come out to a weird temple type thing. You can record this, so focus in on the massive statue, and then watch the playback. Head down the stairs and jump over to the platform on the other side. Be sure to grab the battery next to the dead body.

Once on the other side of the room, head through the cave further, beyond the creepy wall fixtures. Follow the tunnel until it exits into a canyon with a light at the bottom. We won’t spoil everything that happens in between.

After you reach the canyon, use your camera to record the town, and then look for a path down to the left. This will lead you to the bed of the river below, which will in turn give you access to the lighted path at the bottom. Move into the old tunnel, and continue beyond the cages and broken down buckets you find there. You’ll enter into a basement. Crawl under the broken staircase, and grab the document off the desk inside.

Once the document is captured, head through the door to the left, being sure to unlock it first. This will open on a set of stairs that will lead you up to the first floor. Carefully move through the area, and keep an eye out for batteries or bandages. Head up the stairs to the second story, where you’ll find a bookcase pushed in front of a door. Push it out of the way, and then grab the document off the desk in the back corner.

With the bookcase moved, head outside onto the balcony beyond. You can continue to the next part of our Outlast 2 walkthrough, or return to our Outlast 2 guide, where you’ll find even more helpful guides.

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