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Outlast 2 Find Lynn, Prison Key – Walkthrough Part 1

by Josh Hawkins

This article will serve as complete and in-depth coverage of the first several minutes of gameplay in Outlast 2. Here we’ll detail the locations of any important items that you might find along your journey, and detail the directions that players should go to complete their objectives. In this first area you will have to traverse through the outskirts of the cultist’s village, locate the prison key, and then find Lynn.

Waking Up

After the opening intro, you awaken to find yourself inside of a school hallway, with a crucifix on the wall ahead. Move forward, and a locker to your left will open. There isn’t much to see here, aside from a few photos, so keep moving towards the crucifix on the wall.

As you near the corner, you’ll hear the sound of something hitting the floor. Turn the corner to spot a man in a blue suit walking away from you. Follow after him until the sequence ends and you awaken above the wreck of the helicopter.

Recording Your Journey

After you regain control of Blake and pick up the camera, head down the rocks to the left to reach the helicopter crash. Here you’ll learn about one of the game’s key mechanics, recording. Pull out the camcorder and focus it on the helicopter crash until the red circle in the center of the screen fills up. You can then press Tab, or whatever the default button to check your objective is, to open up the camcorder and watch the recording. Blake will make a few remarks, but then it’s time to move on.

Head around the helicopter crash and make sure to pick up the bandage in the open box to the left of the crash site. You’ll also learn how to use Night Vision mode on the camcorder, which is extremely useful throughout the game. Just don’t use it too much, as you’ll run the batteries down.

Continue moving forward until you spot a body tied to a tree. You can also record this event, which will cause Blake to make a few new remarks about the situation.

Turn your Night Vision back on, and continue forward, moving into a canyon. Eventually the canyon will open up to reveal the outline of a village in the distance.

Reach the Town

Continue down the hill until you reach a set of buildings and hop over the fence. You can knock on the door of a building on the left, but nobody will answer your calls. Ignore the building and continue moving forward, towards the light of a fire down the hill.

This will lead you to a small village. Use your Night Vision and enter the screen door on the right. You’ll find a battery inside that you can use to reload your camcorder. There’s also a document in this same room, next to a corpse at the table.

With the battery in hand, and the document recorded, head back out into the village and move forward. Keep moving towards the tricycle, and peek around the corner to the left to spot a villager with a machete in his hand. After he backs away, move forward and follow the same direction that he went.

There are several barrels you can hide in around the area, but they aren’t really needed right now. Instead, continue moving towards the screaming of the villagers further in the small town. Head around the left side of the building ahead and make sure you record the tragedy wall directly outside the house.

Your way into the next house is through the window to the right. Open it up, and then climb inside. Head through the house and open up the deadbolt to unlock the door.

Pass through the door and then crouch through the hole in the fence. This will lead you down a path with several crosses on either side.

Keep moving forward until you reach a crypt-like building with a staircase leading down. Head down into the tunnel and make sure to record the document on the table ahead.

Continue around the bloody manger, and into the dark tunnel on the other side of the room. Follow the bloody drag marks to a dump site for bodies, and then skim around the edges to locate another way out of the tomb.

Head out of the tunnel and follow the path beyond some old swings and a rocking horse to find a gate with a hole big enough for you to crawl through underneath it. Crawl through, then head down the path towards another building on the left. You’re about to encounter several more villagers, so pull out your Night Vision camcorder and move forward. There’s a battery on the table inside the broken down shed, so grab it before you move on.

Keep pushing forward until you spot a tall figure walking towards you. Run back from it, and circle around the shed to lose it. Once the music fades, continue forward and around the corner. The way should now be clear. Look for a hole in the ground that will allow you to crawl into a barn.

As you crawl through the hole, you should start to hear screaming nearby. Turn on Night Vision and make your way over the two fences in your way. In the very last stall, use the cart and position it right under the broken ladder. Now, jump up onto the ladder to gain access to the second story of the barn. Head down the center path, and wait until you are dropped back down onto the first floor.

Ignore the creepy fellow hanging out outside the window at the front of the barn, and head through the doorway to the right. Turn to your right, and hop out the open window to gain access to the outside. Make sure you grab the battery off the shelf at the end of the hallway before heading outside.

Make It to the Church

Now it’s time to head through the last leg of the first part of your journey and find your wife. After leaving the barn, head through the next open window you spot and enter another small house. Here you’ll learn about noise tracking, which can be utilized to hear enemies moving around outside. Wait until the way is clear, then head out the window on the opposite side of where you entered the small house.

There are several people here, so sneak your way along the right side. Chances are you’ll be spotted, and if you are, just run up the path until a white light triggers. This will cause any villagers chasing you to be incapacitated, allowing you to continue without any trouble.

Head up the path, making sure to the grab the document on the ground in the canyon, and then head up the path that leads to the massive church at the top of the hill. The gate is closed, but you can enter the yard through a hole in the fence on the left side of the fence. Crawl through, and then aim your camcorder at the top of the church to grab a recording.

Once you have the recording, head inside the building and take a right near the door with the light. Grab the document off the table on the right side of the hall, then unlock the door at the end of the hall and head down the stairs into the church’s prison.

You can find another document in the hole in the middle of the prison. Capture it, then climb back up and grab the Prison Key off the crucifix in the corner.

Head back into the prison area and grab a battery from the back of the cage area. Now crawl between the cages on the left side of the area to find a door. Use the key on the door to unlock it and move into the next room.

Grab the bandage off of the table on the left, and continue up the ladder to reach the first floor again. Grab the battery on the table by the radio, then head up the steps to the second floor. There’s a document on the desk in this room, so grab it and capture it before moving through the locked door. This will lead you to a hallway.

Head down the hallway to the end to find a window. Lynn will drop out of the window below, and you’ll need to climb out and drop down to her. Follow her down into a canyon and away from the church.

Continue after Lynn until you are attacked by another group and she is taken once more. You can continue on to the second part of our Outlast 2 walkthrough, or head back to our Outlast 2 game hub for more helpful articles.

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